Chapter 75 – The harvest is rich, let’s go back to the city!

“Everyone, if there’s nothing else, I won’t disturb you. I’ll be leaving now.”

Chu Yi glanced at the stunned four people and was about to leave.

The gains from coming to the space crack this time were already quite substantial.

Not only did he advance to the innate realm with the abundant spiritual energy here, but he also took in someone like Chen Xiaobai, a top-notch reward tool.

Chu Yi was already satisfied.

In fact, he had considered whether to give Wang Yunlong and the others a Huang-level cultivation method to help them.

But after careful consideration, he decided against it.

Because Chu Yi couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t pass the cultivation method on to others.

It was very likely that after witnessing the amazing aspects of this Huang-level cultivation method, they would spread it throughout the entire Biotics Management Bureau.

Or even submit it directly to the country, and then the country would use this cultivation method to train biotics nationwide!

But in this case, Chu Yi wouldn’t receive any feedback rewards for the improvement in strength due to this cultivation method.

He couldn’t afford to take such a risk.

This was also one of the reasons why he was not very willing to help people with low moral values.

Before leaving, Chu Yi left a divine mark in Chen Xiaobai’s mind for easy contact.


Then Chu Yi turned into a green stream of light and flew away on his sword!

Leaving behind the four stunned people.

And Chen Xiaobai, who was reluctant to part: “Eh? Master, you’re leaving so soon? Master! Master! How can I live without you!”

Shua Shua Shua!

Suddenly, four pairs of eyes shimmering with inexplicable light all focused on him.

Chen Xiaobai shivered, feeling his hair stand on end, and turned his head stiffly, asking in confusion, “Ah? What’s wrong, four big shots?”

“Chen Xiaobai, you need to come back to headquarters with me right now. I need to research what’s happening to you,” Wang Yunlong ordered.

Qiu Banmeng and the other two also looked at him with intense gazes.

To be honest, they still had some doubts about whether Chu Yi had the ability to teach biotics.

But facing Chu Yi, they didn’t dare to ask in detail, for fear of causing his displeasure.

So… they could only seek the truth from Chen Xiaobai.

If this matter was confirmed to be true.

Then Mr. Ji’s importance to China would be raised to another level.

A powerhouse at the national level, possessing over a dozen biotic abilities, and able to teach biotics.

In today’s world, for any major country, it was even necessary to please such an existence.

“Ah? Is that necessary?” Chen Xiaobai was a little scared. Was this going to be an experiment on me?

At this moment, Chu Yi’s divine voice sounded in his mind: “Everything I did in your body before, you cannot tell anyone, otherwise, I won’t have you as my disciple!”

Chen Xiaobai was stunned, then his face showed an extremely determined look: “Master, rest assured! I would rather die than yield!! They won’t get anything out of me!”

Wang Yunlong and the others: “……”

We’re just going to use some instruments to test you and ask you some questions, not torture you for a confession.

Is that necessary?


Chu Yi didn’t return to the hotel, but instead, avoiding passersby and cameras, he went straight back to the teacher’s dormitory.

No choice, he was left with nothing!

The first thing Chu Yi did when he returned to the dormitory was to put on some clothes, then take out his phone to send a message to Fan Qingling to let her know he was safe.

But as soon as he opened WeChat, he was greeted with a bunch of unread messages from Fan Qingling.

“Aren’t you really dead out there?”

“What’s with that green vortex at the crack? Did you create it? It’s so scary!”

“Little Yi?”

“Where are you? Reply to my message!”

“Are you okay?”

“Hurry back, I’m waiting for you!”

“I didn’t mean to be angry with you, please reply to me, okay?”

Chu Yi looked puzzled. What’s going on?

Is she really worried that I died out there?

Ah, people, they never cherish what they have until they lose it…

Just because I touched your thigh a few times! And you’re mad at me!

Now you’re worried?

Chu Yi smirked, then replied:

“Fan Jie, I’m sorry, I might not be able to come back…”

Fan Qingling: “??”

“What’s wrong? What did you go out to do? Don’t scare me…”

“Are you okay? Are you deliberately teasing me? Chu Little Yi, don’t make this kind of joke, it’s not funny, come back soon!”

Chu Yi could already imagine the anxious, worried, and somewhat annoyed face on the other side of the screen, maybe she was even close to tears.


Chu Yi smirked, and replied: “I didn’t lie to you, I’m now hanging on to my last breath to message you.”

Fan Qingling: “【Requesting voice call】”

“Please answer the call? I’m begging you, what’s wrong with you?”

“I was wrong, I shouldn’t have been angry with you, please come back soon…”

“【Requesting voice call】”


System: [Ah ah! Apologize! Quickly apologize to her!]

“Ah?” Chu Yi was stunned. Before he could react, he was shocked to see that the keyboard on his phone was moving on its own!

It typed out a string of words: “Okay, okay, I lied to you, I actually went to the space crack to break through, and now I’m back in the dorm!”

Chu Yi’s face changed: “Eh? System Brother, how can you control my keyboard?!”

The next second, Fan Qingling sent another voice call request.

Chu Yi didn’t do anything, but it connected on its own!

He was caught off guard!

“Ah? Ah? Fan Jie, what’s wrong?” Chu Yi asked, feigning innocence.

“What’s wrong with me?!” Fan Qingling’s angry and choked voice came through: “Are you trying to die?! Why would you play this kind of joke on me?! I… do you know how worried I was just now?”

As she spoke, her voice became trembling, and she started to sob.


It seemed like he had gone too far.Chu Yi scratched his head, feeling inexplicably anxious.

There was no helping it; he had to soothe the mess he made himself.

Heaving a sigh, Chu Yi’s CPU went into overdrive as he racked his brain for all the wisdom he had ever learned, finally crafting a comforting phrase:

“Don’t cry, see? I’m not dead, am I? Wait until I’m really dead, then you can cry!”

Fan Qingling’s sobbing paused for two seconds, then it escalated into louder wails: “Wuuuuaaahhh!!”

Chu Yi was utterly baffled. What’s the meaning of this? I comforted you, so why are you still crying?

In the corner of the room, inside a cage.

The large grey Mouse lifted its head, glancing at Chu Yi with its shiny black eyes filled with speechlessness and disdain.

Ah, truly a sight that would make any mouse shake its head!

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