Chapter 74 – Do you have more than a dozen other abilities?

The divine thought is formed, and the divine power is born.

This is actually just a small divine power that naturally emerges after condensing the divine thought.

Perhaps it is the legendary “thousand-mile sound transmission.”

Anyway, it only has this one effect.

Chu Yi originally thought that this divine power was completely useless in modern society, but he didn’t expect it to come in handy.

Not only did he not need to give Wang Yunlong and the others their contact information, avoiding the risk of exposure, but he could really let them contact him at any time.

If these four people encounter any trouble in the future and want to ask for his help.

Then Chu Yi, as a good person, naturally cannot refuse!

“Spiritual power imprint?”

Wang Yunlong was stunned for a long time before he recovered and asked with difficulty, “May I ask, Mr. Ji, how many alien abilities have you awakened?”

Qiu Banmeng and the other three swallowed hard, equally shocked and curious, and even more incredulous.

He awakened so many alien abilities, how did he upgrade so quickly?

There are also those who have awakened two, or even three, alien abilities in the country.

But this type of biotics man generally upgrades very slowly. All the S-level or above biotics men today only have one alien ability!

The reason why biotics men with dual or triple abilities upgrade slowly, the country speculates, is likely because they need to absorb twice or three times the spiritual energy of other biotics men in order to upgrade.

But now, Wang Yunlong and the others have strong doubts about this speculation!

Otherwise, who can explain how the Evergreen Sword Saint is like this?

He has already demonstrated three different alien abilities!

“How many alien abilities do I have?”

Chu Yi raised his eyebrows, naturally knowing that they had misunderstood.

I displayed a cultivation ability with a different attribute and even a different system, and you think I have one more alien ability, right?

Ah, ignorant biotics men…

Let me broaden your horizons!

The playful smile at the corner of Chu Yi’s mouth became even more pronounced.

He had a thought!

Under the shocked gazes of Wang Yunlong and the others.

The wood element true element around Chu Yi’s body instantly dissipated, replaced by the true element emitting a scorching breath of fire!



“I’m on fire!”

Wang Yunlong and the others couldn’t hold back and burst out with curses!

Their three years of understanding of alien abilities in their minds were almost collapsing!

Damn! There’s a fourth alien ability?!

And that’s not all!

Chu Yi thought for a moment, took out a low-grade yellow-level water cultivation method from the system’s backpack, and glanced at it.

By now, he had forty years of experience in cultivating heavenly-level cultivation methods.

Looking at this lowest-level cultivation method was like an arcane master looking at elementary school addition and subtraction, he almost learned it at a glance.

Then, Chu Yi activated the surrounding unattributed spiritual energy and, through the operation of this yellow-level cultivation method, converted it into a large amount of water spiritual energy, replacing the original fire spiritual energy around him.


Wang Yunlong and the others were all dumbfounded.

No, we tolerated your many alien abilities before!

How the hell can you have both fire and water alien abilities at the same time?

Aren’t these two alien abilities supposed to counteract each other?!

After that, Chu Yi switched the attributes of the true element enveloping his body like performing magic.

Metal, ice, lightning…

Wind, light, darkness…

Any elemental alien ability that Wang Yunlong and the others could think of, and even some special system alien abilities, Chu Yi almost demonstrated them all!

At first, they were guessing whether Chu Yi’s awakened alien abilities were a theoretical “Five Elements Ability.”

But this was obviously not the case!

He has the light, lightning, and wind alien abilities, damn it!

The expressions of Wang Yunlong and the others went from shock at the beginning, to horror, and then to numbness.

Their minds were completely blown!

Their brains were already fried, and they couldn’t understand what was happening before them!

“That’s probably all!”

Chu Yi finally changed the true element around him back to the wood element.

In fact, there are still many low-grade yellow-level cultivation methods of various attributes in the system’s backpack that he hasn’t demonstrated, but he didn’t dare to continue. He was afraid that these four people’s hearts couldn’t take it.

Wang Yunlong and the others were already dumbfounded, even suspecting that they were dreaming.

They actually saw a national-level biotics man with over a dozen alien abilities…

Their understanding of alien abilities had shattered!

Is this guy the legendary chosen one?

Wang Yunlong and the others were speechless and stunned, they were so shocked that they couldn’t speak.


Suddenly, a bolt of lightning raced over from the distance.

It stopped in front of Chu Yi, revealing the figure of Chen Xiaobai, who was extremely excited: “Fuck! Boss! All living bosses! My life is worth it!”

“Chen… Chen Xiaobai?”

Wang Yunlong and the others quickly recognized him, and they were quite familiar with him.

Chen Xiaobai’s speed of upgrading his alien abilities was very fast. He became an S-level biotics man just three months after awakening, which was almost the same as their speed of upgrading at the beginning.

He could probably be promoted to SS-level within a year and become an SSS-level biotics man within three years.

So, Wang Yunlong and the others had some attention to this highly potential junior.

“Fuck! The Lord of Space! Fuck! Sister White Fox! Fuck! Director Wang?!” Chen Xiaobai exclaimed with surprise and excitement as soon as he arrived. “Four top bosses came to see my master’s promotion? This is too grand!”

“Ah? Master? What master?” Qiu Banmeng was puzzled and at a loss.

The other three were equally confused.

What the hell? Biotics men can have masters? Can alien abilities be taught?

Aren’t they all naturally upgraded?

But the next moment, Wang Yunlong and the others seemed to sense something and their faces changed drastically.

The aura of alien abilities on Chen Xiaobai… he has been promoted to SS-level?!

How is that possible? Didn’t he just become an S-level less than half a month ago?

This was another thing that went against common sense.

Wang Yunlong and the others felt their heads buzzing.

It took them at least seven months to upgrade from S-level to SS-level!

What the hell is going on?

Wait a minute, master?

Suddenly, Wang Yunlong and the others thought of a ridiculous possibility and looked at Chu Yi with suspicion.Chen Xiaobai explained excitedly, “Yes! The four big shots, haven’t you felt it? I’ve advanced to SS rank! It’s all thanks to my master’s help! How else could I have possibly advanced so quickly?”

Chu Yi glanced at him, speechless, “Who’s your master? Did you even formally become a disciple?”

Chen Xiaobai was taken aback, then immediately knelt in mid-air with a slap!

He kowtowed fiercely towards Chu Yi, “Master above! If you do not disdain, your disciple Chen Xiaobai wishes to take you as his master!”

If he didn’t cling to this powerful thigh, he’d regret it for a lifetime!

“Fine, although you’re a bit silly, seeing as you’re sincere, I’ll reluctantly take you on as my disciple,” Chu Yi nodded.

Wang Yunlong and the others watched this scene in a daze.


What does this mean?

This powerhouse, not only possesses over a dozen Alien Abilities, but he also teaches Biotics Men? And he can help Biotics Men level up?!

What kind of deity is this?!

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