Chapter 73 – Do you still have Alien Abilities?

【Name: Qiu Banmeng】

【Age: 21】

【Ability Level: SSS Level】

【Cultivation: Equivalent to Foundation Establishment Ninth Level】

【Ability/Special Bloodline: Incarnation of the White Fox (Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox Bloodline)】

【Cultivation Talent Value: 96 (Excellent)】

【Character Value: 63 (Good)】

【Name: Qin Changshu】

【Age: 22】

【Ability Level: SSS Level】

【Cultivation: Equivalent to Foundation Establishment Ninth Level】

【Ability/Special Physique: Yin-Yang Power (Yin-Yang Dao Physique)】

【Name: Wang Jiang】

【Age: 21】

【Ability Level: SSS Level】

【Cultivation: Equivalent to Foundation Establishment Ninth Level】

【Ability/Special Physique: Spatial Power (Void Physique)】

【Name: Wang Yunlong】

【Age: 24】

【Ability Level: Town Level】

【Cultivation: Equivalent to Mid-Stage Innate】

【Ability/Special Physique: Power of Light (Eucharist of Light)】

The top four domestic forces are all so young?

This was the first thought that Chu Yi had after looking at their information panels.

But upon careful consideration, it made sense. The path of cultivation is more suitable for younger individuals.

Older people, with aging dantian, declining vitality, and insufficient energy.

Even with a special physique, it is difficult for them to awaken their abilities.

Chu Yi’s second thought was… What the heck! How come not even one of them has a character value of over 80?!

The cultivation talent of the four individuals is definitely above 90.

But their character value…

Among the four, the lowest is Qin Changshu, with only 55, rated as “average” by the system.

And the highest is Wang Yunlong, with 73, rated as “good” by the system.

This left Chu Yi quite annoyed.

He had intentionally waited for them to come to him, hoping to find someone with a character value of over 90 to take as a disciple.

But the result… was a bit out of line, wasn’t it?

These four are known as three of China’s humanoid nuclear weapons and the guardians of China!

And their character values are like this?!

The system couldn’t help but say: [Do you want to see what your character value is?]

Chu Yi was stunned: “What?”



Chu Yi couldn’t believe it.

I’ve always acted with integrity and righteousness! A proper gentleman!

And you give me a character value of 35?!

What kind of judgment does the system have?!

[You just used your divine sense to peek…]

“You’re really accurate!”

In fact, this is quite normal. Chu Yi had looked at the information panels of over a thousand students before, and not even half of them had a character value over 50.

To be honest, pure-hearted individuals are rare among humans.

So, the character values of Wang Yunlong and the others are quite reasonable, at least above average!

But unfortunately, they don’t meet Chu Yi’s standards for taking disciples.

However, a little help wouldn’t hurt.

“Excuse me… Mr. Sword Saint, may I ask how I should address you?”

Wang Yunlong asked with a hint of respect.

Chu Yi replied indifferently: “I am Ji Bochang!”

Wang Yunlong: “…”

What kind of name is that!

Even if you want to hide your identity, please come up with a more normal name!

“Alright! Mr. Ji!”

Wang Yunlong suppressed the urge to complain and asked seriously, “May I ask when you awakened your abilities?”

“About a week ago,” Chu Yi replied truthfully.

Wang Yunlong and the others: “…”

You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.

There’s no need to deceive us like we’re fools, right?

A week?!

You might as well say one day!

The four of them were among the first group of people to awaken their abilities three years ago.

It took them a full three years to break through to SSS level and Town level!

This Mr. Ji, who knows if he’s telling the truth, actually said that he only took a week to advance to National level?!

Your words… are unbelievable!

After careful consideration, Wang Yunlong said seriously, “Mr. Ji, you really don’t need to be so cautious. We are all Chinese, and you can be completely open with us.”

“And your strength, to put it bluntly, is already the strongest biotics man in the world. If you are willing to join the Biotics Management Bureau, the country will definitely give you the highest level of treatment! Would you consider it?”

Go and do the work of running around and fighting alien beasts every day? I’ll be exhausted!

Besides, what I’ve gained is not a system for leveling up by fighting monsters!

Chu Yi almost instinctively complained in his mind.

Although he also admires these individuals who have defended China for three years of peace, he really feels that this kind of work is not suitable for him.

It probably won’t be long before he starts slacking off.

It’s better to cultivate dozens of SSS-level disciples and let them eliminate the alien beasts.

“Sorry, I prefer freedom!” Chu Yi refused decisively.

Upon hearing this, Wang Yunlong and the others looked disappointed, and their worries gradually intensified.

They rushed here as soon as possible with the idea of recruiting this strong individual for the country.

After all, he is the first National-level biotics man in the world. If he were to work for the country, it would reduce a large part of the pressure brought about by the domestic alien beast crisis.Moreover, such a National level powerhouse with an unknown identity, no one could fathom his inner thoughts—whether he was loyal to China, or…

If the worst-case scenario occurred, this National level powerhouse could become an even more terrifying threat than the Alien Beasts.

Wang Yunlong and his companions exchanged glances, all considering whether they should continue to persuade Chu Yi.

But facing such a top-tier powerhouse, they all felt somewhat intimidated, afraid of offending him.

They definitely couldn’t be forceful; they had to take it slow.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Yunlong said, “Mr. Ji, since you’re unwilling, we respect your choice. The Alien Abilities Management Bureau is always open to you, but… may I ask if we could have a way to contact you?”

Chu Yi was about to refuse, as such a thing could easily expose his identity.

But then, a playful smile curled up at the corner of his mouth as he thought of something, and he nodded, “Alright!”

Immediately after, Chu Yi’s thoughts stirred, and a vast divine consciousness poured out from his brow, condensing into four mysterious seals in the air, and in an instant, they shot into the brows of Wang Yunlong and the others.


“What did you do?!”


Their faces changed dramatically, all feeling a pain in their brows.

Then, it was as if something had been added to their minds, seemingly a seal imbued with a mysterious aura.

“This is, psychic power?!”

Qiu Dream exclaimed in shock, her pretty face filled with disbelief.

She had once felt this kind of aura from an S-class psychic Biotics Man!

Wang Yunlong and the others also came to their senses, all looking at Chu Yi with utter astonishment.

How did he also have psychic power?!

Wasn’t he a Wood and Time series Biotics Man?

How come there’s now a psychic ability too?!

How many Alien Abilities have you awakened, damn it?

Can’t understand! Completely baffling!

Wang Yunlong and his companions were dumbfounded on the spot, as Chu Yi kept refreshing their understanding time and again!

“Psychic power? Ah! Yes, psychic power!”

“I’ve left a psychic seal in each of your minds. When you want to contact me, just communicate with it through your thoughts, and you’ll be able to reach me in real-time!”

Chu Yi declared with an air of cool composure.

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