Chapter 72 – Promotion successful!

【Congratulations to the host for advancing to the early stage of innate talent!】

【The “Orient Loong Body Refining Technique” has been perfected in nine layers! Condensing the innate body of the heavenly quality – the Orient Loong Eucharist!】

【The Orient Loong Eucharist has been perfected!】

At the bottom of the spiritual vortex.

Chu Yi, who heard the system prompt, opened his eyes, and a gleam of light flickered.

In an instant, an invisible but vast wave poured out from the center of his eyebrows, sweeping in all directions.

The rich spiritual energy around him, almost liquefying, was dispersed by this invisible wave!

It spread out at an extremely fast speed, covering a radius of three thousand meters in an instant!

The divine sense has been formed!

“Huh? Does this divine sense also have a perspective function?”

Chu Yi was interested in feeling his new ability, but suddenly he was stunned, and his expression became strange.

The feeling of using divine sense to see the world was extremely mysterious.

It could almost penetrate all obstacles, and could freely zoom in and out of any scene within the range, as if opening up a 1080P God’s perspective!

Chu Yi could even see hundreds of meters deep underground, where underground water was flowing.

Although this effect was really awesome, Chu Yi, who had just condensed his divine sense, did not have a good grasp of it.

He could see everyone within a radius of three thousand meters, including all the students at North Hill High School.

But in Chu Yi’s eyes… they were all naked!

Completely exposed!

It was extremely outrageous!

“Damn, are they having a party here? It’s so eye-catching, brother!”

Chu Yi couldn’t bear to look straight at it, and quickly asked the system, “System Brother! How do I open their clothes?”

【…First like this, and then like this, and you’ll be able to see them all wearing clothes!】


Chu Yi breathed a sigh of relief, and then a strange thought came to mind.

Since the divine sense had such an outrageous function.

Then in the cultivation world… wouldn’t everyone be open and honest with each other?


No wonder most powerful cultivators were indifferent to worldly desires and avoided women.

It turned out that they had seen too much and were tired of it!

【You can only think of this use after condensing the divine sense? Have you no shame?】 The system was exasperated.

Chu Yi sneered, “Huh! You don’t have a Kun Kun, what do you know!”

System: 【…】

Just then, Chu Yi’s face changed slightly. He suddenly saw with his divine sense that a three-meter crack had appeared in the void about fifteen hundred meters away from him, in the sky a hundred meters high!

Chu Yi was suddenly shocked. Could it be that another spatial crack had appeared?

But soon he discovered that it didn’t seem to be the case.

The crack in the void was only three meters long, and there was no spiritual energy surging out of it.

After a moment.

Four figures flew out of the crack!

A combination of three men and one woman, each emitting a strong aura, floating in the void, looking in Chu Yi’s direction with different expressions.

“Wow, three SSS levels and one town level? Have I attracted the top four forces in the country with my breakthrough?”

Chu Yi was a little surprised, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Ah, my damn charisma!”

System: 【You’ve lost all sense of shame!】

【The celestial phenomenon triggered by your breakthrough was too grand, they thought you were advancing to the national level.】

“Oh, I see!”

Chu Yi suddenly realized, and then asked in confusion, “Does the innate level correspond to the level of the biotic man? Did my breakthrough to the town level cause a bigger commotion than that of Wang Yunlong? Because of the Heaven Level technique I practice?”

【Otherwise? The higher the level of the technique, the more spiritual energy is required during cultivation, and the larger the spiritual vortex condensed during the advancement.】

Chu Yi nodded, “It’s normal to be misunderstood, then… what is the cultivation realm corresponding to the national level? Is it the Golden Elixir stage?”

【It’s not that extreme. Between the peak of the innate stage and the Golden Elixir stage, there are two transitional small realms: the Condensing Elixir stage and the Golden Elixir stage. The national level is just the Condensing Elixir stage.】

【How easy is it to reach the Golden Elixir stage? At that point, one can cross the universe with just the physical body!】

“Oh, I see!”

While Chu Yi and the system were chatting nonsense.

The giant spiritual vortex had begun to gradually shrink, and the terrifying amount of spiritual energy poured into Chu Yi’s body, entering his elixir field.

At this moment, in Chu Yi’s elixir field, the green vortex had disappeared, leaving only the red vortex cultivated by the “Blood Red Evil Fire Skill,” rotating alone.

And below the red vortex was a huge green lake, with each drop of water in it composed of pure wood-based true elements.

“So, if I advance the cultivation progress of the ‘Blood Red Evil Fire Skill’ to the innate stage, can I open a lake of fire-based true elements in my elixir field, doubling my strength?”【That’s not as simple as 1+1=2, it should at least equal 4, or even 3!】

“Sounds pretty awesome, might as well give it a shot.”

Feeling the vast True Element within the cyan lake in his dantian, Chu Yi was overjoyed.

This move, oh this move! Combined with the power of the Orient Loong God Eucharist and the Nine Swords of Time, it could surely slay a hundred thousand cows with a single strike!

At this moment, the spiritual energy vortex had completely dissipated, and calm was restored between heaven and earth.

Within a thousand meters around the spatial rift, devastation was everywhere. Hundreds of trees were uprooted and now lay scattered in disarray, while the earth and rocks were torn up in large swathes.

It was as if a hurricane had just passed through.

Chu Yi slowly stood up from the treetop, and only the tree he was standing on remained unyielded.

His body was still enveloped in the dazzling cyan light, and this time, it even wrapped around his lower half.

Well, there’s no helping it, advancing to the innate level and even the shorts are gone!

Just then, four figures flew slowly from a distance, intentionally keeping their altitude a few notches below Chu Yi’s position, as a sign of respect for the stronger.

Chu Yi looked over with interest.

Of course, he had felt these four approaching long ago, but he wanted to see these four top combatants of the country with his own eyes, so he didn’t leave immediately.

“Uh… Sword Saint sir, hello, hello! It’s an honor to meet you!”

The handsome man in a black trench coat who spoke first was none other than the Space Lord, Wang Jiang.

However, Chu Yi’s gaze was fixed on the young woman beside him, who exuded a noble and elegant aura.

Qiu Dream’s expression changed slightly, feeling inexplicably as if she was being seen through, as though she was standing naked in front of him.

A National level Biotics Man was just too powerful…

System: 【Girl, is there a possibility that it’s not just an illusion?】

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