Chapter 71 – Shocking Biotics Man Forum

Tai Chi Martial Saint, White Fox, Space Lord!

And… the Director of the General Administration!

What kind of scene is this?

The biotics men were all dumbfounded, not knowing how many faces were staring blankly at the screen.

This was something that no one had expected.

The promotion of the Evergreen Sword Saint had actually brought out the top combat power of these four biotics men?!

“F*ck! F*ck! The big shots are all here!”

“Alive! This is the first time I’ve seen a living SSS-level biotics man! Mom! I’ve made my ancestors proud!”

“Awesome! I’ve been on the forum for two and a half years, and this is the first time I’ve seen these four big shots appear together!”

“Brothers! Let’s leave a comment to show our presence!”

“Show our presence!”

“Show our presence!”

“Brothers, please focus on the main point! Look at what Director Wang posted?”

“Huh? Evergreen Sword Saint… was promoted to the national level?”


“What? What level is the national level? I’ve never heard of it!”

“Fun fact: Above SSS level is the town level, then there’s the national level, continental level, and surface level…”

With some people’s explanation, the entire forum suddenly fell into a dead silence.

Everyone was shocked and stunned.

Only the three SSS-level biotics men and Director Wang were left chatting.

Tai Chi Martial Saint: “National level? Director Wang, are you kidding? How could someone be promoted to a level higher than yours so quickly?”

White Fox: “I must still be asleep. I just woke up and saw someone being promoted to the national level…”

Space Lord: “It seems that way. When Director Wang was promoted to the town level, the vortex of spiritual energy he stirred up was only about two hundred meters. Is there any other explanation for this person’s promotion to the national level?”

Wang Yunlong: “Yes, after the investigation by the headquarters, it’s almost certain.”

White Fox: “Heavens! The first national-level biotics man in China! I wonder if he’s handsome?”

Tai Chi Martial Saint: “Fox, this is a public forum, be careful!”

[White Fox retracted a comment]

Space Lord: “I want to go to Shuzhou City to witness the promotion to the national level. If I don’t witness it with my own eyes, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

White Fox: “I want to go too! Old Lord! Take me with you!”

Tai Chi Martial Saint: “Brother Lord, if you don’t take me this time, I’ll make your browsing history public on the forum!”

At this historic moment, even the three SSS-level biotics men couldn’t sit still.

“Nonsense!” Wang Yunlong angrily spoke, “How can you make a scene in public like this? You represent the face of the Biotics Management Bureau! Pay attention to your influence! And who allowed you to leave your post?!”

The three of them were immediately silenced by Wang Yunlong’s words.

It seems… they got a little too excited, huh?

But how could they not be excited? This was the promotion to the national level!

“But, it’s still very necessary to build a good relationship with this national-level biotics man…” At this time, Wang Yunlong posted another message, “@Space Lord, take me with you.”

Space Lord: “Oh.”

After that, these four top powerhouses went offline one after another.

The biotics men silently watched the chat between the four big shots, still shocked and unable to recover.



Suddenly, the forum was flooded with the word “f*ck”.

At this moment, only these two words could express the feelings of the biotics men.

The vast majority of biotics men were at D level or below.

For them, C and B level biotics men were enough to make them envious, as they could enter the Biotics Management Bureau and earn at least a million yuan a year!

As for A-level biotics men, they were unattainable for them!

They were basically the leaders of various branches of the bureau!

As for S-level and above…

There were only about a hundred of them in the whole country, standing at the peak of the country, or even the world.

Not to mention SS-level, SSS-level, and even the town level.

For this group of low-level biotics men, they were like gods in the sky!

And now, three SSS-level and one town-level biotics men emerged, telling them that the Evergreen Sword Saint was going to be promoted to the national level?!

And even the legendary Director Wang was going to personally go to Shuzhou City to build a good relationship with the Evergreen Sword Saint!

When have the low-level biotics men ever seen such a scene?

“This presence is too brutal! The four top combat power big shots are all going to witness the promotion of the Evergreen Sword Saint! This treatment! This style! It’s off the charts!”

“Wuwuwu~ I also want to see White Fox in person!”

“As long as you can also be promoted to the national level, you can too.”

“Don’t just aim for the top combat power. If the Evergreen Sword Saint is successfully promoted, he will be the only top combat power biotics man in China in the future!”

“No, it’s a world-class top combat power! He’s the first biotics man in the world to be promoted to the national level!”

“F*ck! Amazing! The first national-level biotics man is from our China!”

The entire forum erupted once again, with various comments expressing shock, excitement, and pride.

Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night!

The Evergreen Sword Saint is really going to make history!

And not just any history, but world-class history!


In a jungle to the east.

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao stared blankly at the vortex of spiritual energy that soared into the sky.

They had been in this state for a full half hour.

This apocalyptic scene almost scared the urine out of them.

“Brother Yuan, what… what’s going on?”Du Yongchao’s voice trembled as he asked.

Last night, while browsing the Biotics Man forum, they saw many people saying that Biotics Men who stay in places with higher concentrations of spiritual energy are more likely to level up.

Yuan Ye and his companion believed that their talent for growing their Alien Abilities was very high.

So, they took the evening off from self-study, sneaked into the jungle near a spatial rift, trying to attract more spiritual energy to level up faster.

At first, everything was going well, but suddenly, a hurricane erupted between heaven and earth, carrying terrifying power, and they were flung hundreds of meters away!

They almost lost their lives right there!

And then, an absurdly large “green tornado” appeared in the sky!

Yuan Ye, trembling, took out his phone, opened the Alien Abilities Home forum, and looked. The fearful expression on his face suddenly swept away, replaced by immense excitement as he exclaimed:

“Fuck! It turns out that the Evergreen Sword Saint is breaking through to National level here! And! Those three SSS-ranked big shots and Director Wang said they’re coming in person!”

Du Yongchao was dumbfounded: “What National level? What the hell? Is this for real?”

Yuan Ye, unable to contain his excitement, pulled him and started heading outside:

“There’s no time to explain! Today we have the chance to witness China’s four top combat forces with our own eyes! We might even get to see the Evergreen Sword Saint!”

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