Chapter 70 – The official did not delete the video again!

At the same time, many students took out their secretly brought phones and filmed the giant spiritual vortex, which was then uploaded online.

Originally, they were just trying it out, and they probably would have been deleted like other supernatural videos.

However, the videos of these spiritual vortexes unexpectedly remained online for a full twenty minutes without being deleted!

Even on the Douyin platform.

A video about the spiritual vortex actually received a big data recommendation due to its high number of likes!

In just half an hour, the number of views exceeded one million and was still soaring!

The comments section was also filled with surprise.

“What? What’s going on? This video wasn’t deleted? It’s a miracle!”

“Reviewers! Are you all asleep?”

“The reviewers must be overwhelmed at night. Everyone, hurry and save the video. I bet it will be gone by tomorrow morning!”

“Fuck, such a terrifying scene! A green tornado? Have any of you seen it?”

“Heh, those who say they haven’t seen it are just ignorant! When I broke through the Golden Elixir stage, the celestial phenomena I triggered were much bigger than this!”

“That’s right! It’s obvious that a little cultivator is advancing, without even facing the tribulation!”

“Don’t mess around! Who can tell me what’s going on? This is too scary! It’s not the end of the world, is it?”

“You ask me? @China Meteorological Administration, buddy, please come out and explain!”

“You’re better off @ing me than @ing him. I can even give you a like!”

This video quickly rose to the top of the Douyin hot list, and its popularity on major platforms such as Weibo was also high.

Late at night, the entire internet was boiling because of this video.

On any platform, the top few comments in the comments section of this video were all expressing shock that the video had not been deleted.

It’s easy to imagine that over the past three years, many people have realized that something unusual may have happened in this world.

At the same time.

The Biotics Man Forum.

The entire biotics community was in an uproar.

The homepage of the forum was almost entirely about the spiritual vortex and the situation on the internet.

“What’s going on? What’s going on?”

“It’s Shuzhou City again? It’s Beishan again? This place is really full of trouble!”

“Is this the legendary spiritual vortex? Something that appears when an S-level biotics man advances?”

“It looks like it! Very much like it!”

“Which fellow cultivator is crossing the tribulation here?”

“Does anyone know if Brother Jibo is coming out to explain? How high of a level is usually associated with such a large spiritual vortex?”

“I don’t know! And what I’m most concerned about now is why the video about this spiritual vortex is all over the internet today? Why hasn’t the official deleted it?”

“Yeah! Normally, this kind of video would be gone in five minutes, but today it went straight to the hot search list on several platforms!”

“What does this mean? Has the policy been relaxed? Is the government testing the public’s acceptance of such supernatural events?”

“I feel like that’s the case.”

The entire forum was in an uproar, and biotics men from all over the country gathered to discuss.

What happened tonight was really too bizarre.

Not to mention someone advancing to a level above S in Beishan, the fact that the official did not delete the video about the biotics man and let it climb the hot search list was enough to surprise the biotics men.

Obviously, this is probably a sign of a relaxation of the policy, and the country is likely to gradually test the announcement of the revival of spiritual energy.

After all, in the past few months, the country’s political inclination has openly indicated the revival of spiritual energy.

So, this incident was also traceable, and it didn’t surprise the biotics men for too long. Their attention quickly turned to the powerful biotics man who was advancing.

“Hiss~ Familiar! Too familiar! This green wood-based alien energy, this familiar location…”

“Wow! Could it be that the Evergreen Sword Saint is advancing here?”

“Besides him, are there any wood-based biotics men above S-level in Shuzhou City?”

“Fuck, it’s confirmed! It’s really the Evergreen Sword Saint!”

“Unbelievable! Bloody hell, unbelievable! Isn’t the Evergreen Sword Saint an SS-level biotics man? If he advances, doesn’t that mean… he’s about to become the fourth SSS-level in the country?”

“Fuck! The fourth humanoid nuclear weapon is born? Brothers! Witness history!”

For a while, the atmosphere of the entire forum became excited.

Who wouldn’t be excited?

Witnessing the birth of an SSS-level biotics man is simply an honor for this group, most of whom are below D-level biotics men.

For a while, the forum was filled with comments like “Absorb the luck!” “Get some of the Sword Saint’s luck, wish me an early upgrade,” and “Witness history, absorb!” It was like a large-scale blessing scene.

However, just as everyone was getting carried away.

An ID that no biotics man had expected appeared in the comments section.

White Fox! Qiu Dream!

One of the three nuclear weapons in China today!

An SSS-level transformation biotics woman, her biotics transform her into an elegant and noble snow fox that is a hundred meters long!

Although she looks beautiful and harmless.

But this white fox can slap a mountain to pieces with one paw, and her powerful strength is terrifying, making her the most powerful transformation biotics woman today.

The ID of the White Fox suddenly appeared in the comments section and posted a short comment: “This person definitely didn’t advance to SSS level.”

Within minutes, there were hundreds of comments below this comment.

“Fuck! Sister White Fox! You’ve been blown up too!”

“Sister White Fox! I’m your dog!”

“Sister White Fox, can I touch your tail?”

White Fox: “Please behave yourselves, I can track all of your IP addresses.”


In an instant, the comments section, which had been filled with all kinds of outrageous remarks, fell silent.

Then, more than three hundred comments quickly decreased, leaving only fifty in the end.”Cough cough, just kidding, no offense meant, White Fox boss. The comment has been deleted!”

“A bunch of rebels, daring to tease the White Fox? One flick of its tail could kill a whole lot of you!”

“Swipe me! Swipe me! Oh no, I mean scan my QR code!”

“Guys, can we be serious for a moment? Focus on the main point! The White Fox boss just said that the Evergreen Sword Saint’s promotion wasn’t to SSS level!”

“What? A mistake? Could it be that he was only promoted to SS level?”

The Biotics Men finally focused on the right issue, and a wave of confusion swept through them.

Before they could post their queries,

Three new IDs appeared in the forum!

Each more shocking than the last!

SSS level Biotics Man, Tai Chi Martial Saint, Qin Changshu.

Comment: “The Evergreen Sword Saint? So strong, with an aura vortex close to a kilometer in size, what level is he actually promoting to?!”

SSS level Biotics Man, Space Sovereign, Wang Jiang.

Comment: “This has to be above Town level, how is this possible, how did he do it?”


Town level Biotics Man, Director-General of the Biotics Administration, Wang Yunlong!

Comment: “No need to guess, he is promoting to National level.”

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