Chapter 69 – Is Teacher Chu teaching superpowers instead of physical education?

North Hill High School.

Several dormitory buildings that had already turned off the lights were brightly lit at this time.

The students, like last night, gathered in the corridor, staring in disbelief at the thousands of meters high, bright and magnificent spiritual vortex not far away.

The commotion in the deep forest yesterday was also significant, but it was just a small-scale explosion.

But today’s scene was truly terrifying.

The blue and white spiritual vortex, nearly a kilometer in diameter and piercing the sky, was only a few hundred meters away from the school.

The students could see with their naked eyes that large swathes of towering trees in the distance were uprooted by the huge suction force generated by the spiritual vortex, and were directly swept up to several thousand meters high!

Panic quickly spread throughout the entire school.

“What…what’s going on?! A tornado?”

“How is that possible? We’re in a mountain city, the probability of a tornado is too small! And have you ever seen a blue and white tornado? It’s even emitting a blue light!”

“The largest tornado in China is only a few hundred meters in diameter, right? This one is almost a thousand meters!”

“Damn, this is bad! It’s doomsday! I knew it! What happened last night wasn’t a gas explosion at all! It’s definitely a supernatural event!”

The students’ fearful and suspicious voices continued one after another.

The situation in front of them exceeded everyone’s understanding, and it seemed that only a supernatural event could explain it!

Some students suddenly seemed to think of something and quickly discussed with their classmates.

“I seriously suspect now that those supernatural videos I saw online before were not special effects!”

“You saw them too? I saw a live stream of someone operating a meat grinder on a color website! It got shut down in three minutes!”

“Give me the link!”

“You’re kidding! I saw a video last time, in the mountains, the sky cracked open and there was a monster drilling out, and then several superhumans flew up to the sky to fight it!”

“Special effects? A trailer for a big special effects movie?”

“What company releases a trailer and deletes it after two minutes? I used to think it was special effects, but today…I feel like that video is probably true!”

At this time, some students around heard the discussion of these few people and many of them looked surprised and came over.

“Fuck, you guys saw supernatural videos too? I saw someone on TikTok showing off their ability to control flames, and it got deleted in five minutes!”

“You saw it too?”

“So you also…”

“I also saw someone who could communicate with animals, and then he did something unspeakable with an octopus!”


This kind of topic unexpectedly resonated with many people.

Coupled with the current supernatural scene.

Many students suddenly realized that this world might have experienced some supernatural changes!

Otherwise, this giant vortex shining with blue light really couldn’t be explained!

Not only the students, but also most of the teachers and staff at the school had the same thoughts.

The revival of spiritual energy had been going on for three years, and the internet was so developed now.

Although the authorities were desperately trying to cover it up, it was ultimately impossible to keep it a secret, and people had more or less seen some fleeting supernatural videos online.

Most people didn’t pay much attention to it before, and subconsciously didn’t believe that these things were true.

But when they witnessed a supernatural event with their own eyes, they almost immediately associated it with some of the videos they had seen before and made some speculations.

At the same time, many people also subconsciously associated it with some recent bizarre events.

A senior three student suddenly exclaimed, “Wait! If those supernatural events and people are real, then today, what Chu Yi and his three students did…is it also because they have supernatural abilities?”

As soon as this was said, the students seemed to wake up from a dream and felt that this possibility was extremely high!

What Chu Yi did with Chen Hao and the others today was too unbelievable!

No matter how you think about it, it’s not normal!

Before, the senior three students naturally wouldn’t think in the direction of the supernatural.

They could only reluctantly accept Chu Yi’s explanation that he had a special training method.

But now, the senior three students couldn’t help but have a more far-fetched idea.

Could it be…that Chu Yi has the ability to awaken superpowers in people?!

Although this speculation was extremely far-fetched!

But now the senior three students felt that it was highly possible!

“Yes! It must be! Otherwise, there’s no way to explain how Chu Yi made Chen Hao and the others so awesome!”

“The special training method that Chu Yi mentioned must be like the official deletion of videos, to cover up the fact that supernatural abilities exist!”

“Yeah! What kind of training method is so amazing? It must be supernatural abilities to make Chen Hao and the others learn to split dozens of pounds of marble in a week!””Is it possible that the twenty-two people Mr. Chu picked out on the playground today all have the potential to awaken superpowers? Mr. Chu isn’t just picking people based on his preferences; he’s selecting the talented ones to cultivate into superpower users!”

“Fuck, you know what? You might actually be onto something! The logic really does add up!”

The senior high school students became more and more excited as they discussed it, and eventually, almost everyone believed in this speculation.

Mr. Chu must possess some method to awaken superpowers in people!

Otherwise, there’s no way to explain how Chen Hao and the other two became so awesome in just one week!

Mr. Chu isn’t teaching physical education; he’s teaching superpowers! It’s confirmed!

This speculation spread like wildfire, quickly reaching the entire senior class.

The twenty-two students who were picked out by Chu Yi tonight were dumbfounded when they heard the rumor.

Fuck! If it’s true as they say…

Doesn’t that mean we might soon awaken superpowers under Mr. Chu’s guidance?

How is that possible?

Isn’t this too fantastical? This is reality, not a novel, right?

But when they saw that supernatural pale blue vortex, they couldn’t help but believe it a little, feeling a mix of excitement and anticipation.

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