Chapter 68 – Is he being promoted to the national level?

Hastily arriving at North Hill, Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu stopped about 1,500 meters away from the spatial crack.

Looking up at the towering, nearly kilometer-wide blue and white spiritual vortex, it was like a giant tornado piercing the sky!

At the bottom of the vortex, a dazzling blue light burst forth, tearing through the night sky!

The vast aura emanating from it made even Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu, two top-notch biotics men, feel terrified, and they dared not approach any closer.

It was simply terrifying!

“This…this doesn’t seem right, does it? This commotion is too extraordinary! It’s not just a promotion to town level, it’s clearly a proof of becoming an immortal!” Lin Zhiwu exclaimed in shock.

The grandeur of this phenomenon and the terrifying momentum behind it were not something that could be achieved by a mere promotion to town level!

Li Xiu stood silently on the side, feeling just as shocked as Lin Zhiwu.

They had already reported this matter to the General Administration of Biotics.

And then they quickly rushed to the scene.

At this moment, they didn’t know what they should do.

Could they even stop this powerful individual from ascending?

But joking aside, the power of this spiritual vortex was too extraordinary. It was likely to melt away if they got any closer.

Lin Zhiwu’s worried gaze suddenly turned to the nearby North Hill High School.

The dormitory building, which had already been dark, was now lit up, and the students had come out into the corridor…

The spatial crack was only about 1,800 meters away from North Hill High School.

And this spiritual vortex was several thousand meters high, with a tremendous momentum, accompanied by a deafening hurricane, and even a faint dragon’s roar.

Even a blind person could see it!

“Hey, yesterday’s situation could barely be passed off as a gas pipeline explosion, but how are we going to explain today’s situation?” Lin Zhiwu looked full of worry.

As the leader of the grassroots working group, he had to come up with a slightly reasonable explanation for this spiritual vortex to deceive the students, teachers, and residents of North Hill High School.

But how the hell could he come up with one?

Even a fool could see that this was not a natural event!

Lin Zhiwu was at his wit’s end. Being a leader was really a short-lived job! He was going to lose all his hair!

“I say, why don’t we just make the revival of spiritual energy public! There are more and more extraordinary events happening all over the country, and it won’t be long before it can’t be concealed. Why hide it?” Lin Zhiwu couldn’t help but vent his frustration.

Li Xiu glanced at him and said lightly, “There’s no way. The opinions from above are still not unified.”

“Some people think that making the revival of spiritual energy public will seriously affect social stability, and it’s not worth the risk. While others believe that after it’s made public, we can directly start the education and training of biotics men, which is most beneficial to the current situation.”

“I support the latter,” Lin Zhiwu said with a slight shake of his head.

“But the key issue is that we don’t have a mature and feasible method for training biotics men. It’s not easy to start the training of biotics men nationwide. The efficiency might not even be as high as it is now,” Li Xiu said.

“That’s true,” Lin Zhiwu frowned and sighed. “If only there were more people like the Evergreen Sword Saint, who have the ability to help biotics men upgrade…”

Just then, lightning filled the distant sky, and a figure carrying a multitude of thunder and lightning approached.

With a swoosh, the figure landed near Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu.

“Leader Chen? Have you successfully ascended to SS level?” Lin Zhiwu looked at Chen Xiaobai and could already feel the powerful thunderous energy within him surging.

And it seemed…even more pure, as if most of the impurities had been removed.

“Of course!” Chen Xiaobai was quite proud, almost grinning. “Awesome! So awesome! I have never seen anyone so awesome! He upgraded me with just one shot, can you believe it?!”

Chen Xiaobai pointed at the giant spiritual vortex, excitedly exclaiming, “This Sword Saint is simply a living immortal! Guess what? He’s just amazing!”

“Not only did he upgrade me on the spot, but he also directly purified my biotic energy by a level! I even feel like I can absorb spiritual energy ten times faster now! It’s simply amazing!”

Listening to Chen Xiaobai’s words, Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu were dumbfounded.

“Is it really that effective?” Li Xiu couldn’t help but ask.

Chen Xiaobai patted his chest and said, “Absolutely! If I’m lying, I’ll just chop off my own head!”

“I don’t think that’s necessary…” Lin Zhiwu smirked. This young man was indeed powerful, but his brain was probably a bit lacking.

Who knows if it’s reliable for him to help guard the spatial crack at North Hill, as ordered by the higher-ups.

“The abilities of this strong individual can not only help biotics men upgrade, but also purify biotic energy and accelerate the absorption of spiritual energy by biotics men?” Li Xiu exclaimed in surprise.

Chen Xiaobai was taken aback, “Huh? What? What abilities?”

Li Xiu was also taken aback, “Huh? What? This strong individual can help you upgrade, isn’t that a kind of ability?”

“I don’t think so?” Chen Xiaobai was stunned and said, “That Sword Saint, as soon as he saw me, said that I have extraordinary aptitude and innate talent, and wanted to take me as his disciple!”

“Then he said he would teach biotics men, but I definitely didn’t believe him! So, in order to prove it to me, he helped me upgrade!”

Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu looked at each other in astonishment, and they could see the shock in each other’s eyes.


The Evergreen Sword Saint can help Chen Xiaobai upgrade, not with a biotic ability, but because he knows how to teach biotics men?

Has he already figured out how biotics men can upgrade and become stronger?

He might have even developed a mature and feasible system for educating and training biotics men?

If it were in the past, Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu would have definitely scoffed at this idea.

How could one person possibly figure out something that the country had spent three years trying to understand?

But now, everything that was happening to Chen Xiaobai made them feel that this was a highly likely possibility!

Extraordinary! It’s too extraordinary!At that moment, Li Xiu’s tactical tablet vibrated twice. He took it out and saw a message from the headquarters of the Alien Abilities Management Bureau:

“After investigation, the Biotics Man at the Beishan Rift is very likely in the process of advancing to National level.”

“Although so far, there are no National level Biotics Men globally, there have been some National level martial artists in the past, and some video materials have been left behind. After comparison, the possibility is extremely high!”

National level?!

Li Xiu was dumbstruck.

Chen Xiaobai and Lin Zhiwu, who peeked at the screen, were also flabbergasted!

Absurd things happen every day, but today’s absurdity was off the charts!

It was already shocking enough to advance to Town level, but to jump directly to National level?

Who exactly is this Evergreen Sword Saint?!

“Holy shit? Am I witnessing history? The world’s first National level Biotics Man is about to emerge?!”

Chen Xiaobai exclaimed in shock, stunned for a long while, then suddenly said excitedly: “See that? That’s my master!”

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