Chapter 67 – Promote innate! Condense the innate body!

They naturally didn’t know.

The spiritual vortex with a diameter of more than two hundred meters just now was just the vision triggered by Chu Yi’s promotion to the ninth level of Foundation Establishment.

And now, Chu Yi took a Profound Realm Breaking Pill and is in the process of advancing to the Innate Realm!

At this moment, in the center of the vast spiritual energy and the giant vortex formed by the wood elemental energy.

Chu Yi sat cross-legged here, and his clothes had long been torn to shreds by the tremendous force carried by the vortex.

With his bare body, his skin, muscles, bones, internal organs, and pupils have all turned into a pure green color, making him look like a work of art carved from top-quality green jade.

On his green back, a totem of a green dragon faintly appeared.

With a body like a snake, a kylin head, a carp tail, long whiskers on the face, antlers like a deer, five claws, and a majestic appearance.

Suddenly, this green dragon totem seemed to come alive, wandering on Chu Yi’s jade-like skin, as if soaring through the clouds and mist.

The sound of dragon chants echoed from his body, containing an ancient and majestic aura.

“The Orient Loong Body Refining Technique” is the first part of the Heaven Level supreme technique “Heart Code of the Orient Loong.”

There are nine levels in total, and with each level cultivated, the physical strength doubles. After reaching the ninth level, one can comprehend a trace of the power of the divine beast, the Orient Loong, and condense the wood attribute innate body – the Eucharist of the Orient Loong!

In Chu Yi’s understanding.

The path of cultivation, fundamentally speaking, is the process of evolution from an ordinary person to a higher level of life.

After advancing to the Innate Realm and condensing the innate body, cultivators evolve from carbon-based life forms to a higher level of spiritual life.

Although it is still not as good as an alien beast, the immunity to conventional weapons has also been greatly enhanced.

“After advancing to the Innate Realm and condensing the innate body, I finally have some qualifications to be arrogant on this planet.”

Chu Yi was somewhat excited in his heart, getting closer to invincibility!

He pondered, if in the next half month, he could help those students advance to the Golden Elixir stage.

Then he could consider revealing the identity of a cultivator publicly.

With the first part of the Heaven Level technique and the Heaven Level sword technique, after reaching the Golden Elixir stage, he should be invincible on the Blue Star, right?

Besides, he still has formations…

Feeling the vast and surging power in his body, Chu Yi became even more excited. The power contained in the Eucharist of the Orient Loong was truly terrifying, as if it were endless.

Hmm, with this power, he could kill ten thousand oxen with one punch!

“Damn, do you have to fight oxen?” The system finally couldn’t help but comment.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t I learn from the predecessors who crossed the boundary?” Chu Yi said naturally, then hesitated and asked, “System Brother, is the innate body the same as a special physique?”

He could feel that his condensed innate body seemed to have some similarities with Fan Qingling and Chen Xiaobai’s special physiques, but they were not exactly the same.

“The two are related, but not exactly the same.”

“The innate body is also called ‘innate life’ or ‘innate spirit,’ just a term for spiritual life. Even if a spiritual beast advances to the Innate Realm and transforms its physical body into spiritual life, its physical body can also be called the innate body.”

“And a special physique is an inborn talent, a bloodline inheritance of the innate body.”

“The innate body also has different levels. The higher the level of the cultivated technique, the stronger the condensed innate body, and the more special abilities it possesses.”

“Only by cultivating a Heaven Level technique can the condensed innate body be passed down through the bloodline, allowing the descendants to be born with the so-called special physique.”

“For example! The innate body you have condensed is the Eucharist of the Orient Loong. If you have descendants, there is a chance that your descendants will have the special physique called ‘Eucharist of the Orient Loong,’ inheriting some of the abilities of the Eucharist of the Orient Loong, and their cultivation speed will be incredibly fast.”

“When your descendants advance to the Innate Realm, even if they have not cultivated any techniques, they can naturally condense a true Eucharist of the Orient Loong.”

“And among all the innate bodies, the Eucharist of the Orient Loong is top-notch!”

“After reaching perfection, not only can the physical body possess the power of the Orient Loong, but one punch can destroy mountains and cities with ease!”

“At the same time, one can control all wood elemental life forms, perfectly control any wood elemental energy. Cultivating any wood elemental spells, setting up any wood elemental formations, will be as easy as pie! Lifespan will also far exceed that of cultivators of the same realm!”

“Moreover, you can even place your divine consciousness in tens of thousands of ancient trees. Even if your physical body and soul are destroyed, you can be reborn tens of thousands of times by relying on these ancient trees!”

Chu Yi was a little stunned by this information. Is this Eucharist so powerful?

It truly lives up to being a Heaven Level technique!

However, Chu Yi could feel that his Eucharist of the Orient Loong at this time was only at the level of minor completion, and it was not enough to fully unleash all of its abilities.

To cultivate it to completion, or even perfection, there was still a long way to go.

Chu Yi also didn’t know whether the spiritual energy density of the Blue Star, which had just recovered its spiritual energy, was enough for him to cultivate the Eucharist of the Orient Loong to perfection.

Just successfully condensing it and pushing it to minor completion had almost drained the spiritual energy between heaven and earth in this area.

Even the spiritual energy surging out of the spatial crack seemed to be in short supply.

“This Eucharist is really wasteful of spiritual energy!”

Chu Yi commented in his heart, but soon he was surprised by another thing.

According to the system, those who have a special physique are all descendants of ancestors who cultivated Heaven Level techniques and were above the Innate Realm.So, people like Fan Qingling and Chen Xiaobai, one of their ancestors was a cultivator? And a legitimate cultivator of Heaven Level techniques at that.

Outrageous! Absolutely preposterous!

Although Chu Yi had long known that this planet had cultivators in its very ancient past—after all, the warriors mentioned by the system were the remnants of those cultivators.

But he truly hadn’t expected that the cultivators who once existed on Blue Star were so orthodox!

If those S-level and above Biotics Men now all possess unique special constitutions,

Doesn’t that mean that there were at least a hundred cultivators on Blue Star who practiced Heaven Level techniques?

“It seems that Blue Star once gave birth to a rather brilliant cultivation civilization, with over a hundred different Heaven Level techniques.”

For a moment, Chu Yi grew even more curious about those warriors he had yet to encounter.

Since they are the descendants of such a powerful cultivation civilization, even if it’s just a remnant, they shouldn’t be too weak now, should they?

At the very least, there should be no shortage of warriors at the Innate stage, that is, at the Town level.

But this is a bit strange.

The nation is in a frenzy over the Alien Beasts that have appeared from the spatial rifts.

Why are only the Biotics Men helping the nation deal with it? What about those warriors? Why are they sitting idly by?

Could there be some secret behind this?

The more Chu Yi thought about it, the more curious he became. He wanted to ask the system, but at that moment, he suddenly felt a pain in his brow and his head began to throb.

【Host, please be aware, the Innate body has been condensed, and the Sea of Consciousness is about to be opened, the Divine Sense is about to be condensed. Please focus your mind, do not let your thoughts wander, and be careful!】

Chu Yi was startled and quickly discarded all distractions, concentrating his mind.

The critical moment to advance to the Innate stage had arrived!

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