Chapter 66 – The spiritual vortex of a kilometer! Are you sure he’s been promoted to town level?

At this time, in the tactical tablet’s screen, the spatial crack had already been covered by a spiritual vortex that was two hundred meters in size.

Even through the screen, Lin Zhiwu could imagine the high concentration of spiritual energy and the strong pressure within the spiritual vortex, which even S-level biotics would find difficult to bear!

“Such a huge spiritual vortex… it’s really a promotion to the town level!”

Lin Zhiwu muttered with a wooden expression.

At this moment, just like Li Xiu, he was almost numb from one shocking piece of news after another.

Li Xiu nodded and said, “I just retrieved the image data of Director Wang’s promotion to the town level from the confidential files.”

“The diameter of the spiritual vortex induced by Director Wang was only a little over 200 meters, while the spiritual vortex induced by this Evergreen Sword Saint is already close to three hundred meters.”

Lin Zhiwu was shocked again. “So, does that mean that this strong individual’s strength after being promoted to the town level may be even stronger than Director Wang’s?”

When biotics reach above S-level, each promotion will draw a large amount of spiritual energy from the heavens and the earth, forming a spiritual vortex.

Generally speaking, the larger the scale of the spiritual vortex induced during the promotion, the stronger the combat power will be at the same level after the promotion.

Lin Zhiwu was almost speechless from the shock.

Doesn’t this mean that the top combat power of biotics in China is about to be refreshed?

Most importantly, this newly appointed top combat power is completely unknown to anyone!

This kind of unfamiliar and mysterious top-tier powerhouse really instinctively instills fear in people!

Lin Zhiwu was at a loss.

Originally, he was already under a lot of pressure to investigate and find a stranger who was suspected to be an SS-level, or even an SSS-level, biotic.

Now, is he going to be asked to find a town-level powerhouse, the top combat power in the country?

If he annoys the other party, he’s afraid that he could be easily killed with just a flick of a finger!

Can I not do this job?

After pondering for a moment, Li Xiu speculated, “Is it possible that the reason why this Evergreen Sword Saint’s strength is stronger than Director Wang’s is because he is a biotic with dual or even triple abilities, while Director Wang only awakened one ability?”

“Don’t ask me, I’m starting to feel like dying…”

Lin Zhiwu threw the tactical tablet and slumped in his office chair, looking lifeless.

Li Xiu took the tablet, frowned slightly in confusion, and said, “What’s wrong, Team Leader Lin? China has gained a town-level biotic, and it’s very likely to refresh the combat power limit of biotics. Isn’t this a good thing?”

Lin Zhiwu’s mouth twitched, and he said irritably, “It’s easy for you to say! It’s not you who’s responsible for investigating and finding this strong individual!”

“I can already imagine the absurd amount of work and life-threatening tasks waiting for me in the future… Damn it, I feel like dying!”

Li Xiu was puzzled. “How could this task be dangerous? This strong individual saved our people yesterday and helped Chen Xiaobai to be promoted today. Obviously, he’s a good person!”

“At the moment, it does seem like he’s a good person.”

Lin Zhiwu sighed deeply. “But, this person probably was just an ordinary person before awakening his abilities. There’s a high probability that his mentality has changed after suddenly gaining such powerful abilities!”

“I’ve seen too many examples of ordinary people awakening their abilities and then turning against their own country during the years I led the grassroots work group.”

“Moreover, we clearly offended him by not exposing his identity.”

“They still want me to investigate and find him. Isn’t this just provoking him? If he gets angry and slaps me to death, where can I reason with him?”

The more Lin Zhiwu spoke, the more he felt like he was on the verge of a breakdown. Isn’t this task just pushing him into a fire pit?

Before awakening his abilities, he was not a soldier or an ordinary person, but a person in the political arena, so he still valued his life to some extent.

“Well, that makes sense.”

Li Xiu’s expression became somewhat serious, and he couldn’t help but feel more worried.

Both points that Lin Zhiwu made were valid, especially the first one.

After awakening their abilities, many ordinary people are blinded by the sudden surge of power and immediately turn to the dark side, with their inner darkness being infinitely magnified.

The most typical case is awakening abilities and then going to kill their former enemies for revenge.

Since the revival of spiritual energy three years ago, various heinous crimes committed by biotics have been rampant across the country.

Even a D-level biotic dared to rob a bank!

And this Evergreen Sword Saint suddenly gained power that was a hundred or a thousand times stronger than a D-level biotic. Can he handle it?

This is also one of the reasons why the country has been hesitant to publicize the revival of spiritual energy, aside from the panic that the alien beasts and spiritual beasts may bring. The actions of these lawless biotics are enough to make ordinary people feel fearful and threaten social stability.

However, crimes committed by low-level biotics are relatively easy to solve.

But if this Evergreen Sword Saint wants to commit crimes…

Thinking of this, Li Xiu suddenly felt a chill in his heart and realized that the appearance of an unknown and uncontrollable top-tier powerhouse in the country might not be a good thing.

Looking at the slowly rotating giant spiritual vortex in the screen of the tactical tablet, the worry in Li Xiu’s eyes became even more intense, and he looked up at Lin Zhiwu’s expression of despair, suddenly understanding the other’s feelings.

Yes, this kind of task is really easy to be life-threatening!

After thinking for a moment, he felt that as a colleague, he should also comfort the other person.So he said, “Team Leader Lin, don’t worry, if you really encounter any danger, I will bring all the members of the branch to mourn for you every year.”

Lin Zhiwu: “…”

Hmm, you’re quite good at comforting people. Don’t bother next time.

However, although Lin Zhiwu currently felt so depressed he wanted to die, he had no choice but to carry out the tasks assigned by his superiors.

So he had to accept reality.

After a moment of silence, Lin Zhiwu consoled himself: “It’s okay, with such a strong Biotics Man appearing, the state might instruct Director Wang to personally seek him out, right? At that time, I’ll just assist Director Wang!”

“Besides, the spiritual energy vortex that formed during the Evergreen Sword Saint’s advancement was only slightly larger than Director Wang’s, at most just a bit stronger than him! With Director Wang around, there shouldn’t be a big problem!”

Li Xiu also thought it made sense.

No matter how strong this Evergreen Sword Saint was, he was only Town level. Even if he was stronger than Director Wang, he couldn’t be that much stronger, right?

However, at that moment, an unexpected change occurred!

On the tactical tablet’s screen.

The spiritual energy vortex with a diameter of over two hundred meters suddenly trembled!

Then it began to spin violently, seemingly generating a powerful suction force. The nearly endless spiritual energy around it, like a breached dam, rolled and surged into it, merging with it!

The spiritual energy vortex rapidly expanded!

In just a few breaths, its diameter grew to four hundred meters!

And it was still expanding!



Both Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu were stunned, even the latter, who was usually calm and collected as the head of the combat team, couldn’t help but curse out loud!

Under their wide-eyed gaze.

The spiritual energy vortex in the screen grew to a diameter of nearly one thousand meters before it finally stopped!

A spiritual energy vortex with a diameter of one thousand meters!


The office fell into dead silence!

After a long while.

Lin Zhiwu, still in shock, looked up at Li Xiu, his lips quivering, and finally he cried out in horror: “Are you fucking sure he’s just advancing to Town level?!”

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