Chapter 65 – China’s second town level, about to appear?!

Lin Zhiwu could only endure his doubts and continue watching.

Soon, the figure of Chen Xiaobai, bathed in thunder, appeared on the screen, apparently communicating with the Evergreen Sword Saint.

However, the satellite footage did not capture any sound.

Lin Zhiwu’s brow furrowed tighter and tighter, feeling more and more puzzled.

But at that moment.

The Evergreen Sword Saint in the footage shot a green light at Chen Xiaobai, the speed was so fast that the latter didn’t even react, and the green light entered his body.

“He’s attacking Chen Xiaobai?!” Lin Zhiwu exclaimed.

Li Xiu calmly said, “According to the biotics man on the scene, this person is helping Chen Xiaobai break through to the next level.”


Lin Zhiwu was stunned, thinking he must have misheard: “What did you say?”

In his and the majority of biotics men’s understanding, wasn’t biotic level supposed to naturally improve through the nourishment of spiritual energy?

The country had been researching for so long and still couldn’t find a way to cultivate biotics men.

And now you’re telling me that this Evergreen Sword Saint is helping Chen Xiaobai advance his biotic level?!

And, so effortlessly, he made him go from S-level to SS-level?!

How could Lin Zhiwu believe it? This ability was just too far-fetched, wasn’t it?

If it’s true.

Doesn’t that mean that this Evergreen Sword Saint can help all the more than one hundred S-level biotics men in the country to advance to SS-level?

Directly raising the country’s strength by one level!

Seeing Lin Zhiwu’s bewildered expression, Li Xiu did not repeat himself.

When he first heard this news, he also subconsciously thought that the group of biotics men were talking nonsense.

As long as you were a biotics man, you knew how earth-shattering this ability to help biotics men level up was, and how strategically important it was for the country.

It was unheard of and unseen.

But, the fact was right in front of him, and Li Xiu had to believe it.

On the satellite footage on the tablet, Chen Xiaobai’s body had already begun to change, with lightning and thunder, arcs of electricity filled the sky, and it stirred up a large amount of spiritual energy around him.

Seeing this scene, Lin Zhiwu’s eyes widened in shock.

He actually broke through?!

From the moment the Evergreen Sword Saint shot a green light into Chen Xiaobai’s body to Chen Xiaobai stirring up the spiritual energy of the world, the whole process took less than two minutes!

It almost confirmed that the Evergreen Sword Saint had the ability to help biotics men level up!

“What, what is going on?”

Lin Zhiwu stared at the screen on the tablet: “How could this person have such an incredible ability? Isn’t he a biotics man of the time and wood system? Neither of these biotic systems has this ability!”

Li Xiu pondered for a moment and said, “Perhaps, is there a possibility that this ability is the third biotic of this strong man? A completely new one that we don’t know about?”

Lin Zhiwu was stunned, and upon careful consideration, it seemed like there was no other explanation, right?

After all, you couldn’t say that the Evergreen Sword Saint had mastered a method of teaching biotics or had completely figured out how biotics men upgraded and became stronger.

So he just pointed Chen Xiaobai in the right direction, and he suddenly had an epiphany and leveled up on the spot?

How could that be possible? These things had been studied by so many experts and professors in the country for three whole years, and they had only scratched the surface.

As strong as the Evergreen Sword Saint was, he was just a biotics man, how could he have figured it out on his own?

And, the biotic system had only just established a rough framework, and no one knew how biotics appeared, how they awakened, and no one knew how many types of biotics there were.

In the past six months, the number of spatial fissures had increased, the concentration of spiritual energy had increased significantly, and the number of awakened biotics men had almost grown exponentially.

Almost every day, a brand new biotic would appear.

So, Lin Zhiwu and Li Xiu both felt that if the Evergreen Sword Saint awakened a biotic that could help biotics men level up, it was not impossible.

“Then his biotic should be an auxiliary system, and it’s a divine-level auxiliary biotic!”

Lin Zhiwu suddenly became excited. If this Evergreen Sword Saint could serve the country, wouldn’t it mean that China could mass-produce powerful biotics men?

But the next moment, he became distressed. How could they find a strong man of this level if he didn’t want to show himself?

There was one more thing that puzzled Lin Zhiwu greatly: “Did this strong man come to the spatial fissure tonight just to help Chen Xiaobai level up? Or was it just to verify his own abilities, so he helped Chen Xiaobai?”

But Li Xiu said, “He probably just helped Chen Xiaobai on a whim.”

Lin Zhiwu was stunned, and became even more puzzled: “Then what was his purpose in coming to the spatial fissure?”Li Xiu fell silent for two seconds, still digesting the shock this news had brought him, and said somewhat woodenly, “He… came here to advance to Town level.”

This short sentence contained a magnitude of information that was countless times more shocking than anything that had come before!

Lin Zhiwu was completely dumbfounded, taking a long time to come back to his senses.

Town level?

Advancing to Town level?!

What was a Town level existence?

In a situation where those powerful martial artists were unwilling to come out of seclusion to help the country, a Town level Biotics Man was the undisputed guardian deity of China!

Because only a Town level Biotics Man could kill an SSS-ranked Alien Beast!

Alien Beasts were not carbon-based life forms; they were composed of a substance that didn’t exist on Blue Star. Thermal weapons were almost completely ineffective against them, and their physical strength far exceeded that of Biotics Men of the same level. Their various unimaginable abilities were also far beyond human comprehension.

Generally speaking, it was very difficult for Biotics Men of the same level to kill Alien Beasts of the same level.

Therefore, whenever an SSS-ranked Alien Beast emerged from a spatial rift, it almost always required the intervention of the nation’s sole Town level Biotics Man.

Otherwise, if faced with a powerful SSS-ranked Alien Beast, even if the three SSS-ranked Biotics Men joined forces, it would be difficult to kill it.

Lin Zhiwu still remembered.

A year ago, an exceptionally powerful SSS-ranked Alien Beast appeared from the spatial rift in the Kunlun Mountains.

From the spiritual energy detection, it was indeed within the SSS rank, but its strength was close to Town level!

At that time, the three SSS-ranked Biotics Men joined forces and fought it for a day and a night, causing several peaks of the Kunlun Mountain range to collapse and shatter, yet they still couldn’t subdue it!

On the international Biotics Men forums, some even asserted that even if China’s Town level Biotics Man took action, it would be difficult to kill this Alien Beast. China might even have to resort to nuclear weapons, but that might not necessarily harm the beast!

Back then, Biotics Men in the Southern Nations were even taking pleasure in China’s misfortune, thinking that China would suffer heavy losses because of this Alien Beast, and might even be on the brink of national extinction!

Fortunately, the Director-General of the Biotics Management Bureau, the Town level Biotics Man who wielded the power of light, Wang Yunlong, took action.

After battling the Alien Beast for three days, leaving the Kunlun Mountains devastated, he finally killed it at the cost of sustaining serious injuries!

Lin Zhiwu couldn’t imagine what it would have been like if China didn’t have Wang Yunlong.

That SSS-ranked Alien Beast, unafraid of thermal weapons and even nuclear weapons, wreaking havoc within China’s borders, what kind of hellish scene would that have been?

It was from that day on that the nation fully realized the strategic significance of powerful Biotics Men and drafted the proposal to “include physical education in college entrance exams,” determined to cultivate more Biotics Men at all costs.

At that time, Lin Zhiwu thought, if China could produce a few more… even just one more Town level Biotics Man, Wang Yunlong wouldn’t have been seriously injured, and the pressure on this guardian deity of China wouldn’t be so immense.

And now…

Lin Zhiwu could hardly believe it, was his thought from a year ago about to come true?!

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