Chapter 64 – Is Evergreen Sword Saint being promoted to Town level?!

After receiving ten years of cultivation, Chu Yi took out two Ascension Enlightenment Pills and swallowed them.

Crack! Crack!

Two crisp sounds came from inside his body in succession.

As if breaking some kind of shackle, his blood and energy suddenly surged, and the bones all over his body made a crackling sound.

Chu Yi’s skin gradually turned green, as clear and translucent as green jade, dripping with a green color.

In an instant, the “Orient Loong Body Refining Technique” broke through two levels in a row, reaching the seventh level.

His physical strength increased fourfold.

Chu Yi could feel that in every blood vessel of his, the blood seemed to turn into a surging green river, bursting with seemingly endless power.

“Well, not bad. I feel like I can punch a thousand cows to death now!”

Chu Yi was extremely excited. This kind of significant increase in power was truly intoxicating.

Feeling great!

Next, with the influx of a massive amount of spiritual energy and wood-based vitality.

Crack! Crack!

Another two shackles were broken!

Promoted to the eighth level of Foundation Establishment!

The “Orient Loong Body Refining Technique” reached the eighth level!

But Chu Yi could clearly feel that this was far from over, at most it was just the equivalent of receiving three years of cultivation.

He couldn’t help but get even more excited, and his attention involuntarily turned to the “Mystic Grade Boundary Breaking Pill” in the system’s backpack.

Could it be that today I can directly break through to the ninth level of Foundation Establishment and ascend to the innate realm?

It feels very possible!

The group of soldiers and biotics had already been forced to retreat to a position 500 meters away from the spatial crack.

A group of people stared in shock at the magnificent scene of green light in the distance.

Gradually, a massive vortex of spiritual energy and wood-based vitality gathered into a giant green and white vortex, measuring hundreds of meters in size.

The vortex took on a funnel shape.

And at the bottom of the funnel was the position where the green figure was sitting cross-legged!

Such a magnificent scene was truly shocking.

The soldiers and biotics were all dumbfounded, and the faint pressure emanating from the massive spiritual energy vortex made them almost instinctively feel terrified, even fearful!

They had no doubt that if they were in the center of the spiritual energy vortex at this moment, they would probably be instantly crushed to death by the incredibly powerful pressure!

“Is this the commotion caused by the promotion from SS level to SSS level?”

An A-level biotic spoke in disbelief.

He was the captain of the 2nd team of the Shuzhou branch, surnamed Xu, and was one of the earliest biotics to awaken in the military, having worked for the Biotics Management Bureau for three years.

It could be said that he was well-traveled and had the privilege of witnessing the scene of an SSS-level biotic’s promotion to SSS level.

That person was none other than Wang Jiang, one of the three humanoid nuclear weapons in China today.

Wang Jiang was also born into a military family and happened to be in the same unit as Captain Xu before.

When Wang Jiang first awakened, he was A-level, and half a year later he was promoted to S-level, and a year later he was promoted to SS-level.

It wasn’t until last year that Wang Jiang was promoted to SSS level in the military.

At that time, Captain Xu happened to return to the unit and witnessed the scene of Wang Jiang’s promotion to SSS level.

Similarly, a huge amount of spiritual energy gathered into a massive spiritual energy vortex, creating a shocking phenomenon.

However, the spiritual energy vortex caused by Wang Jiang’s promotion to SSS level was only about 50 meters in size!

And now, the spiritual energy vortex caused by the promotion of the Evergreen Sword Saint… was over 200 meters wide!

Captain Xu’s eyes were full of horror and he was extremely puzzled.

Could it be that, even though they were both promoted to SSS level, the difference in the size of the spiritual energy vortex caused by the promotion could be so great?

It shouldn’t be…

And the aura of the Evergreen Sword Saint during his promotion was too terrifying, more than ten times stronger than the aura during Wang Jiang’s promotion!

How could this be?

Could it be…

Suddenly! A shocking thought appeared in Captain Xu’s mind.

Could it be that the Evergreen Sword Saint wasn’t being promoted to SSS level.

But was being promoted to… Town level?!


Not only Captain Xu, but the surrounding biotics also realized that something was wrong, and a wave of exclamations suddenly rose.

“No! This is definitely not right! I’ve seen the video data of the promotion of the three SSS-level biotics on the forum! The commotion they caused was not as big as it is now!”

“Yeah! The spiritual energy vortex they caused during their promotion was at most over 70 meters in diameter! Now this spiritual energy vortex is almost reaching 300 meters!”

“Is this the promotion to SSS level? This is not the promotion to Town level, is it?!”

The shock in everyone’s hearts was indescribable.

For three whole years, only one Town-level biotic had appeared in the entire country. Even if you looked at the whole world, there wouldn’t be more than ten Town-level biotics!

Could it be that China was about to produce a second Town-level biotic?

This was truly shocking to the point of being unbelievable!

However, upon careful consideration, everyone felt that it was not impossible.

After all, the strength displayed by the Evergreen Sword Saint last time was suspected to be SSS level!

Suddenly, everyone became a little excited, as if… they were witnessing the birth of a legend with their own eyes?

So much so that they completely forgot about Chen Xiaobai, who was also in the process of promotion at the same time.Compared to the birth of a Town level, what’s an SS rank to Chen Xiaobai? A mere feather?

Alien Abilities Management Bureau, Shuzhou City branch.

“What? Chen Xiaobai has advanced to SS rank?!”

Lin Zhiwu, upon receiving this news, looked at Li Xiu in utter shock.

How is this possible?

Hadn’t Chen Xiaobai just advanced to S rank less than half a month ago?

Judging by the promotion speed of those previous SS rank powerhouses, shouldn’t he have to wait at least a year or more to possibly advance?

How did he suddenly get promoted?

Lin Zhiwu’s first reaction was that this must be false news, completely against common sense!

“To tell the truth, I didn’t believe it at first either.”

Li Xiu’s brows were furrowed, trying to maintain the rationality and calmness he usually had at work, but he simply couldn’t.

The news that came tonight from the spatial rift in Beishan was just too shocking.

And it was one shock after another!

Li Xiu felt as if he were in a dream, with a sense of unreality.

Seeing his expression, Lin Zhiwu said incredulously, “Could it be that this is actually true?”

Li Xiu handed over a tactical tablet to him, saying, “I only believed it after calling up the satellite imagery.”

What was playing on the tablet was the footage from the spatial rift in Beishan just ten minutes ago.

Lin Zhiwu watched with a degree of skepticism.

In the footage, a figure enveloped in a green aura soon appeared, hovering above the spatial rift.

“Eh? It’s him!”

Lin Zhiwu was startled. Wasn’t this the very SS rank Biotics Man he was currently tasked with finding?

He had slain an S rank Alien Beast here yesterday, so why had he come back today?

This person always appeared without showing his face, clearly not wanting to reveal his identity, so shouldn’t he be hiding right now? Why would he show up so conspicuously again?

And what does this person have to do with Chen Xiaobai’s promotion to SS rank?

Full of astonishment and doubt, Lin Zhiwu looked up at Li Xiu, wanting to ask something, but the latter gestured for him to keep watching.

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