Chapter 59 – Leave school to practice and claim some rewards

After leaving the playground with Class 20, Chu Yi glanced at the time. There were still twenty minutes left before evening self-study, so he decided to dismiss the class early.

Then, Chu Yi took Chen Hao and two others and left the school through the back door.

North Hill High School was built on the mountainside of North Hill.

At the mountaintop, there was a large scenic area covering several nearby peaks.

The area near the space crack had been sealed off by the military, but the area further away was still open for business.

Chu Yi directly took Chen Hao and the others to the unsealed area of the scenic spot.

Soon, they entered the only hotel in this area.

North Hill Hotel.

The hotel owner looked at the group of three men and a woman, feeling a bit confused, and couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, what are you guys here for?”

Chu Yi replied without hesitation, “I brought students here for extra lessons.”

The hotel owner was stunned.

Extra lessons? Why come to a hotel for extra lessons?

May I ask… is your name Chen Qingquan?

On the ninth floor, Chu Yi knocked on the door of room 9527.

The one who opened the door was Fan Qingling.

Before evening self-study, Chu Yi had asked her to wait for them in this hotel room.

Chu Yi also explained to her the relationship between Chen Hao and the others and himself.

At that time, there was a small misunderstanding, and Chu Yi was hit by her with a rocket headbutt…

Clearly, this long-legged girl’s thinking was not healthy!

Chu Yi felt it was necessary to have a long talk with her and communicate deeply, using his noble and upright soul to influence her!

“Hello, Teacher Fan!”

After entering the room, Xu Guanghui quickly greeted her.

Chen Hao pondered for two seconds and then directly called out, “Hello, Teacher!”


The next second, a big bump appeared on Chen Hao’s head.

Chu Yi retracted his fist and reprimanded, “What are you shouting for?!”

Then he looked at Fan Qingling and said apologetically, “Haha, the child doesn’t know any better, just playing around!”

Fan Qingling raised an eyebrow, said nothing, and just looked at Chen Hao with a hint of admiration in her eyes.

Hmm, this child is really sensible.

Feeling this kind of gaze, Chen Hao glanced at Xu Guanghui with a hint of pride.

Hey! This is called emotional intelligence!

Building a good relationship with the future teacher in advance, it’s beneficial without any harm!

However, Xu Guanghui completely didn’t understand his proud look and just thought this kid had a problem.

At that moment, Su Ying also called out softly, “Hello, Teacher…”

A smile appeared on Fan Qingling’s pretty face, and she reached out to ruffle Su Ying’s hair. “So obedient.”

“Huh?” Xu Guanghui was immediately confused.

Since when did Teacher Fan become a teacher? How come I didn’t know? How did they find out?

Chen Hao glanced at him and sighed helplessly in his heart. It’s really scary to have no emotional intelligence…

“Not bad! This room is quite spacious!”

Chu Yi walked into the room and looked around. It was a suite with two bedrooms and a living room, and the space was quite ample. It could even be used as a classroom!

After feeling the spiritual energy in the air, Chu Yi nodded in satisfaction. “It’s suitable here, very suitable for group… oh no, suitable for cultivation!”

“What group?” Xu Guanghui immediately asked curiously.


The next second, a bump appeared on his head too.

Chu Yi scolded, “Adults speak, children should ask fewer questions!”

After that, it was the cultivation session that was delayed until today.

Fan Qingling and Chen Hao and the others sat cross-legged on the floor of the living room, each practicing their own techniques.

Black, red, blue, crimson, and pure white light circulated and shimmered in the room…


The hotel owner squatted on the street smoking, still thinking about the strange group of four led by Chu Yi, and couldn’t help but look up at their room.

“Oh my god!”

The hotel owner was immediately dumbfounded, looking at the colorful lights flickering in the window.

Why did they bring disco lights? Is this how young people play these days?

Chu Yi walked to the window in the living room and looked outside for a while.

They were quite far from the space crack, and there was almost no sign of military personnel or biotics nearby.

At the same time, they could absorb the spiritual energy scattered from the space crack.

It was quite suitable to bring Chen Hao and the others here for cultivation.

As for the issue of them staying out all night.

Chu Yi had already made arrangements with the dormitory aunt.

However, bringing three students to stay out all night was obviously very suspicious.

And, Chu Yi also planned to bring the 22 newly selected students to leave the school every night for cultivation.

Such a big move would be hard to hide from North Hill High School, which was already heavily guarded.

But it didn’t matter, Chu Yi had never intended to conceal the fact that he was bringing students to stay out all night, he just didn’t want to be discovered bringing students to cultivate immortality.

If someone suspected him, he had plenty of reasons to cover it up.

He closed the window and drew the curtains.

Chu Yi turned around and frowned slightly as he looked at the four people practicing cultivation.

“Little Hao, Little Hui, your spiritual energy circulation route still has some issues, especially in the second major meridian. The spiritual energy is clearly a bit chaotic when it reaches the Stomach Meridian of Foot-Yangming…”

Chu Yi began to guide them.

Although he had only been cultivating for a little over a week, the thirty years of cultivation he had gained was perfectly integrated.

At least in terms of cultivation experience, Chu Yi was no different from a true cultivator who had been cultivating for thirty years.

Plus, he had the “Cultivation Scripture” in his possession.

Chu Yi’s guidance for Chen Hao and the other four complete novices in cultivation was clearly more than enough.

Three hours later.Under Chu Yi’s guidance, Chen Hao and the other two had significantly improved their cultivation, but they were still some distance away from breaking through to the third layer of Foundation Establishment.

Yet, such a rate of progress left all three of them quite satisfied.

Chu Yi smoothly received his feedback rewards.

【Congratulations to the host for successfully assisting Chen Hao, Xu Guanghui, and Su Ying! Feedback rewards issued: Heaven Level Formation Mastery, “Million Trees Fantasy Formation,” “Gathering Spirit Formation,” Iron Level martial arts techniques ×2, Iron Level finger techniques ×1, several Brass Level pills…expand】

【Click “expand” to view details.】

Hmm? Formations?

Chu Yi’s eyes lit up slightly; this thing seemed quite interesting!

Just as he was about to take a closer look.

The system’s voice rang out again: 【Congratulations to the host for successfully assisting Fan Qingling! Feedback rewards issued: Iron Grade Mirror-Breaking Pill ×1, ten years of cultivation, several Brass Level martial arts techniques…expand】

Chu Yi was startled and quickly turned to look at Fan Qingling.

Chen Hao and the others were equally astonished as they looked at her.

There she was, sitting cross-legged, enveloped in a black and red mist, with strange black and red patterns crawling over her fair skin, her aura climbing higher and higher.

She quickly broke through the sixth layer of Foundation Establishment and was pressing on towards the seventh!

“Fuck! Teacher Fan is mutating!” Xu Guanghui cried out in horror.


Chu Yi reflexively slapped the back of his head.

“This damn thing is a breakthrough!”

“You three, go back to your rooms; I’m going to protect Teacher Fan during her breakthrough!”

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