Chapter 60 – How many wrong turns has China taken now?

Chen Hao and the three entered a room and closed the door.

Chu Yi looked at Fan Qingling with some surprise.

Is this the amazing part of having a special physique?

Fan Qingling just awakened her physique last night, and she was already at the fifth level of Foundation Establishment. Then, after only three hours of cultivation today, she was about to break through to the seventh level of Foundation Establishment?

Is she even skipping levels?

Of course, this was also thanks to the “Blood Charm Mind Technique” that Chu Yi gave her, which complemented her Blood Charm physique.

Hmm, it’s also thanks to his good teaching just now!

Chu Yi thought to himself without blushing or skipping a beat.

However, he estimated that even if Fan Qingling didn’t cultivate and relied solely on the nourishment of spiritual energy, she would naturally advance in realm in at most a week.

“It seems like having a special physique is much more amazing than having spiritual roots or a spiritual body…”

Chu Yi suddenly had a guess and asked the system:

“Are all the biotics men who awaken as S-rank or higher shortly after awakening, people with special physiques?”

【Yes, people with special physiques have extremely fast cultivation speeds in the early stages of cultivation, often breaking through several small realms at once.】

【Some ancient Eucharists, once awakened, directly advance to the Golden Elixir stage.】

【As for people with spiritual roots or a spiritual body, there are two types.】

【The first type has attributes and can have corresponding abilities after awakening, with a cultivation speed in the early stages that is second only to those with special physiques, known as “elemental biotics men.”】

【The second type is those with attributeless spiritual roots or spiritual bodies, who have no special abilities after awakening, known as “power biotics men.” Their early cultivation speed may be slower, but their potential is often higher.】

【In the later stages, they can transform their spiritual roots or spiritual bodies into any attribute.】

Chu Yi nodded, finding that the system’s words were roughly the same as his guess.

No wonder he had seen a statement on the Biotics Men Forum before:

Power biotics men generally have low levels and no special abilities, just brute strength, making them the most useless type of biotics men.

It was normal for biotics men to have this misconception.

After all, all biotics men did not have immortal cultivation techniques and relied entirely on the nourishment of spiritual energy to automatically advance in realm.

And power biotics men had attributeless spiritual roots and spiritual bodies, so their cultivation speed was naturally slower.

They naturally couldn’t compare to other biotics men.

At least in the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, as long as a person who awakened as a biotics man had no low talent for immortal cultivation, they were all good seedlings for immortal cultivation.

The high-level biotics men now were only because they had attribute spiritual roots, spiritual bodies, or special physiques.

They only had the advantage of a fast cultivation speed in the early stages.

“So, the country has now entered a misunderstanding. They think that the higher the level of a biotics man who has just awakened, the faster their growth and the higher their talent.”

“In reality, all biotics men do not have much difference in talent.”

Chu Yi pondered, stroking his chin.

He estimated that he was the only one who knew how far off the country had gone.

Including incorporating physical education into the college entrance examination, it was also because the country mistakenly believed that the better the physical quality, the easier it was to awaken as a biotics man.

In a sense, this statement was not wrong.

Everyone’s spiritual roots, spiritual bodies, or special physiques were innate.

And the better a person’s physical quality, the earlier they awakened and the faster they succeeded in Foundation Establishment.

This was also the reason why in many immortal cultivation novels, cultivators had to start tempering and refining their bodies from a young age.

So, it was not wrong for the country to value physical education, as it could indeed increase the number of awakenings as biotics men.

But to make everyone value physical education was completely off track.

After all, without spiritual roots, spiritual bodies, or special physiques, no matter how good a person’s physical condition was, they couldn’t awaken out of thin air!

It was obvious that the country now needed guidance from experts, otherwise, it would probably take many years of detours.

After all, spiritual energy was completely unfamiliar to the people of this world, and everything needed to be explored step by step.

Only Chu Yi knew that what the country needed to establish now was not an education system for biotics men.

It was an immortal cultivation education system!

Chu Yi had actually had some ideas for a long time.

If he helped the country establish an immortal cultivation education system, would he receive feedback rewards?

If he obtained the country’s permission to popularize immortal cultivation education nationwide and help the people of the country cultivate immortality, wouldn’t that be 1.4 billion times of feedback rewards?

That would be so cool!

However, Chu Yi’s current idea was still to first secure invincibility and have the absolute strength to guarantee his own safety before making further plans.

The innocent are guilty by association.

First of all, it must be stated that Chu Yi has 100% faith in his motherland!

However, individual behavior and thoughts are uncontrollable. What if his identity as an immortal cultivator is exposed and attracts the attention of some worms?

Chu Yi was very clear about what he possessed and how tempting it was to biotics men and martial artists he had not yet encountered.

Just taking out a Brass Level cultivation technique at random could allow an F-rank biotics man to break through to SSS-rank within half a year.

So, for now, stability was the most important thing!

Anyway, Chu Yi estimated that he could become invincible globally in at most a month, so what’s the rush?

Just then, Fan Qingling’s breakthrough reached a critical moment.

The black and red mist suddenly surged and instantly filled half of the living room.Fan Qingling’s delicate brows furrowed tightly, her silver teeth clenched, a pained expression on her pretty face, along with an intense craving for blood.

At the same time, a hint of charm began to seep out.

“Fuck! So charming!”

Chu Yi’s expression changed. How could breaking through a realm suddenly trigger the side effects of the Blood Charm physique?

“Sorry, Sister Fan!”

Without time to think, he directly inserted his finger into her red lips.

Warmth, moisture, and softness enveloped his entire finger in an instant.

Chu Yi couldn’t help but let a slight smile curl up at the corner of his mouth.

“Heh heh… Pfft! Be serious! I’m helping her break through!”

In the room.

Xu Guanghui was eavesdropping against the wall, his expression odd, “What’s going on? Isn’t Master helping Teacher Fan break through? Why does he sound so lecherous?”

Chen Hao, sitting on the bed playing with his phone, said irritably, “Still eavesdropping, kid? Haven’t you been hit enough? Didn’t Master send us away just to be alone with… uh, the Mistress? Can’t you see that?”

Xu Guanghui was utterly confused, “I really don’t get it. When did Teacher Fan become the Mistress? Aren’t she and Master just colleagues?”

Su Ying couldn’t help but interject, “Teacher Fan and Master are together every day, and from their daily conversations and interactions, it’s clear they’re not just friends. At the very least, there’s some flirtation.”

Xu Guanghui was baffled, “Huh? How can I not see it?”

Chen Hao scoffed, “Because you have zero EQ! And you’re a pure, straight-as-an-arrow guy!”

Xu Guanghui glared, “Bullshit!”

At that moment, his phone pinged.

Xu Guanghui picked it up and saw that a girl from his culture class had sent him a WeChat voice message.

His eyes lit up immediately because it was from a girl he liked.

She had always been indifferent when Xu Guanghui tried to chat with her before.

But today, she actually initiated a message!

Xu Guanghui hurriedly played the voice message.

A slightly shy female voice said, “Xiaohui, that performance you did on the field today was quite handsome…”


Xu Guanghui was thrilled, not expecting that his marble-smashing performance today would attract a girl’s attention.

Chen Hao and Su Ying also turned their gaze, equally surprised.

Xu Guanghui looked at Chen Hao and laughed triumphantly, “Hahaha! Straight-as-an-arrow guy? What about it? A girl complimented me for being handsome! Do you have that?”

Chen Hao smirked dismissively, “Son, I advise you not to reply. You can’t handle it.”

“Heh, you’re just jealous of me!”

Xu Guanghui scoffed, unconcerned.

Then, the girl sent another voice message, “Xiaohui, are you single?”

She also sent a smiley face emoji.

Xu Guanghui’s expression changed, and he replied angrily, “Are you looking down on single people? What the hell are you laughing at?”

Su Ying: “……”

Chen Hao: “6”

The girl was silenced on the other end.

After a while, she replied, “Actually, I kind of like you, hehe~”

Xu Guanghui’s eyes brightened, and he quickly responded, “You like me, hehe?”

“Then I’ll be hehe every day!”



【Red exclamation mark! Please add the other party as a friend!】

Xu Guanghui’s face stiffened in panic, “Eh? Why did she delete me? What did I say wrong?!”

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