Chapter 58 – Harvest 22 top-notch reward tools!

Wang Yuan really couldn’t stand it anymore, feeling that his dignity as the sports director was greatly challenged!

He immediately shouted angrily, “Teacher Chu! Please don’t go too far!”

“You did so many inexplicable things just now, and I endured it! Please don’t take advantage of the situation! I didn’t say anything, who gave you the power to transfer students? Do you not respect me as the sports director?!”

The more Wang Yuan spoke, the angrier he became, and with a wave of his hand, he said sternly, “Teacher Chu! I’ll leave it at that!”

“I, Wang Yuan, will jump off the playground today, even if it means death! I will never allow you to transfer students! You are ignoring my authority as the sports director!”

The students’ faces changed, and no one expected Director Wang to suddenly explode.

They couldn’t help but look at Chu Yi with worried eyes.

To be honest, Teacher Chu did indeed ignore Wang Yuan a bit too much today, giving off a feeling of recklessness…

Looking at Director Wang’s resolute appearance, could it be that the class couldn’t be transferred today?

Chu Yi was slightly stunned, turned his head to look at the red-faced Wang Yuan, and sighed, “Well, I was feeling a bit guilty and wanted to share my training methods with Director Wang in the future, but since you are so intolerant of me, then…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Wang Yuan’s expression changed, and he said in a panic, “Hey hey hey! Teacher Chu! Please don’t! I was just joking… You continue, you continue!”

With that, Wang Yuan’s face even showed a hint of a pleasing smile as he slowly backed away from the platform. “Haha, Teacher Chu, you continue, I won’t disturb you, I’m leaving!”

Soon, Wang Yuan’s figure disappeared from the playground.

The students: “???”

Is this your resolute attitude?

The speed at which we skip through short videos is faster than how quickly you changed your expression!

However, Wang Yuan’s reaction indirectly confirmed that Chu Yi really does have a special training method.

And the sports students could understand Wang Yuan.

They all knew how terrifyingly attractive Chu Yi’s training methods were for someone in the sports industry.

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow, a hint of mockery flashing in his eyes.

He said he would “share with Wang Yuan in the future.”

But how long is “in the future,” and whether there will be a chance at all… that’s up to him to decide!

After Wang Yuan left, Chu Yi could focus on his own matters.

He first looked in the direction of Class 1, where there were still over a dozen sports students standing.

Among the group of sports students, there were naturally some with good character, but the proportion was generally small.

Chu Yi used his Insightful Eye on those dozen or so sports students.

He only found one with a character value of over 90, but with a cultivation talent of only 54.

Without hesitation, Chu Yi passed on him.

His gaze shifted to Class 2, and his Insightful Eye was in full operation.

【Name: Tang Jin】

【Age: 18】

【Cultivation: None】

【Cultivation Talent Value: 95 (Heavenly Earth Spirit Root)】

【Character Value: 95 (Excellent)】

【Current State of Mind: Teacher Chu, pick me! Pick me!】

【Name: Chen Xiaoxiao】

【Age: 18】

【Cultivation: None】

【Cultivation Talent Value: 92 (Excellent)】

【Character Value: 95 (Excellent)】

【Current State of Mind: I probably won’t be chosen, right? Oh well, it doesn’t matter, my physical fitness is enough to pass the sports college entrance exam…】

In Class 2, there were over fifty people, and only two with character values and cultivation talents over 90 were chosen.

Only one of them had a spiritual root… as for whether they had a special physique, it was unknown. It wouldn’t be displayed on the information panel before awakening.

Chu Yi clicked his tongue in disappointment and asked, “Tang Jin, Chen Xiaoxiao, are you two willing to come to Class 20?”

The two of them were stunned, hesitated for a moment, but ultimately nodded.

The students in Class 2 had strong physical fitness, enough to pass the sports college entrance exam, so they hesitated a bit.

Other students were surprised to see that Chu Yi only picked two students from Class 2, and they became even more nervous.

Teacher Chu’s standards are too picky, aren’t they?

What exactly are the criteria? Is it just based on first impressions?

Next, Chu Yi used his Insightful Eye to select students from each class one by one.

The condition of having character and cultivation talents over 90 was indeed quite strict.

Soon, Chu Yi was surprised to find that the three students he had chosen from Class 20 were considered lucky.

In other classes, most of the students who met the criteria only had one, or even none!

Only a few classes had three or more students who met the criteria.

Chu Yi carefully selected, looking through the information panels of over a thousand students.

It was quite time-consuming.

The physical education test during evening self-study was a no-go today.

Time passed by minute by minute.

The sky had already darkened completely.

The students were tired from standing, swaying from side to side.

As for the physical education teachers… they had long since returned to the office to rest. If Wang Yuan allowed Chu Yi to do this, what else could they do?

Without class, they were happy to relax.

And the thirty or so sports students had already quietly come down from the platform at some point, returning to their positions in Class 1, their faces both embarrassed and awkward.

Even though the attention of the other students was on Chu Yi, they always felt like others were secretly mocking them.

Today was too embarrassing, they might as well live on a different planet!

It was almost time for evening self-study to end at 8:30 pm.

Chu Yi finally finished selecting, “Class 19, Xu Bufan, Cai Zikun, are you willing to come to Class 20?”

The two called out, the weariness on their faces instantly swept away, and they excitedly shouted, “Yes!””I do! I’m willing!”


Chu Yi also breathed a sigh of relief and smiled, “Alright! The 22 people I just called out, gather at our class 20’s meeting spot tomorrow! If you don’t know where it is, ask a class 20 student.”

“OK, everyone! I’m done here, you’re free to go!”

Having said that, a content Chu Yi turned and walked down from the stage.

This move, ah! Directly scored 22 top-notch reward farming minions!

Absolutely smashing!

Chu Yi was already pondering how to farm rewards from these 22 students tomorrow.

“Hm? It’s over?”

Chen Hao, who had long since fallen asleep on the stage, and his two companions suddenly woke up with a start.

Then they hurriedly carried the stones and bricks and followed in Chu Yi’s footsteps.

At the same time, the three of them curiously eyed the 22 students.

Suddenly, they had a premonition that these people might just be our junior brothers and sisters?

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