Chapter 54 – Fuck, what are you doing? Stop standing there!

“Little Hao! Are you confident?!”


Chen Hao’s eyes instantly lit up, and he took a step forward with his head held high, shouting, “Of course I am!”

After speaking, he immediately walked to the cart and directly picked up a sturdy green brick.

The expressions of the crowd changed drastically.


Is he really playing for real?

The athletes hadn’t even reacted yet.

With one hand holding the brick, Chen Hao decisively and without hesitation brought it down with a vertical chop!

Without any support!

He really split the brick with his bare hands!

There was a muffled sound of impact!


The green brick split directly in the middle and fell to the ground!

Chen Hao grinned and raised his head proudly, saying, “Master! I’m done!”

Chu Yi nodded in satisfaction, “Not bad! Good work deserves a reward!”

Then, he looked up and scanned the group of athletes.

They all looked stunned, completely dumbfounded by what was happening before their eyes.

Clearly, with their low-frequency CPUs, they were completely unable to comprehend what was happening.

The students below also had shocked expressions on their faces.

Did… did he really break it?

That’s a brick with very high hardness!

He broke it with his bare hands without any support?!

Chu Yi frowned, displeased, and said, “Damn, what are you all staring at?!”

The crowd suddenly woke up.




For a while, the sound of “damn” echoed on the playground!

The athletes were truly dumbfounded, standing there for a long time without coming to their senses.

Chu Yi, did he really mean what he said just now?

Is this really his usual way of testing the physical fitness of Chen Hao and the others?!

“What? Still not convinced?”

Seeing that they had no reaction, Chu Yi became unhappy and waved his hand, saying, “Su Ying! Xu Guanghui! You two also come and do the same!”


Su Ying and Xu Guanghui were somewhat reluctant. They didn’t have the inexplicable confidence that Chen Hao had, and they felt very embarrassed under the gaze of so many people.

But they still followed Chu Yi’s instructions, each picking up a green brick.


Just like Chen Hao, they held the bricks in their hands and brought them down with a vertical chop!



Two dull sounds rang out.

In the shocked eyes of the athletes and the students below, Su Ying and Xu Guanghui also effortlessly split the green bricks in their hands!


“Damn, these students!”

The sound of “damn” echoed on the playground once again.

This is outrageous!

Is this really happening for real?!

The athletes’ eyes swept back and forth between Chen Hao and the others and the broken bricks on the ground, their eyes wide open.

This scene completely exceeded their understanding!

Chen Hao and the others, with such slender and weak bodies, actually managed to split such hard green bricks?!

And after they split them, they looked like nothing had happened?

Aren’t your hands hurting?

Just looking at it hurts!

How did they do it?!

Wang Yuan, while shocked, had a wry smile on his face.

Sure enough!

The physical fitness of Chen Hao and the others is abnormally strong!

Is Chu Yi’s training method really that amazing?

But this is simply not scientific!

Outrageous! Too outrageous!

The students of Class 20 were also stunned, their faces filled with disbelief.

In their impression, the physical fitness of Chen Hao and the others had always been similar to theirs, or even worse!

How did they manage to split bricks with their bare hands?

It’s only been a week, how did their physical fitness suddenly become so outrageous?


What have they been doing this past week?

Following Teacher Chu into the small woods every day!

Suddenly, someone exclaimed in shock, “Damn! The three of them can split bricks with their bare hands. Could it be that they were really taught by Teacher Chu?”

The others were suddenly startled.

“It’s really possible! Last week, Chen Hao and the others were always following Teacher Chu!”

“Could it be that Teacher Chu really has some special method to dramatically improve people’s physical fitness?”

“No wonder! No wonder Teacher Chu dared to make that kind of guarantee to our parents!”

“Oh my, so Teacher Chu wasn’t just bragging? He’s not mentally unstable?”

The students of Class 20 were suddenly excited, not expecting that Chu Yi’s previous outrageous guarantee might actually be achievable!

Chen Hao and the others became so amazing after following him for a week.

Doesn’t that mean that Teacher Chu can also make them so amazing?

It’s like a little cow making a big airplane!

Meanwhile, Fan Qingling, standing on the side, frowned slightly, feeling puzzled. She didn’t understand why Chu Yi would do this.

Didn’t Little Yi say he wanted to hide the identity of a cultivator?

Then why would he bring these three students and display their abilities that far exceeded those of ordinary people in such a high-profile manner?

Ah, my head is itchy, it seems like I need to grow a brain…

However, just at that moment.”Impossible!” A sports student suddenly pointed at the pile of bricks and loudly questioned, “These bricks must have been tampered with! How else could they break them so easily?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the other sports students also began to react.

Right! Faking brick-breaking with bare hands is a common trick, isn’t it?

Most importantly, deep down they just couldn’t believe that Chen Hao, that skinny guy, could do something they couldn’t!

“Hey, hey! That’s enough!” Wang Yuan hurriedly spoke up to smooth things over: “Does Teacher Chu really need to fake something to deceive you guys? Stop causing trouble! Just admit defeat!”

He was quite convinced that the bricks Chen Hao and the others had broken were real.

He really didn’t want to see these sports students get embarrassed any further, so he quickly tried to persuade them.

How could the sports students be convinced?

“Director Wang, you can’t cover for him! How could this be real?”

“Yeah! Those are solid clay bricks! I bet I couldn’t even break them by stepping on them! How could they possibly break them with their bare hands?”

“They must have broken them beforehand and glued them back together!”

These arguments did make some sense.

The students in the audience, upon hearing this, also began to harbor some doubts.

Could it be that Teacher Chu was really cheating here?

Chu Yi wore a smile, having anticipated their skepticism, which was quite normal.

But well, what they had seen was just an appetizer.

The real show hadn’t even started yet!

Smiling, he said, “Chuckle! Doubting, are you? I won’t even let you inspect the remaining clay bricks, because later you could say that only the bricks Chen Hao and his group broke were tampered with.”

Chu Yi pointed to a marble block weighing dozens of pounds and said, “Please check this marble block to see if it has been tampered with.”

Everyone was stunned.


A terrifying thought appeared in their minds.

Fuck! Chu Yi couldn’t really be thinking of having Chen Hao and the others demonstrate breaking a marble block with their chest, could he?

And to break the marble with bare hands?!

No… surely not? Are you playing with your life here?

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