Chapter 55 – My pants are all off, all standing, you won’t let me fix it? That’s definitely not going to work!

“Come on, Little Hao! Lie down on the ground!”

Chu Yi waved his hand.

Chen Hao nodded and lay directly on the ground of the platform.

Then Chu Yi looked at the group of athletes and said, “Come on, classmates, please move a piece of marble onto Chen Hao and check if there’s any problem with this stone.”




The athletes looked at each other, all dumbfounded.

Even if they were moved by heaven and earth, they were not moved by this!

Are they really going to do it?!

Those are pieces of marble that weigh tens of kilograms!

Are they really going to break their chests with big stones and meet their maker on the spot?!

And they didn’t need to check, they knew that those marble blocks were probably not tampered with.

After all, you can use glue to stick back a brick, but what can you use to stick a marble block?

“Move it! Come on, move it! You dare not move it, huh?”

Chu Yi frowned and waved his hand again. “Come on, Guanghui, Su, you guys move it!”

Xu Guanghui and Su Ying looked at each other and could only walk over helplessly, lifting a piece of marble that weighed at least thirty kilograms.

It looked effortless, not strenuous at all.

“No way! How can you guys move it so easily! Is it made of foam?”

Immediately, one of the athletes jumped out, his eyes lit up as if he had discovered the truth.

Pointing at Xu Guanghui and Su Ying and the piece of marble, he exclaimed excitedly, “This must weigh at least 60 pounds! How could they possibly move it so easily?”

The other athletes and students in the audience suddenly realized.

They said how could Chu Yi really dare to make Chen Hao and the others risk their lives?

The stone must not be real!

In fact, when Chen Hao and the others dragged a cart of stones and bricks onto the platform, many people had doubts.

With at least a hundred kilograms of stuff, even with wheels, it’s not that easy to drag it onto the platform, right?

Now it seems, indeed!

These marble blocks must be made of foam! Otherwise, how could Xu Guanghui and Su Ying move it so easily with their physique?

Faced with the questioning, Chu Yi smirked and said, “Then please come and check.”

“Check it! We don’t believe it’s real, moving it so easily!”

The athletes were full of confidence, and several of them rushed up, reaching out to grab the marble from Xu Guanghui and Su Ying.

However, when Xu Guanghui and Su Ying reluctantly loosened their grip for a moment.

Several athletes staggered!

Unprepared, they were almost brought down by the huge weight of the marble!

“I’m falling!”

“I’m falling!”

“I’m falling over!”

The expressions of several people changed instantly.

Seeing this, the others also returned to being stunned and dumbfounded.

The reaction of those athletes was definitely not deceiving.

Is this really happening?!

The next moment, everyone looked at Xu Guanghui and Su Ying with eyes full of shock.

What kind of strength do you guys have?

Moving a sixty-pound thing without breaking a sweat!?

“Alright, finished checking, right?”

Chu Yi smiled slightly and waved his hand. “Guanghui, Su, move it onto Chen Hao!”

“Oh…” Xu Guanghui and Su Ying were about to do as told.

The athletes were all showing panic and shouted in a hurry.

“We can’t do it! We can’t do it!”

“Chu, this is going to be fatal!”

“We give up! Can’t we just give up?”

They had no regard for their dignity at this point, their courage almost shattered!

A sixty-pound stone!

Breaking the chest with a big stone?

This is definitely going to send someone to heaven on the spot!

They can’t bear to see someone die!

“Now you give up? That won’t do! This job must be done properly!”

Chu Yi ignored their pleas directly.

Joking, you’ve already taken off your pants, you’re already standing, and now you won’t let me finish the job?

The arrow is on the string! It must be shot!

It must be done! Otherwise, it’s going to be very uncomfortable for many people?

The athletes were even more afraid.

Seeing that they couldn’t persuade Chu Yi, they could only look at Wang Yuan standing on the side.

“Director Wang, what are you standing there for? Hurry and persuade Teacher Chu!”

“Yeah, come on! Otherwise, there will be a disaster later!”

Wang Yuan, who had been dazed for a long time, scratched his head and thought for a moment before saying, “It’s okay, let Chu Teacher test Chen Hao, test his physical fitness, it’s good for his body…”

He was definitely not worried that Chen Hao would be in any danger. This guy can lift a 220-kilogram barbell as if it were a stick.

Sixty pounds of stone, what’s that?

Wang Yuan knew that he definitely couldn’t persuade Chu Yi, this guy with a twisted mind, so he didn’t bother to persuade him and just wanted him to finish the job as soon as possible.


The athletes were dumbfounded.

You can let him do something so dangerous?

And testing his physical fitness is good for his body? Have you ever seen such a twisted testing method?

Well, it’s good for the body, after the test, you won’t be out of breath, your back won’t hurt, and your heart won’t race, right?

At the same time.

Near the playground fence.

Chen Huaiyu and a group of school leaders stood there, staring blankly at the platform of the playground.

They had come to watch the training of the senior students as usual, but they happened to see Chu Yi with Chen Hao and the others doing this.

Testing physical fitness?

Breaking bricks with bare hands?

Now they’re going to break their chests with big stones?!

The school leaders were all greatly shocked!

North Hill High School has been established for so many years, and they have never seen such an outrageous teacher!

At this moment, seeing Xu Guanghui and Su Ying about to place the sixty-pound marble on Chen Hao’s frail body.

The school leaders, who had been stunned for a long time, were instantly horrified.

“Principal! What should we do? Something’s going to happen!”

“Is Chu Yi out of his mind? Letting students do such dangerous things?!”

“Principal, I’ll go and stop them!”The Director of Education cried out in alarm and turned to rush towards the playground.

“Come back.”

Chen Huaiyu stopped him and thought for a moment before saying, “It’s fine, kids don’t know any better, they’re just testing things out for fun.”


The Director of Education and the school leaders looked at him, unable to comprehend.

Is this what you call testing out for fun?

Principal, has your mind been infected by Chu Yi?

At this moment, the sixty-some-pound marble block had already been placed on Chen Hao’s body.

Yet his complexion remained unchanged, as if he couldn’t feel the weight at all.

The athletes inhaled sharply, their scalps tingling just from watching.

They were filled with incomprehension.

This weight, even if it were placed on them, would be unbearable!

How could Chen Hao not react at all?

The students below were also stunned.

Fuck! Is this really happening?

Chu Yi gave a direct command: “Come on! Xiao Hui! Perform a feat of breaking a large stone with your bare hands!”

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