Chapter 53 – Done! Chu Yi’s plan worked!



The sports students were instantly dumbfounded, and their confident expressions froze on their faces.

The entire crowd of thousands of students was also dumbfounded.

What? What did you say?

Your way of testing physical fitness is to break bricks and crush large stones with your chest?

And you even have to use your hands to crush the large stones?!

Teacher Chu, are you testing physical fitness… or testing the failure of eels?

Wang Yuan was originally prepared to step down from the high platform and let Chu Yi and the others have their fun, but when he heard this, he was instantly shocked and turned to look at Chu Yi.

“Hey! Teacher Chu! You’re not joking, are you!”

Wang Yuan immediately walked back anxiously.

If someone else said this, it might be a joke.

But Chu Yi’s way of thinking cannot be viewed with common sense!

“I’m not joking?”

Chu Yi looked at him with a puzzled expression, “Director Wang, can’t these two things I mentioned be used to test physical fitness?”

Wang Yuan was stunned, opened his mouth, and couldn’t refute.

To be honest, breaking bricks with bare hands and crushing large stones with the chest… it seems like it can really test physical fitness.

If your physical fitness is not strong, you can’t do it!

But! After this test… how many of these thirty-plus sports students can still survive?

“No, but this is too dangerous! And, where is this kind of physical fitness test method?” Wang Yuan was both anxious and flustered.

Chu Yi looked at the dumbfounded sports students and said innocently, “Didn’t they just say that they can handle any way of testing physical fitness?”

As he spoke, Chu Yi smiled and said, “What? Are you… afraid?”

The expressions of the sports students became extremely ugly.

Even if they were stupid, at this moment they realized that they had fallen into Chu Yi’s trap.

He was deliberately messing with them!

He wanted them to not be able to come down from the stage in front of the entire senior class!

The students in the audience also reacted belatedly.

Teacher Chu was deliberately setting a trap for this group of sports students? And they really fell for it!

Now, this group of sports students was directly caught in a dilemma.

If they didn’t dare to break bricks with their bare hands or crush large stones with their chest, wouldn’t that mean admitting that they were scared in front of so many people? Wouldn’t that be embarrassing themselves?

If they gritted their teeth and broke the bricks with their bare hands… they still couldn’t do it! They would still be embarrassed!

Thinking of this, the students all laughed for a moment.

Savage! This Teacher Chu is truly savage!

Suddenly, the gazes of the thousands of students looking at the group of sports students were filled with mocking expressions.

The sports students suddenly felt their faces burning, and they couldn’t believe that Chu Yi would pull such a stunt on them.

Could a normal person think of such a thing?

Damn, so many people are watching!

Embarrassing! Too embarrassing!

For a moment, the sports students were a little angry and embarrassed, and they started shouting.

“Teacher Chu, are you deliberately messing with us?!”

“What kind of joke is this? Is this a reasonable way to test physical fitness? Is this method even legitimate?!”

“Teacher Chu, are you joking? Which student in the entire school can do these things? It’s impossible! It’s completely unreasonable to test physical fitness in this way!”

“Teacher Chu, may I ask if you are being unreasonable? As a teacher, don’t you think you’re being too childish by doing this?”

Hearing these words, the students suddenly felt that what Chu Yi did was indeed inappropriate.

Yeah, breaking bricks with bare hands and crushing large stones with the chest is obviously not something that a normal person can do!

It’s like a math teacher asking a group of students to prove the Riemann hypothesis.

How can you demand that others do something that no one can do?

As a teacher, Chu Yi’s behavior of using this kind of thing to make things difficult for them does seem a bit unreasonable.

If this gets out, it won’t sound good at all!

It’s not just the students.

The physical education teachers also felt that what Chu Yi did was obviously inappropriate.

Using an unreasonable way to embarrass a group of students, although it can indeed make them lose face, Chu Yi’s behavior is also easy to be laughed at!

But Wang Yuan was a little uncertain.

Because, with Chen Hao’s superhuman physical fitness, he might really be able to break bricks with his bare hands and crush large stones with his chest!

“Oh? No student in the entire school can do it?” Chu Yi suddenly showed a brilliant smile.

He was waiting for this line!

A sports student angrily said, “Otherwise? Who can do it? If you can find a student who can do it, we’ll respect you!”

“Yes! That’s right! Otherwise, what you’re doing is unreasonable!”

“Yeah! No one can do it, so why can you use it to test our physical fitness?”

Others chimed in.

Suddenly, the situation seemed to have turned around.

Now it was Chu Yi who was caught in a dilemma!If he couldn’t prove that a student was capable of splitting bricks with bare hands and crushing stones with their chest, he would end up with a reputation for deliberately making things difficult for students and being unreasonable!


For a moment, the students’ complexions all changed.

Especially the students from Class 20, they instantly became tense and anxious.

Why did Teacher Chu dig a hole for himself?

What’s he going to do now? It’s all over!

The sports students immediately breathed a sigh of relief, their gazes towards Chu Yi now filled with a bit more mockery.

This Chu Yi is really funny, digging his own grave!

Not only is he physically underdeveloped, but is his brain also simple?

Is this what they call, he who digs a pit for others ends up in it himself?

“Is that so?”

Chu Yi’s expression remained unchanged as he looked towards Chen Hao and the other two standing by, and said with a light smile, “Actually, splitting bricks with bare hands and crushing stones with their chests are just the methods I use to test the physical fitness of these three.”

“I’m using the methods I test my students with to test you, is there any problem with that?”

This was the truth.

How else to train and test the extraordinary physical fitness and strength of Chen Hao and the others without going to the gym?

Of course, it was to make do with what was available!

At first, Chu Yi had them punch trees, but later on, too many trees in the forest were knocked down, which could attract attention.

So, Chu Yi simply had them start working on bricks, pebbles, and marble.

So, he wasn’t messing around at all! He came prepared!

But naturally, the sports students didn’t believe it.

Looking at Chen Hao and the others, whose frail figures were not even half as robust as their own, they were speechless.

Crushing stones with their chests?

If they weren’t crushed to death by the stones, they should consider themselves extremely lucky, right?

The students below the stage also showed puzzled expressions.

Why was Teacher Chu starting to talk nonsense?

Many doubted!

Many laughed!

And facing all those doubtful, mocking, and puzzled gazes.

Chu Yi just smiled faintly, waved his hand, and said, “Come on! Little Hao! Show them a trick!”

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