Chapter 52 – Chu Yi’s outrageous way of testing physical fitness

Facing the various gazes of the crowd, Chu Yi’s expression remained unchanged. He smiled faintly at Class 1 and said, “Since you are so confident, then come up and let me test your physical fitness in my own way. Are you… daring enough?”

Daring enough?!

These three words were like a thunderbolt, resounding in the ears of the athletes!

Provocation! This was blatant provocation!

Many athletes were so angry that their eyes turned red.

If they said they didn’t dare, then where would their face be?!

How could they continue to mix in school?

Besides, why shouldn’t they dare?!

Ridiculous! It’s too ridiculous!

“Hmph! Why wouldn’t I dare?”

“Teacher Chu! I’m putting it out there! No matter what test of physical fitness, bring it on! If I can’t do better than everyone in Class 1, then I’ll eat shit upside down!”

“That’s right! You said it!”

The athletes were furious, and immediately more than thirty people walked towards the platform in a mighty manner, determined to slap Chu Yi’s face hard!

Only a dozen or so people in Class 1 remained in their positions.

Most of these people had signed confidentiality agreements at the time and roughly knew that Chu Yi and Chen Hao were biotics men. Of course, they didn’t dare to provoke them. Who knew what they were up to?

The other part were the athletes with brains, they wouldn’t be easily provoked by Chu Yi’s words, feeling that it was unnecessary.

The more than thirty athletes, who were so angry that their heads were spinning, quickly rushed up to the platform and stood there, glaring at Chu Yi with resentment written all over their faces.

“Hey hey? What are you guys doing?”

Wang Yuan couldn’t stand it anymore and anxiously said to Chu Yi, “Teacher Chu, can you stop messing around? I know that these three students of yours have very strong physical fitness! But do you really have to specially bring them here to trouble Class 1?”

“You’re a teacher! Why can’t you get along with a group of students? It hurts the self-esteem of Class 1 students!”

Obviously, Wang Yuan also thought that Chu Yi’s actions were to vent his anger on Class 1 students.

But it really wasn’t necessary!

Although the athletes in Class 1 often openly or secretly mocked and ridiculed Class 20.

But, they were young people! It’s normal for them to be full of energy and blood!

Chu Yi, as a teacher, why did he have to argue with a group of students?

Through the Eye of Insight, Chu Yi happened to see all of Wang Yuan’s thoughts.

His eyes twitched, almost unable to resist giving him a slap!

“Director Wang, I didn’t expect you to be so hypocritical?”

Chu Yi laughed angrily, “What? I brought the students from Class 20 to teach the students from Class 1, and it hurts their self-esteem?”

“When the students from Class 1 mocked us from Class 20, didn’t it hurt the self-esteem of our students? Explain to me, what the fuck is this bullshit reasoning?”

In fact, Chu Yi had originally just wanted to do something big on the playground, and the idea of teaching the athletes from Class 1 was just a spur of the moment.

But, wasn’t what he did reasonable?

The students from Class 1 had been mocking the students from Class 20 since the first chapter!

Now there were so many chapters! Wasn’t Chu Yi allowed to teach them a lesson?

What bullshit reasoning?

“These are my students, and I want to help them vent their anger, what’s wrong with that?!”

Chu Yi was really annoyed by Wang Yuan’s hypocritical words. Originally, he had come to show off, but now he was also a little angry. He didn’t give Wang Yuan any face at all.

Wang Yuan was dumbfounded, completely unexpected that Chu Yi would suddenly get angry.

This shouldn’t be right? Teacher Chu’s temper is usually quite good!

Before he could react.

The athletes on the side couldn’t help but shout.

“Director Wang, what are you talking about? What do you mean by saying that Teacher Chu’s three students have really strong physical fitness? What do you mean by hurting our self-esteem?”

“Chen Hao… these three have strong physical fitness?!”

“Teacher Chu, what did you mean by what you just said? Are you here to teach us a lesson with these three?!”

“What’s going on? Director Wang, don’t tell me you really think that these three students from Class 20 can teach us a lesson?”

The athletes couldn’t understand the conversation between Wang Yuan and Chu Yi at all.

What does it mean?

Teacher Chu, have you had too much to drink?

You actually said that you brought Chen Hao and these three weak students to teach us a lesson?!

Director Wang, have you had too much to drink?

Just look at Chen Hao’s skinny appearance.

You said they have strong physical fitness?

And you’re worried that they really taught us a lesson and hurt our self-esteem?

Do you want to listen to what you’re saying?!

What kind of international joke is this?

The students and teachers below were a bit confused.

This conversation was simply against common sense!

Director Wang was actually worried that these thirty-odd athletes would be taught a lesson by the three students with poor physical fitness?


Are you sure you didn’t say the opposite?

What’s wrong today?

First, Chu Yi provoked Class 1, and now Wang Yuan is talking nonsense!

The small Beishan, unexpectedly had these two hidden dragons and crouching tigers?

And the students from Class 20 were all stunned.

Teacher Chu… are you venting your anger on us?

He just asked us to gather on the playground, was it for this?

He said there was something good on the playground, was it for this?

To be honest, the scene where Chu Yi angrily confronted Wang Yuan just now did touch them a little.

But, Teacher Chu! Where did you get the confidence to think that just with you and Chen Hao and these three students, you can teach that group of athletes a lesson?

What’s going on here?

The students from Class 20 couldn’t help but worry and become anxious.

They really doubted that Chu Yi’s mental state was off!Otherwise, how could he have possibly said something as unrealistic and absurd as getting all members of Class 20 to pass the physical fitness test within half a month?

“What the hell?!” Wang Yuan stared wide-eyed at the group of athletes, suddenly feeling a bit frantic.

I’m doing this for your own good, and you’re blaming me?

Do you know what kind of monster this Chen Hao is? He can lift a 220-kilogram barbell with one hand!

Xu Guanghui and Su Ying are probably not far behind.

Are you trying to compete with them in physical fitness using your heads?!

But no one would believe such a thing unless they saw it with their own eyes.

Wang Yuan didn’t know how to explain it, and hesitated for a long time.

Seeing the determined expressions on the athletes’ faces, as if they were determined to make Chu Yi admit defeat, he guessed that no amount of persuasion would work.

Moreover, Wang Yuan knew he was in the wrong. He had indeed been a bit biased just now.

In the end, he waved his hand abruptly and said, “Fine, fine, fine! Do whatever you want! You’re all a bunch of stubborn fools who won’t cry until you see the coffin!”

How was he supposed to deal with this absurd turn of events?

The athletes were immediately delighted, casting challenging glances at Chu Yi and Chen Hao.

One of them said coldly, “Mr. Chu, please use your method to test our physical fitness.”

Another looked at the pile of stones and bricks and said disdainfully, “Mr. Chu, are you going to have us do a weight-bearing test?”

Chu Yi’s playful gaze swept over them, and he nodded, “Alright, you’re brave enough to step up, huh?”

Then he looked at the pile of stones and bricks, shaking his head slightly, “These things are not for weight-bearing.”

The athletes were immediately confused.

Then what are these things for?

Someone impatiently said, “Mr. Chu, just tell us! What is your method for testing physical fitness? Whatever it is, we can do it!”

Everyone pricked up their ears.

They were all curious about what kind of physical fitness test Chu Yi had come up with, that he was confident enough to challenge the athletes of Class 1, thinking they couldn’t pass it?

This made no sense at all.

“Alright, remember you said that.”

Chu Yi smiled slightly, and proposed a method that no one could have imagined.

“My way of testing physical fitness is: breaking bricks with bare hands and smashing large stones on the chest!”

“Oh, sorry, I couldn’t find a hammer, so when you’re smashing the large stones on your chest, you’ll need to break those granite stones with your bare hands.”

“For athletes, this shouldn’t be difficult, right? You’re not scared, are you?”

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