Chapter 48 – I have to do the whole thing!

Chu Yi walked on the way back to Class 20, rubbing the bump on his head with a frustrated expression, muttering to himself, “It was just a joke, why did they have to hit me…”

Chen Hao and the other two followed behind him, struggling to hold back their laughter.

The four of them soon returned to the forest.

The students of Class 20 were already gathered there, looking dispirited and exhausted as usual.

They all seemed like they had been through a lot.

Many of them were holding books, including extracurricular reading materials, textbooks, and review materials.

After all, they would just slack off during physical education class and needed something to pass the time.

“Alright, let’s start roll call!”

Chu Yi held a class roster and began calling out names, “Da Feiji! Fiji Cup! Da Shouchong! Ji Bochu! Yin Daojin…”

Very well, all sixty students were present.

After roll call, just when the students thought Chu Yi would announce a break as usual, he said, “Students, there’s something I need to tell you.”

“Just now during the break, the parents of everyone in our class came to the school gate to find me.”

The students’ expressions changed.

Without a doubt, they could guess why their parents came to find Teacher Chu.

Someone immediately worriedly asked, “Teacher Chu, are our parents blaming you for not taking responsibility for us? Did they give you a hard time?”

Many others started to discuss anxiously.

“How could that be? Why would my parents do something so unreasonable?”

“Yeah, yeah! Although Teacher Chu let us slack off, we can’t blame him for this! Our bodies are in such a bad condition, there’s really no way to train!”

“Moreover, it was the school leaders who thought we were hopeless and handed us over to Teacher Chu. If we’re going to blame anyone, blame the school leaders! Why blame Teacher Chu? He never had any skills to begin with!”

“That’s right! Teacher Chu never had any skills. He’s just a physical education teacher who’s slacking off. It’s already the most responsible thing he can do to let us slack off!”

“That’s right! Both Teacher Chu and us are useless! Why bother giving a hard time to useless people?!”

Chu Yi’s face gradually darkened.

At first, he felt touched and gratified when he heard these brats defending him.

But how did they end up going off track like this?!

Is the impression they have of their master really that terrible?

“Enough! Be quiet!”

Chu Yi shouted, feeling helpless, “First of all, correct one thing. Teacher Chu is not useless, and you are not useless either! Don’t belittle yourselves!”


The students looked at him strangely. What’s wrong with Teacher Chu? Why is he suddenly getting so worked up?

We’re not belittling ourselves!

We’re just stating the facts!

I’m proud to be useless! I’m the school’s laughingstock!

Ignoring their gazes, Chu Yi continued, “Secondly, because of the strong demands from your parents, starting from today, I will be training you every day!”

This gave him a reasonable excuse.

Otherwise, it would be strange for Chu Yi to suddenly start training them seriously after letting Class 20 slack off for half a month. It would easily raise suspicions.

And now, everything was under control!

The students were dumbfounded, their faces turning pale.

“No! Teacher Chu, please don’t listen to our parents! With our physical condition, how can we train?”

“Ah, I can’t believe it! Do my parents want me dead? Last time during the physical fitness test, I ran for a while and fainted for half an hour! I even saw my grandma!”

“Heh, I was foaming at the mouth at that time!”

“Is it up or down?”

“The King of Hell said, why do your names on the Book of Life and Death keep flickering?”

“Damn it! My dad really wants me dead!”

The students wailed and complained.

Although they wanted to improve their physical education scores and get good results in the college entrance examination, they valued their lives more!

With less than a month left until the college entrance examination, with their bodies that would faint after running a few steps, even if they were trained to death, they wouldn’t be able to improve much!

It would be better to continue slacking off, use this time to review academic subjects, and gain a few more points in that area!

In their opinion, improving their physical education scores was really unrealistic.

Chu Yi’s mouth twitched, “Do you really not believe in me?”

“Alright! It doesn’t matter. I’ve already made a promise to your parents just now! In the next half month, I will make sure that all of you pass the physical education college entrance examination!”


The whole place fell silent!

The students stared wide-eyed, dumbfounded, at him.

Teacher Chu! Are you crazy or is this world crazy?!

Pass the physical education college entrance examination?

That means getting a score of at least ninety! At least half of the students in the school can’t achieve that!

For this group of students in Class 20, getting a two-digit score in the physical education college entrance examination was already an extraordinary performance!

You want us to improve from a score of less than ten to ninety in half a month?!

You might as well let us die!

“Don’t be so downcast!”

Chu Yi comforted them, “Since I dared to make a promise in front of your parents, I definitely won’t be shooting in the dark! I have a way to improve your physical fitness in a short period of time!”

The students were speechless, looking at him with dumbfounded eyes.

Are you trying to fool us here?

Although our bodies are half crippled, we’re not brainless!

Even if it were you, Teacher Chu, or even a professional teacher like Director Wang Yuan personally training us, it would still be impossible to achieve such results!

Chu Yi remained calm. These brats were much easier to fool than their parents.

He just needed to use the old method!

Come on! Little Hao! Give them a demonstration!However, Chu Yi had some other ideas. This time, he could attempt to pull off a big show.

He could let Chen Hao and his two companions demonstrate in front of all the senior students and teachers!

Chu Yi had two purposes for doing this.

Firstly, he naturally wanted the students in Class 20 to believe that he had the ability to improve their physical fitness.

Secondly, Chu Yi wanted to take this opportunity to teach a lesson to the group of sports students in Class 1.

Damn it, he had long been fed up with this group of little brats who liked to mock the weak and were petty when they gained a little power!

Every time Chu Yi inadvertently heard these sports students mocking his classmates, he was very upset.

He didn’t have the chance to teach them a lesson before, but today… he could create an opportunity.

There was also a third purpose.

Chu Yi wanted the whole school to know and believe that he had a method to improve others’ physical fitness in a short time.

In the current situation, which student in the school didn’t want to improve their physical fitness?

By then, there would definitely be many students who wanted Chu Yi to teach them. He could then select a group of students with good talent and character to help.

For students with low character, Chu Yi was only willing to help them once. Helping them continuously was out of the question, as the investment risk was too high.

Especially for students with extremely low character but extremely high talent! They were a dangerous bunch! What if they grew up and betrayed him?

Of course, Chu Yi could also take the opportunity to request to teach physical education to all the seniors. Although he could only teach most of them once, the number was large!

However, Chu Yi didn’t plan to do this for now. Firstly, he wasn’t sure how much effect the “Turtle Breathing Formula” would have after teaching it to the students.

To be on the safe side, he had to experiment on the students in Class 20 first.

Secondly… teaching all the seniors? How tiring would that be!

Anyway, in summary, it was necessary to pull off this show!

Chu Yi was already thinking about it.

How to let Chen Hao and his two companions pull off a perfect show that wouldn’t expose their Biotics Man identity, wouldn’t violate the confidentiality agreement, wouldn’t give the Alien Abilities Management Bureau a chance to hold them accountable, but could still shock everyone to their core.

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