Chapter 47 – This cultivator is very powerful but overly cautious

Chu Yi also guessed the reason why Chen Huaiyu came to him.

From his perspective, such concerns were obviously reasonable.

Chu Yi had already thought of a way to deal with it.

With a helpless expression, he said, “What I said to the parents just now, ninety percent of it is true!”

“I do have a method to ensure that all the students in Class 20 pass the physical education exam. Principal Chen, why don’t you believe me?”


Chen Huaiyu’s face was full of doubt, obviously not believing it, and directly said, “Then explain it to me! What method do you have?”

“Principal Chen, I am a biotics man.”

Chu Yi explained, “My ability is a significant enhancement of strength and physical fitness.”

“After researching my own abilities during this period, I have summarized a method to enhance strength and physique by absorbing spiritual energy, which is also applicable to ordinary people.”

Chen Huaiyu was stunned for a moment, somewhat incredulous, and said, “Really? How come I haven’t heard that biotics men can come up with such a thing themselves?”

“Maybe it’s because I have innate talent!”

Chu Yi grinned, unable to resist showing off again.

Chen Huaiyu squinted his eyes and looked him up and down, half believing and half doubting.

He didn’t know much about biotics men, so he couldn’t be sure if Chu Yi’s words were true or false.

“I know you may not fully believe me yet.”

Chu Yi shrugged and said, “It’s okay, give me a week, and you will see the changes in the students of Class 20.”

Seeing his confident appearance, Chen Huaiyu inexplicably believed him to some extent.

The most important thing was that Chu Yi had already boasted in front of the parents just now. At this point, it was too late to do anything else but believe in Chu Yi.

Chen Huaiyu nodded, but suddenly thought of something, his heart tightened, and he worried, “Wait a minute, if you, a biotics man, teach these ordinary students the method you summarized using biotics abilities, won’t it expose the identity of biotics men? It violates the confidentiality agreement, and you might end up in jail!”

Chu Yi was speechless, “Principal Chen, I’m not stupid. How could I tell the students that this method was summarized using biotics abilities? I will definitely come up with another reason!”

“What reason?”

Chu Yi smiled slightly, “I’ll just say it’s a Taoist meditation method!”

Chen Huaiyu’s eyes twitched, “Are you kidding me? What Taoist meditation method can have such a good effect? The students are not fools, they will be suspicious!”

“If they are suspicious, then let them be suspicious! They don’t need to know the truth!”

Chu Yi didn’t care, “Anyway, I have read the confidentiality agreement dozens of times. As long as I use this reason to teach the students, I won’t violate the confidentiality agreement! It’s foolproof!”

Chen Huaiyu frowned, “But this seems like a loophole!”

“Where is the loophole? I am acting in accordance with the law. Even if the Biotics Management Bureau finds out, they can’t do anything to me!”

Chu Yi confidently smiled, “The confidentiality agreement states that I cannot disclose anything about biotics men and the revival of spiritual energy to ordinary people.”

“If I tell the students that I am teaching them Taoist meditation, can you find a single trace of me revealing anything?”

“If the students figure out something, it has nothing to do with me. I haven’t violated any of the provisions of the confidentiality agreement!”

“Wait, let me check it first!”

Chen Huaiyu was a bit confused and quickly took out his phone, found the confidentiality agreement, and carefully read it again.

Ten minutes later, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“You, kid, really have thoroughly studied this agreement. What you’re doing… is not against the rules.”

Chen Huaiyu couldn’t help but feel helpless.

This kid found a loophole! It’s too cunning!

Chu Yi proudly smiled, “Of course! I am cautious!”


Chen Huaiyu put away his phone and sighed, “At this point, there’s no other way. I’ll trust you this time. If it doesn’t work, and the parents come knocking on my door again, I won’t help you anymore! Solve it yourself!”

“Got it!”

Chu Yi nodded and then asked, “Principal Chen, can I go eat now?”

Chen Huaiyu said irritably, “Get lost! All you think about is eating! But I don’t see you gaining any weight!”

“What do you know? It’s better to be thin! If I get fat, my height will decrease!”

Leaving these words behind, Chu Yi disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Chen Huaiyu’s face turned dark again, and the worry that he had just barely let go of resurfaced.

This kid always acts so out of line and unreliable.

He really can’t be trusted at all!

Most of the break time was consumed like this.

Chu Yi had just finished eating and came out of the cafeteria when the bell for evening self-study rang.

“Damn it! I’ve been tired all afternoon, and they only give me such a short break?”

Chu Yi couldn’t help but complain, “Is there no justice? Is there no law?! Do they have to work me to death? Even a laborer’s life is still a life!”

Xu Guanghui couldn’t help but speak up weakly, “Teacher Chu, you’ve been sitting there playing with your phone the whole afternoon…”

Chu Yi’s face turned black, and he slapped him on the back of his head, “Playing with my phone? Can you call what a teacher does playing with a phone? That’s exercising finger muscles! That’s mental exercise!”


Xu Guanghui covered his head, looking aggrieved.

Then why didn’t my homeroom teacher believe me when I explained that I was exercising my imagination during class?

Chen Hao and Su Ying laughed on the side. This guy has always had low emotional intelligence.

Fan Qingling also found it amusing to watch this scene, but she had some doubts in her heart. Did Chu Yi teach Chen Hao and the others how to cultivate immortality?

But in the uncertain situation, she didn’t dare to ask.Chu Yi suddenly turned to her and said, “Sister Fan, come find me after evening self-study tonight.”

Fan Qingling was taken aback, “Where should I find you? Your room?”


In an instant, Chen Hao and the other two looked over with curious eyes.

Late at night, the master asked Teacher Fan to go to his room?

Alone together, what were they going to do?

They must be up to something!

Feeling the strange gazes of the three students, Fan Qingling immediately realized she had misspoke. Her pretty face turned slightly red, and she slapped Chu Yi’s shoulder in embarrassment, “What are you talking about! The students are still here!”

Chu Yi glanced at Chen Hao and the other two without any expression.

The three of them changed their expressions instantly, put away their curious looks, stared straight ahead, and put on serious faces.

“What are you guys looking at? Such dirty thoughts at such a young age! Tonight, each of you will do a thousand weighted squats for me!”

Chu Yi reprimanded them with a stern face.

These three brats were really embarrassing!

Couldn’t they learn from their master, to be pure-minded and upright?!

Chen Hao and the other two blushed and lowered their heads in shame.

Fan Qingling blinked her big eyes. Had she misunderstood Little Yi?

She asked, “Then, where should I find you after evening self-study?”

Chu Yi pondered for two seconds, took out a room card and handed it to her, “Beishan Hotel, room 9527.”

Fan Qingling: “???”

Chen Hao and the other two: “……”

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