Chapter 49 – Both new and fierce, completely confused!

Chu Yi pondered for a moment and suddenly came up with a big idea.

This idea was definitely new and ruthless!

It was simply mind-boggling!

He immediately waved his hand and said, “OK, classmates! Let’s gather at the playground!”


The students were confused.

Why did they suddenly have to gather at the playground?

In the next second, all the students panicked and their faces changed.

“Teacher Chu, are you going to take us to the playground for training now?”

“Huh? So suddenly? I’m not mentally prepared at all!”

“What the fuck! I’ll be ruined if we do this! Damn it!”

“If you keep acting like this… I’ll ignore you!”

“Are we going to the playground for training so suddenly? I can’t handle it!”

The students screamed in distress, and some even turned pale.

The pain they experienced during the last physical fitness test was still fresh in their memories!

The scene at that time could only be described as shocking.

All sixty students in the class were like they had been hit by twenty shots in a day!

In less than ten minutes, a large number of students collapsed on the playground!

They were traumatized!

“Is it really that terrifying?”

Chu Yi sighed and tried to calm them down, saying, “Classmates, you misunderstood! Training needs to be done step by step, not rushed! I’m not taking you to the playground for training right now…”

Chu Yi then revealed a mysterious expression and said, “Wait a moment, there’s something interesting happening on the playground!”

While the students breathed a sigh of relief, they were still puzzled.

Someone curiously asked, “Something interesting? Is it a new game?”

Chu Yi shook his head and smiled mysteriously, “What new game? It’s even more exciting than a game!”

The students were confused and looked at each other.

What was their teacher planning to do?

But since the teacher said so, they could only follow the order. With confusion in their hearts, they walked towards the playground.

Meanwhile, Chu Yi signaled to Chen Hao and the other two.

The three of them hesitated for a moment, then immediately understood and quietly left the group, coming to Chu Yi’s side.

“Master, what are you planning to do?”

Chen Hao and the others didn’t understand Chu Yi’s intentions.

Chu Yi smirked, “This, this is a big idea! It’s new, big, and ruthless!”

On the platform in front of the playground.

Wang Yuan looked down at the 19 classes below, but he seemed absent-minded and a bit confused.

He was obviously still thinking about what happened at the school gate earlier.

What was Chu Yi’s training method exactly…

But now was not the time to think about that.

Wang Yuan shook his head, forcing himself to focus.

He picked up the microphone and shouted to the students and physical education teachers below, “Alright! All 19 classes are here! Now, according to the order of the classes, let’s start the three physical tests!”

Today was Monday, the day for weekly physical tests.

It was to evaluate the students’ training results from the previous week.

And to adjust the training plan for the week based on their physical condition.

Every class in the third year of high school had to be tested.

Except for Class 20.

They couldn’t even finish one test without fainting.

So, only 19 classes gathered on the playground.

Class 20 was subconsciously ignored by them.

However, at this moment, many students and teachers suddenly looked in one direction.

They saw the students from Class 20 walking towards the entrance of the playground with a floating gait.

There was an uproar on the playground.

“Huh? Fuck! Look over there!”

“What is… Class 20 doing here?”

“What a rare sight!”

“Are they here to participate in the three physical tests?”

“No, it can’t be, right? That’s too dangerous! They might all faint again!”

The students were surprised and shocked.

This was obviously something they hadn’t expected.

Was Class 20 here to participate in the three physical tests?

Many students were worried when they thought about the ridiculously poor physical condition of the students in Class 20.

How could they participate in the tests? It was too dangerous!

What was Chu Yi, the teacher of Class 20, thinking? Couldn’t he just let them slack off?

The athletes in Class 1 were even more shocked, as if they had witnessed something incredibly rare.

“Class 20 is here?”

“This is unbelievable! What are they doing on the playground now?”

“Hahaha, are they here to entertain us because our training is too boring?”

Someone couldn’t help but laugh.

But in the next second, several people from Class 1 glared at him with anger and warning in their eyes.

These people had witnessed Chen Hao beating Li Zicheng to the ground, and they were traumatized. Now, seeing Class 20 made their legs weak!

Moreover, Li Zicheng was still lying in the hospital!

They didn’t dare to provoke Class 20 now!

Seeing someone from their own class daring to mock Class 20, they instantly felt a chill down their spines and didn’t dare to say anything more.

The athletes who witnessed this scene were puzzled and confused.

What happened to Class 20? Weren’t they just a weak teacher and a group of weak students?

Why did it make the best athletes in their class turn pale?

It was really strange!

But seeing the angry and fearful looks from those people, they wisely didn’t say much.

At this moment, almost all the students on the playground were wondering why Class 20, who usually slacked off, suddenly came to the playground.

What was even more strange was that they didn’t see Chu Yi, the teacher of Class 20, only the students came.

What on earth were they planning to do?Wang Yuan and the physical education teachers were also a bit stunned.

This is…

Was Chu Yi planning to start training the students of Class 20 from now on?

That’s not bad at all!

Wang Yuan and the others’ eyes lit up instantly.

If Chu Yi was going to train the students on the playground, wouldn’t they be able to secretly learn his impressive training methods?


Why were only the students here, where was Chu Yi?

“Eh? Little Yi? Where’s my Little Yi?” Fan Qingling was also completely baffled.

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