Chapter 46 – The girl with long legs is so sassy

Chu Yi spent a lot of effort to persuade the excited parents to leave.

Finally, the school gate became empty.

“Phew~ Finally resolved, I’m starving, let’s go eat!”

Chu Yi took a deep breath and was about to walk towards the cafeteria.

But he was stopped by a group of physical education teachers, led by Wang Yuan.

Everyone looked at him eagerly, feeling a bit embarrassed.

Chu Yi asked, “What do you want?”

Wang Yuan carefully considered his tone and smiled flatteringly, saying cautiously:

“Teacher Chu, it’s about… your training method, can you share it with us?”

Wang Yuan had long wanted Chu Yi’s training method.

Which physical education practitioner wouldn’t want a training method that could turn several students with poor physical fitness into “superhumans” in just one week?

It’s just that Wang Yuan was too thin-skinned before, but today, with so many physical education teachers having the same idea, he mustered up the courage to say it.

The physical education teachers also smiled and echoed.

“Yes, Teacher Chu, we are colleagues! And we all want what’s best for the students. You have such a good training method, shouldn’t you share it with us?”

“When the time comes, we can popularize your training method to all the students. Then our school’s college admission rate will increase significantly. It’s a contribution to the school!”

“Yes! Teacher Chu, you should also consider the students in other classes, right? As teachers, we are responsible for all students, don’t you agree?”

Chu Yi hadn’t spoken yet.

Fan Qingling coldly looked at them and spoke up for him:

“Do you have no shame? When Chu Teacher was being harassed by those parents earlier, did any of you stand up for him?”

“But later, because you didn’t want to take over Class 20 and didn’t want to bear any extra responsibility, you pretended to speak up for him.”

“And now you’re saying you want to be responsible for all students and contribute to the school? Isn’t this moral blackmail? How can you say such things with a straight face?”

Her words left them speechless, and even the thin-skinned ones blushed.

Someone scratched their head awkwardly and stammered, “W-We… didn’t we know how amazing Teacher Chu was?”

Fan Qingling retorted, “So you’re just opportunists? Does Chu Teacher owe you anything? Why should he share the training method he painstakingly developed with you for free?”

The group of men were left speechless, unable to say a word.

Chu Yi saw this and smiled satisfactorily.

Well done, girl!

I’ll reward you tonight!

“Um, I’m sorry everyone, this training method is my secret technique, and I definitely can’t share it with anyone.”

Chu Yi said lightly, then squeezed through the crowd and walked towards the cafeteria.

Fan Qingling gave them a cold glance and followed him.

The physical education teachers stood still, feeling unwilling in their hearts, but knowing they were in the wrong, they didn’t dare to say anything more.

“How did Chu Yi do it? Isn’t he just an amateur? Isn’t he just a person with connections? How can he come up with such an amazing training method?”

“Yeah, the training effect is unbelievable! It’s even better than the national team’s training method!”

“Who knows? It seems like Chu Teacher usually pretends to be weak and then surprises everyone!”

They were filled with astonishment and confusion. Today, Chu Yi overturned so much of the knowledge and experience they had accumulated over many years in the field of sports.

Just as Chu Yi was about to reach the cafeteria, he was stopped again!

“Principal Chen, what are you doing? There’s only half an hour left until self-study, and I haven’t eaten yet!”

Chu Yi looked at Chen Huaiyu in front of him, lamenting in frustration.

Chen Huaiyu looked at him with a helpless expression, then glanced at Fan Qingling and Chen Hao beside him, and without saying a word, he pulled Chu Yi to a nearby grove: “Teacher Chu, let’s talk in private.”

“Huh? Principal Chen, why are you taking me into the woods in broad daylight? The students are watching! Be mindful of the influence!” Chu Yi exclaimed in shock.

Chen Huaiyu’s face darkened. “Stop joking around! I have something important to discuss with you!”

“This doesn’t seem like a place to discuss important matters!”

Chen Hao and the others watched this scene in a daze.

Deep in the grove.

Chen Huaiyu stopped and turned around, looking at Chu Yi with a complex gaze for a while.

Chu Yi was puzzled and asked tentatively, “Are you trying to… assault me? Go ahead if you want!”

Chen Huaiyu: “???”

Chu Yi looked at his shocked and incredulous expression and asked in confusion, “I said ‘please teach me’, what were you thinking?”

Chen Huaiyu’s face darkened, and he had already hardened.

His fists had hardened!

“Teacher Chu, please be serious!”

Chen Huaiyu gritted his teeth and got straight to the point, “I called you here because I want to ask, you just used Chen Hao and the others to fool those parents, but what will you do in half a month? How will you explain to those parents then?”

Previously, Chu Yi confidently claimed that he could make all the students in Class 20 pass the entrance exam in half a month.

Chen Huaiyu really thought he had some way to quickly improve the students’ physical fitness!

But what happened?

He just showed off Chen Hao and the others, who had awakened their alien abilities?

That might deceive the parents and the physical education teachers, but it couldn’t deceive Chen Huaiyu, who knew the truth!

Were Chen Hao and the others really taught by Chu Yi?”Their physical improvements aren’t entirely due to their awakening of Alien Abilities, are they?

What does this have to do with you, Chu Yi?

Chen Huaiyu is now filled with anxiety and frustration, truly at a loss for words with Chu Yi.

Why didn’t you just go along with the parents’ wishes and hand over Class 20 to Fan Qingling?

Why did you have to drag Chen Hao and the others into deceiving the parents?

Yes, this indeed solves the current problem, successfully fooling those parents away.

But in half a month, when the students of Class 20 show no changes, how are you going to explain to those parents?

Isn’t this just inviting an even greater fury from the parents?”

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