Chapter 45 – Show us, force everyone to pretend!

The physical education teachers were surprised, but they were not worried about Chen Hao’s father’s words.

Doing forty push-ups in a row can be considered intense exercise.

But the premise is that you have to be able to do forty!

This is really not something an ordinary person can do.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that before North Hill High School started emphasizing physical education, at least half of the students in the school couldn’t even do a standard push-up!

Chen Hao and the other two are definitely among them.

Now that Chu Yi has only been training them for half a month, they can already do forty push-ups? They can already get a perfect score in the physical education entrance exam?

Damn it, even novels don’t dare to write like this!

So the physical education teachers looked at Chu Yi with a puzzled and speechless expression, wondering what he was trying to do, finding three students to embarrass himself?

But in the next moment, their expressions changed along with the parents’.

They saw Chen Hao, Xu Guanghui, and Su Ying quickly lying on the ground, hands and arms shoulder-width apart, feet parallel, toes supporting the ground, body straight.

Then they bent their elbows, slowly lowered their bodies until their chests touched the ground, paused for a moment, and then slowly rose.

Very standard push-ups!

It’s like something out of a textbook!

And Chen Hao and the others made it look effortless, as if they were in complete control. After supporting their bodies, they immediately started the next one.

In the blink of an eye, they had done more than ten push-ups, without slowing down at all, not even their breathing was disturbed!

It was as easy as pie, as long as they had hands!

“Is this… my son?”

Chen Hao’s father’s anxious expression had frozen, almost unable to believe his own eyes. There was a hint of unfamiliarity in his gaze towards his son.

Chen Hao, who had been weak and sickly since childhood, couldn’t even do one push-up properly, let alone this many. It would probably look grim and extremely difficult!

But now, Chen Hao… he seemed like a different person!

Xu Guanghui’s mother was also dumbfounded, her expression a mix of astonishment and disbelief, as if she was seeing her son for the first time.

The other parents were also dumbfounded.

Were these three students really so physically fit?

Were they really in the same class as their own children?

That Chen Hao… was he really weak and sickly since childhood?!

In the next moment, they all turned their shocked gazes towards Chu Yi, who had a calm expression on his face.

Could it be that the scientific and efficient training method that Teacher Chu had researched was real?!

There seemed to be no other explanation!

The physical education teachers were dumbfounded, one by one.

This… this can’t be right, can it?

Teacher Chu, are you serious?!

Even they, a group of physical education teachers, had several people who couldn’t do forty standard push-ups in one minute!

Even among the students in the class, there were plenty who couldn’t do it! Because most of these students were training for track and field, and they rarely trained their upper bodies!

The most important thing was that the physical education teachers clearly remembered that during the physical fitness test half a month ago, Chen Hao and the others had passed out due to lack of physical strength!

And now, half a month later, they were directly surpassing more than 90% of the students in the school, able to do forty push-ups in a row?!

This was outrageous! Completely unscientific!

Could it be that Chu Yi gave Chen Hao and the others some kind of performance-enhancing drugs?

This thought flashed through the minds of the physical education teachers for a moment, but they quickly dismissed it.

Because! Anyone who knows a little bit about sports performance-enhancing drugs knows… they’re definitely not that amazing!

Those things are just icing on the cake! Useless if you’re already useless!

So the only explanation is that what Chu Yi said earlier is true!

He really has come up with an incredibly amazing training method!

The shock in the hearts of the physical education teachers was indescribable. This kind of thing undoubtedly exceeded their knowledge!

The astonishment in the hearts of the parents was no less than theirs, and quickly turned into excitement and anticipation, as they cast burning gazes at Chu Yi.

Since Chu Yi was able to improve the physical fitness of Chen Hao and the others so much in such a short time, wouldn’t their children be able to do the same?

At this moment, Chen Hao and the others finished their forty push-ups at the same time, just within one minute.

After standing up, feeling the amazed gazes of the crowd, it was like watching a monkey show at the zoo.

But the gazes of the crowd towards Chu Yi were filled with joy, shock, and anticipation.

Chen Hao and the others couldn’t help but look at Chu Yi with resentment.

Master, is this polite?

You pulled us out here to show off in front of so many people.

In the end, you made us look like fools…

Chu Yi smiled faintly and glanced at the crowd. “Parents, do you believe me now?”

The parents nodded excitedly.

“We believe! We believe! We misunderstood Teacher Chu! It turns out you’re so amazing!”

“Teacher Chu, I’m really sorry! I shouldn’t have believed the rumors! It’s true that you can’t judge a book by its cover!”

“Yes, if Teacher Chu isn’t professional, are there any professional physical education teachers in China? Which physical education teacher can improve a student’s physical fitness so much in half a month?”

“Teacher Chu, I was too excited just now! I apologize for my ignorance! You must continue to lead Class 20!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Teacher Chu, you must continue to teach my child! I’m convinced by you! I’ll cough at other teachers!”

There was a strong sense of apology and respect in the parents’ tone.

Compared to a minute ago, they were completely different people!They didn’t care about being humiliated by Chu Yi, as long as it could make their children better, they were willing to take the hit!

In the next half a month, as long as their children’s physical fitness could be improved to half of Chen Hao’s level, it would be enough to pass the undergraduate line!

The parents’ hearts were reignited with hope, and their gazes towards Chu Yi even held a hint of fanaticism!

“Alright, I will continue to lead Class 20, I won’t give up on any student.”

Chu Yi waved his hand and said, “I won’t go back on my word either. Within half a month, I will ensure that all members of Class 20 pass the physical education undergraduate line!”

At this point, the parents had completely believed in Chu Yi. Upon hearing his words, their faces showed joy and gratitude.

The parents of Chen Hao and Xu Guanghui even rushed up, excitedly shaking Chu Yi’s hand and thanking him profusely. Their gratitude was beyond words.

Especially Chen Hao’s father, he was so excited that he almost wanted to become sworn brothers with Chu Yi on the spot!

The man had saved his child’s life! How could he not be excited?

Chen Hao and Xu Guanghui stood aside, looking awkwardly left and right, scratching their heads and cheeks.

As students, they felt inexplicably awkward in such a situation.

But in Su Ying’s eyes, there was a hint of envy. She missed her parents a little.

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