Chapter 44 – Chen Hao, the three of you come out and do the work!

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked.

The look in Chu Yi’s eyes was filled with disbelief.

They couldn’t understand how he dared to say such big words!

Within half a month, make the students from Class 20, who would faint after running just two steps, all pass the physical education exam?!

Do you think this kind of thing is realistic?!

The parents know their children’s physical condition very well. Passing the physical education exam is already beyond their imagination!

They just want their children’s exam results to not look so bad, just passing the undergraduate line is enough!

For a moment, the parents’ emotions became a bit agitated.

“Teacher Chu! Please don’t say unrealistic things!”

“Teacher Chu, I know you lost your job and can’t face it, but you can’t just make up things here!”

“Do you know what level it is to pass the physical education exam? It’s already better than more than half of the students in the country! I know my child’s physical condition very well. Improving to pass the exam within half a month is simply a fantasy!”

The physical education teachers were also speechless.

Just as the parents’ emotions were about to calm down and the situation was about to be resolved, Chu Yi suddenly came out with some nonsense?

“Teacher Chu, please stop talking! Just hand Class 20 over to Teacher Fan!”

“Yeah! Don’t you like to be lazy? Now someone is helping you with your work, aren’t you happy?”

“Improving the physical condition of all the students in Class 20 within half a month? You really dare to say that!”

The physical education teachers advised with different opinions.

Only Wang Yuan and Fan Qingling didn’t speak. They inexplicably had some trust in Chu Yi’s words.

The former naturally remembered the scene in the gym. If Chen Hao was really trained by Chu Yi in a week, then what he said might be true.

As for Fan Qingling, she naturally trusted Chu Yi as a cultivator, and even without this identity, she wouldn’t refute Chu Yi.

She could sign in and clock in for Chu Yi for a whole year without complaint, which proved that she was a blindly in love person. No matter what Chu Yi said, she could inexplicably believe it.

“Making things up?” Chu Yi’s face remained unchanged as he calmly said, “I’m telling the truth. I can indeed improve the students’ physical fitness quickly.”

Immediately, a parent retorted, “Then what were you doing before? Why did you hide with our children in the woods every day and give up on yourselves?!”

Chu Yi gave an explanation that he had already thought of: “In the past half month, I have been studying a set of scientifically efficient training methods. Now I have finished studying it. I can improve the students’ physical fitness quickly and safely through scientific and reasonable means.”

This explanation was for ordinary people.

If Chu Yi’s improvement of the students’ physical fitness attracted the attention of the Alien Abilities Management Bureau, he had prepared another explanation in order to not expose his identity as a cultivator.

But the physical education teachers naturally didn’t believe it. What kind of scientific and efficient training methods could be so amazing?

How did a physical education teacher with no skills come up with it?

Damn, why is Chu Yi starting to talk nonsense?

The parents also had skeptical expressions on their faces, and some were already impatient, suspecting that Chu Yi was here to cause trouble!

Wang Yuan’s eyes lit up. Could this be the training method that could train Chen Hao into a “superhuman”?

Chen Huaiyu narrowed his eyes and didn’t interrupt Chu Yi’s words. He knew that the other party was not someone who would speak nonsense just for the sake of face.

Could it be that the Biotics Man had other means to improve someone’s physical fitness?

Facing the various gazes of the crowd, Chu Yi glanced at the parents and said, “I know you may not believe it, so I will give you evidence directly! Are the parents of Chen Hao, Xu Guanghui, and Su Ying here?”

Most of the parents looked puzzled.

But soon, a middle-aged man and a middle-aged woman responded.

One was Chen Hao’s father, and the other was Xu Guanghui’s mother.

Su Ying’s parents didn’t come.

Chu Yi nodded and said, “Okay, may I ask the two parents, what do you think of your children’s physical condition?”

Chen Hao’s father shook his head and said, “Very poor. Chen Hao has been weak and sickly since he was a child. When we lived in the old house before, he would be out of breath after climbing three floors every day.”

Xu Guanghui’s mother also said, “My child is similar. He has not been in good health since he was a child!”

The parents’ gaze swept over the two of them. They were not familiar with Xu Guanghui and the others, but they had a basic impression of Chen Hao.

This child was a typical case of having his future ruined by the physical education exam.

Chen Hao’s parents complained in the parent group every day.

They said that their child worked hard in high school and finally rose from the bottom of the grade to the top ten, but because of his poor health, his life would be ruined by the physical education exam!Chen Hao’s parents often shared his medical records from childhood in the group chat, asking for advice and hoping that these records could somehow earn him some leniency.

Therefore, the parents had a deep impression of Chen Hao and often lamented the poor child’s plight.

Why did this Teacher Chu suddenly bring up Chen Hao?

Could it be that he had managed to improve Chen Hao’s health? Was this his evidence?

If that was the case, the parents would certainly trust Chu Yi to a great extent. After all, they all knew about Chen Hao’s poor health, and those medical records were still fresh in their minds.

But, was that possible?

Could a child who was so frail that he fell ill from time to time, even with several years, be conditioned to have a normal physique?

Ignoring the doubtful gazes of the crowd, Chu Yi waved his hand to the side and said, “Chen Hao! What are you three hiding there for? Come over here!”

Chen Hao and the other two, who had been hiding nearby and not daring to show their faces, reluctantly came out.

It was a joke. Their parents were here. Who would want to see their parents at school?

As for Su Ying, she felt both disappointed and relieved, her emotions were complicated.

She was disappointed because everyone else’s parents were there, but hers were not; she was relieved because her parents did not know about the inclusion of physical education in the college entrance examination, so they were not worried.

When Chen’s father saw Chen Hao, he was both delighted and surprised.

The sickly pallor that used to be on his son’s face was gone! He looked radiant!

Could it be that Chen Hao’s health had really been improved by this Teacher Chu?!

Xu’s mother was also stunned as she looked at Xu Guanghui, who was in a state of vitality that he had never had before.

Chu Yi asked Wang Yuan, “Director Wang, what’s the passing score for push-ups in the physical education college entrance examination?”

Wang Yuan replied, “40 in one minute is a full score, and 27 is considered passing.”


Chu Yi revealed a smile, turned his head to Chen Hao and the others, and ordered, “Come on! Give the parents a show! Get down! Prepare for 40 push-ups!”


Although Chen Hao and the others were somewhat reluctant to “perform” in front of so many people, they still did as they were told.

Seeing this scene, both the parents and the physical education teachers showed incredulous expressions.

Really? They were going this far?!

Chen Hao’s father’s face changed drastically on the spot, and he blurted out, “No! It can’t be like this! My son’s body can’t handle such intense exercise!”

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