Chapter 43 – The sports teachers who perform Sichuan Opera’s face-changing

6 Ah!

Damn it!

Although the physical education teachers couldn’t stand Chu Yi, they couldn’t help but secretly applaud his words!

Among them, there were many who had been physical education teachers at North Hill High School for five or six years, but they had never taught more than 20 physical education classes!

What was their position in the school before?

What was their position in the eyes of other teachers and parents?

Any subject teacher could take over their classes with just one sentence!

Most parents felt that they were dispensable, and even called for the cancellation of physical education classes for the third-year students to avoid affecting their college entrance examination results!

Who caused the poor physical fitness of the students now?

Wasn’t it these parents who valued their children’s grades more than their lives?

Now that physical education suddenly became part of the college entrance examination, these parents came to blame the school’s physical education teachers for not taking responsibility. They didn’t want to take any responsibility at all!

These physical education teachers were often criticized by their own students’ parents, blaming them for not teaching physical education classes in the past.

And they also had grievances about the sudden increase in workload.

They had been holding back their anger for a long time!

Chu Yi completely voiced their inner thoughts with this wave!

Is this what it feels like to have someone speak up for you?

It feels great! Too great!

For a moment, the physical education teachers unconsciously stood on the same side as Chu Yi in their hearts, and immediately changed their attitude, speaking up for him.

“Parents, although Teacher Chu’s emotions may be a bit intense, his words are not rude! It was you who asked for the cancellation of physical education classes before. How can the students’ physical fitness recover so quickly?”

“Yes! We can’t do anything about it! This policy was issued by the Education Bureau. You can’t blame us!”

“We are also tired! We have to teach classes during the afternoon and evening self-study, with five or six classes! Our salary hasn’t increased! What kind of situation is this?”

Chen Huaiyu suddenly looked at the last physical education teacher who spoke, his gaze full of meaning.

Damn it, why did you mention a salary increase? How can I give you one?

The parents remained silent for a while.

Indeed, they felt that what they were doing was a bit unreasonable.

Even the parents with thin skin blushed a bit and felt embarrassed.

However, the physical education results now determined their children’s future. How could they not be anxious?

Even if they were unreasonable, they couldn’t just sit back and do nothing!

The parents’ emotions eased slightly, but there were still some who couldn’t help but apologize to Chu Yi with a hint of regret:

“Teacher Chu, I can understand you, but! Your physique really doesn’t look like that of a professional physical education teacher! I really can’t trust my child with you! I hope you can understand us too!”

Other parents immediately echoed.

“Yes, yes! Teacher Chu, if you don’t have the ability, it’s better not to teach our children, right? Isn’t it better to give them to other teachers in the class?”

“Principal Chen, why don’t you replace Teacher Chu? We are doing this for the good of our children!”

Some parents even pointed at the group of physical education teachers and said, “Just let these teachers take on another class!”

The faces of the physical education teachers changed immediately.

We are already teaching five or six classes!

And you want us to take on another class!?

Even a donkey from a production team can’t be exploited like this!

Moreover, it’s the group of students that even the gods from Class 20 can’t save! There will be dangers during training if we are not careful! And if we can’t handle it, we will be scolded by the parents!

Who will suffer then!

At this moment, the physical education teachers realized that they should have stood on the same side as Chu Yi!

They immediately panicked and said with a false tone:

“No, no, no! Parents! Actually, Teacher Chu is competent! The rumors about him being a relative of someone important are all false!”

“Yes! Teacher Chu’s physical education level is actually very strong! He is much better than me! It’s actually a bit beneath him to take on Class 20!”

“Parents, you are mistaken! It’s not necessarily better if I take on Class 20. He is the professional one!”

Chu Yi’s eyes twitched slightly as he looked at them speechlessly.

Damn it, is Class 20 really that difficult?

To avoid teaching this class, you all started to perform a Sichuan opera face change?

The parents looked at them with suspicion.

They took a glance at the well-built physique of the group of physical education teachers, and then at Chu Yi’s weak body. They instantly understood the reason why these teachers said that.

Wasn’t it because they didn’t want to teach Class 20?

They didn’t listen to these!

“Teachers, don’t try to deceive us!”

“Yes, it’s troublesome for any one of you to take on Class 20! Just take it over!”

“We really can’t just watch our children being handed over to an incompetent teacher!”

The physical education teachers were instantly dumbfounded and unconsciously took a step back, afraid that they would be the ones to take on Class 20.

At this moment, Fan Qingling, who had been protecting Chu Yi, suddenly gritted her teeth and said, “I can take on Class 20!”

The parents all looked at her with suspicion. After all, she was a female physical education teacher.Fan Qingling spoke earnestly, “Parents, I have won the provincial gymnastics championship and am a professional athlete with a national first-class athlete certificate! You can completely trust me with your children!”

Upon hearing this, the parents finally felt relieved, showing satisfied smiles.

“Great! We feel at ease leaving our children in your care!”

“Good! Principal, let’s decide on this!”


Chen Huaiyu and the other physical education teachers couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Well, since Fan Qingling voluntarily stepped forward to help Chu Yi clean up this mess, they might as well go with the flow!

Chen Huaiyu was about to nod in agreement.

However, Chu Yi spoke up, “Wait, I am the teacher of the physical education class 20, right? Do you want to replace me without my consent?”

Fan Qingling turned to look at him, her beautiful eyes filled with incomprehension.

She had taken the initiative to help him out, why wasn’t he grateful?

Didn’t he like to be lazy?

If it were before, Chu Yi would naturally be happy for Fan Qingling to take over class 20, and he could just slack off in his office every day.

But not now! He needed to keep class 20 to earn rewards!

The parents were not happy now. A professional teacher had agreed to take over their children, why wouldn’t Chu Yi agree?

Chen Huaiyu and the other physical education teachers also cast puzzled or displeased looks at Chu Yi.

Dude, the issue was almost resolved, wouldn’t it be nice to let Fan Qingling take over class 20 and you could go back to being lazy?

Why are you stirring up trouble?

Chu Yi remained calm and said directly, “Let’s do this, for the next half a month, I will still be in charge of class 20. I can guarantee that within half a month, all students in class 20 will achieve physical education scores above the college entrance examination cut-off line!”

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