Chapter 42 – Parents who don’t want to take any responsibility

Parents have protested against the policy of including physical education in the college entrance examination before, and this is not the first time.

When this policy was first announced, it was the most emotional moment for the parents.

At that time, the gate of North Hill high school was almost torn down by the parents of the third-year students!

After all, this matter is indeed too unreasonable.

Later, after the school leaders persuaded and pleaded, and complained about their difficulties, saying that this was decided by the Education Bureau and the school had no choice, they promised the parents that they could improve the students’ physical education performance.

Only then did they manage to persuade the parents to leave.

But today, someone posted in the school’s parent group about Chu Yi bringing 20 students and staying in the woods every day doing nothing.

This caused a huge uproar!

The parents of the 20th class were furious!

Their children were already in poor health, and if they participated in the physical education college entrance examination, they probably wouldn’t even be able to go to vocational college!

As a physical education teacher, if Chu Yi didn’t help improve their children’s physical education performance and just let them train, it would be fine.

But what does it mean to hide and do nothing with a group of children?

As a teacher, are you giving up on our children?!

Which parent can tolerate such a thing?

The third year! The college entrance examination!

The most important stage in every student’s life!

Today, they must demand an explanation from the school leaders and Chu Yi!

“Teacher Chu Yi! You must give us an explanation today!”

“That’s right! I heard this teacher has connections! He doesn’t even have any physical education skills! How can he do this?”

“We must change the physical education teacher for our children!”

The parents’ emotions became even more intense.

Wang Yuan led a few physical education teachers and a few security guards, struggling to maintain order.

Principal Chen Huaiyu stood aside, holding a megaphone and anxiously and earnestly shouting:

“Parents, please don’t be anxious. Teacher Chu will be here soon!”

“We have no choice either! All high schools across the country are competing for physical education teachers! We really can’t find a new physical education teacher! Please understand us!”

“And, dear parents, I believe you have some understanding of your children’s physical condition, right? To be honest, it’s unrealistic for the students in the 20th class to improve their physical education performance significantly within a month!”

“If we force them to exercise, they are likely to be in danger! The students’ personal safety must be the top priority!”

“It’s not that Teacher Chu is giving up on them, it’s really impossible to train them!”

The parents didn’t buy it!

Even if your school can’t find a physical education teacher, and even if our children are in poor health, you can’t entrust our children to Chu Yi, a teacher who has no physical education skills, right?

Their emotions quickly turned into anger.

“We don’t care! We must change the teacher!”

“Even if we don’t change, Chu Yi must at least make our children practice running every day!”

“That’s right! They should at least practice a little every day, right?”

“Yes! Even if they faint after running a few steps, it doesn’t matter! They will get used to it! The college entrance examination is the priority!”

Get used to fainting?

What the hell are you talking about?

Chen Huaiyu’s face turned black. Putting aside the unreasonable policy of including physical education in the college entrance examination, these parents are really obsessed with their children’s exam scores, to the point of being crazy!

Don’t they care about the students’ personal safety?!

To be honest, when Chen Huaiyu and Wang Yuan decided to assign the 20th class to Chu Yi, it wasn’t entirely because they gave up on them.

The main reason was that the students in the 20th class really couldn’t exercise! They would faint after running a few steps, and forcing them to exercise would only be dangerous!

Although… they didn’t expect Chu Yi to just stay in the woods with the students every day, without even pretending to train.

But, it was indeed good for the students in the 20th class.

And Chen Huaiyu was very clear that, despite what these parents were saying now, that the students’ safety didn’t matter as long as their physical education performance improved, if something really happened to their children, they wouldn’t care about what they had said before and would definitely come to the school for an explanation!

So, this matter is really tricky!

It’s not about whether Chu Yi is professional or not, or whether he lets the students do nothing!

Chen Huaiyu couldn’t think of a solution for a while, and he was extremely anxious.

Just then.

Chu Yi rushed over, looking helpless as he scanned the parents and said loudly, “Parents, please calm down a bit, I am Chu Yi! Ask me if you have any questions!”

As soon as he spoke, the scene quickly quieted down.

The parents looked at Chu Yi with questioning and angry eyes, all focused on him.

“You are Teacher Chu Yi?”

“We need an explanation! Why are you so irresponsible to our children!”

“Your physique… Are you a physical education teacher?!”

“I can’t believe it, I’m stronger than you! Change the teacher! We must change!”

Looking at Chu Yi’s thin and slender figure, many parents were furious at that moment and made up their minds to make the school change the teacher for the 20th class!

Change the teacher?Chu Yi frowned, that was absolutely unacceptable!

He had just figured out a way to earn rewards from these students!

Wang Yuan and the other physical education teachers, seeing Chu Yi had come to divert the attention, had just breathed a sigh of relief.

But when they heard parents demanding a new teacher for Class 20, their faces instantly changed, becoming nervous.

There were only a few physical education teachers in the school!

If Class 20 were to change teachers, wouldn’t it fall into one of their hands?

Damn, this was too much!

No one wanted to take over the hot potato that was Class 20!

If the students’ physical education scores in the college entrance examination were poor, these parents would inevitably blame the teachers!

This was a big trouble!

For a moment, the physical education teachers all felt a sense of impending doom, and some resentment and dissatisfaction towards Chu Yi arose.

If he hadn’t been slacking off with the students every day, not even pretending to care, and got reported to the parents, would this situation have occurred?

Watching Chu Yi standing there, being difficulted by the parents.

The physical education teachers had no intention of stepping forward to help, instead, they seemed to take pleasure in his misfortune.

They wanted to see how Chu Yi would deal with the parents’ anger today!

Of course, Wang Yuan and Fan Qingling did step forward to speak for Chu Yi. The former was shocked by the incident in the gym last time and dared not underestimate Chu Yi anymore.

As for the latter… she had a secret crush!

But obviously, the parents didn’t listen to them, all clamoring for Class 20 to have a competent physical education teacher!

Chu Yi was also getting impatient, and directly retorted:

“I’m laughing, what’s the rush? You think I don’t understand the situation in my class? You used to value your children’s academic performance more than their lives! If they dared to exercise, what would you do? Either hit or scold!”

“Weren’t the physical education classes cancelled at your request?”

“Ask yourself, who is responsible for their poor physical condition now? Is it me? I’ve been a physical education teacher for a year and only taught three classes! And that was just to cope with the inspection from above!”

“Oh, now that physical education is included in the college entrance examination, you’re anxious again, and start blaming the teacher, right?”

“With your children’s physical condition, me letting them slack off is already the most responsible approach! Do you really want me to train them to the point of exhaustion?”

“When the students have health problems, it’s you parents who will come knocking! Don’t you find yourselves ridiculous? You really don’t want to take any responsibility, do you?!”

His words were reasonable and well-founded, leaving the parents speechless.

The scene fell into silence.

The parents’ expressions were somewhat awkward, knowing they were in the wrong, they all fell silent.

When North Hill High School cancelled physical education classes, a large part of the reason was indeed due to their strong demands.

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