Chapter 41 – The parents of the class come to the door!

[Turtle Breathing Formula: Brass Level Intermediate Cultivation Technique. Although the turtle has a nose, it breathes through its skin. When sleeping, the breath is exhaled through the skin, known as Turtle Breathing!]

[This cultivation technique is a health-preserving technique commonly used for self-cultivation. The true element cultivated can only prolong lifespan and enhance physical fitness, with minimal increase in combat power.]

[Note: The cultivation speed of this technique is extremely slow. Even the most talented individuals would need at least five years to successfully establish a foundation! Be cautious in cultivation!]

Chu Yi revealed a satisfied smile.

This is perfect!

The main effect of this cultivation technique is to prolong lifespan and enhance physical fitness. Isn’t the latter exactly what these weaklings need?

Most importantly!

The cultivation speed is extremely slow!

It won’t allow them to improve too dramatically in a short period of time, and it won’t raise suspicion!

Of course, the slow cultivation speed is only relative.

Chu Yi felt that within half a month, it should be completely feasible to improve the physical fitness of the 20 students to surpass that of ordinary people!

During this period, pretending to train them would make this matter reasonable and justifiable!

“Well, it’s a perfect fit!”

Chu Yi thought this idea was very feasible!

The next question is how to reasonably teach the “Turtle Breathing Formula” to these students.

He definitely couldn’t tell them that this is a cultivation technique.

There are too many people in Class 20, and their characters are uneven. If they all knew the secret of cultivation, it would most likely be impossible to keep it a secret.

Chu Yi pondered and thought about what reasonable excuse he could use to teach them this cultivation technique.

Once he successfully improves their physical fitness.

That would be 57 feedback rewards!

Although the cultivation talent of these students is not very high, the probability of reaching advanced rewards is not high.

But the quantity is sufficient!

No matter how low the probability is, as long as the quantity is sufficient, miracles will happen!

After thinking for a while, Chu Yi gradually had some ideas.

At this moment, the bell for the last class in the afternoon rang.

Chu Yi’s eyes lit up, instantly putting aside all the problems, he immediately got up and headed towards the cafeteria after dismissing the students!

Nothing should interfere with his meal!

Chen Hao and the others exchanged glances and quickly got up to follow.

“Master! Master! You haven’t taught us cultivation today!”

Chen Hao anxiously called out.

Xu Guanghui and Su Ying were also frustrated. They hadn’t made any progress in their cultivation all day!

Chu Yi continued walking, glanced at them, and said impatiently, “Where should I teach you today? Can’t you feel that the woods are full of people?”

Xu Guanghui’s face changed drastically, “What? The woods are full of people? You didn’t invite me to the party?!”


Chu Yi slapped him on the back of his head, “Invite you? Invite you to do what? Are you confident enough? Use the fire plaster to stick your butt?”

“Hey hey hey!”

Xu Guanghui’s face changed, his face turning red, “Master, I was just joking. Why are you bringing up my dark history?!”

“Hahaha!” Chen Hao laughed sarcastically, “The waste who uses the fire plaster to stick his butt! Are you that lacking in confidence? Oh, but you’re still cute!”

“I’m bigger than you!” Xu Guanghui immediately got angry and shouted with his neck stretched, “I’ll take it out and compare it with you!”

Chen Hao sneered, “Hehe, little Kun Kun, how ridiculous!”

“Enough!” Chu Yi quickly stopped them, glanced at Su Ying, whose face was blushing, and helplessly said, “The girl is still here, can you guys pay a little more attention?”

Xu Guanghui said carelessly, “It’s fine! We’re all brothers!”

Su Ying looked at him with a disgusted look, full of disdain.

Chen Hao took the opportunity to say, “Little junior sister, in the future, talk less to this perverted and short person!”

“Okay okay!” Su Ying obediently nodded.

Xu Guanghui’s face turned black, “Damn it! Chen Hao, do you want to die?!”

“Alright, stop messing around.” Chu Yi helplessly said, “During this period, I definitely won’t be able to teach you in class. There are official people all over the school, and it’s easy to be discovered.”

After thinking for a moment, he said, “How about this, after evening self-study, I’ll secretly take you out to cultivate. After all, cultivators don’t need much sleep.”

“That’s great! Thank you, Master!”

Chen Hao’s eyes lit up.

Chu Yi said impatiently, “You guys should also cultivate on your own during normal times. Do you have to rely on me? Can’t you cultivate without me?”

Xu Guanghui scratched his head and said embarrassedly, “No one is watching, so I’m lazy…”

Su Ying said, “I also cultivate a little on my own during normal times!”

Xu Guanghui turned his head and looked at her, “Little junior sister, isn’t it not good to hide this from us?”

Su Ying ignored him and cautiously moved two steps behind Chu Yi.

Chen Hao smirked, “That’s right, little junior sister, it should be like this. Don’t pay attention to this pervert!”

Xu Guanghui:…

Once you stick the fire plaster, you’ll be nagged for a lifetime.

Chu Yi helplessly looked at them.

Really, they’re noisy all day long. Can’t they be a little more mature like their master?

Hmm… What should I eat later?

Just then.

Chu Yi’s phone rang with a message notification.

His face instantly turned pale! His heartbeat suddenly accelerated!

This is the fear of adults. When the message notification sounds, the scalp tingles!

Damn, is there another meeting?!

With a fearful mood, Chu Yi prayed that it was just a message from China Mobile, and tremblingly took out his phone.

He opened the message and looked.

The good news is, it’s not a meeting!

The bad news is, it’s worse than good news!

Chu Yi’s face became serious, and he stopped in his tracks.

It was a message from Wang Yuan: “Teacher Chu, please come to the school gate immediately! The parents of the students in your class are all at the school gate! They all want to see you! The situation is getting out of control! Please hurry!”

Damn it! Something big happened!

The parents of the students in Class 20 have come to find him!!

Chu Yi could probably guess the reason why these parents came to him, but he didn’t have time to think about it. He quickly put away his phone and hurried towards the school gate.

“What’s wrong, Master? Why are you suddenly in such a hurry?””Huh? Weren’t we going to eat?”

“Stop talking. Judging by the master’s expression, something must have happened.”

After a brief pause, Chen Hao and the others hurriedly followed.


At the school gate.

Dozens of parents had gathered, their emotions running high!

“We are the parents of Physical Education Class 20! We demand to see the school leaders! We demand to see Teacher Chu Yi!!”

“That’s right! What nonsense is this about including physical education in the college entrance exam?! They know full well that my child is not physically strong! Isn’t this ruining my child’s future?!”

“This is completely unreasonable! Why not include physical education in the next college entrance exam? The exam is less than a month away, why include physical education now?!”

“I demand a new physical education teacher for Class 20! The current one, Chu Yi, is completely irresponsible! And I heard he has no skills at all! How can I trust him to teach my child?!”

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