Chapter 40 – Another kind of supernatural existence on Blue Star?

Everyone is laughing at Chu Yi. It’s not like you guys killed the S-level alien beasts. Why do you care so much about my ranking?

But most of these people are just joking.

Because the few people in front of Chu Ming are indeed well-deserved.

On the S-level biotics ranking, there are only three SSS-level biotics, ranked top three.

They are the Tai Chi Martial Saint – Qin Changshu.

The White Fox – Qiu Dream.

The Lord of Space – Wang Jiang.

These are currently the only SSS-level biotics in the entire country, three human-shaped nuclear weapons. Each of them has killed at least ten SS-level alien beasts, and the number of S-level alien beasts killed by them is countless.

In the case where conventional weapons are ineffective, they can be called the guardians of China today.

As for their somewhat adolescent delusional titles, they are basically taken by those biotics who have nothing better to do.

In order to be down-to-earth, the official adopted these titles.

And the number of SS-level biotics, including Chu Yi, is only 16 on the ranking list.

The person ranked ahead of Chu Yi, who is seventh, is named Yuan Hua.

【Rank: 7

Name: Yuan Hua

Identity: Director of the Biotics Management Bureau Shanghai Branch

Title: Tide Sea Spirit

Biotics: Power of the Tide

Biotics Level: SS-level

Record: Once controlled the tide above the East China Sea, causing waves weighing tens of thousands of kilograms, and killed an S-level alien beast!

Once fought against an SS-level alien beast for hundreds of rounds with a trident tens of meters long condensed from seawater, and finally killed it above the East China Sea!】

This Yuan Hua has killed a total of 5 S-level alien beasts and 1 SS-level alien beast, which can be considered an impressive record!

The SS-level biotics ranked ahead of him also have equally impressive records.

Chu Yi has only killed one S-level alien beast. Looking at the records alone, it is quite impressive for him to be ranked eighth.

If it weren’t for his “suspected SSS-level” status, the official would definitely not give him such a high ranking.

Chu Yi doesn’t care about rankings anyway.

To be honest, with his current strength, even if the three SSS-level biotics teamed up, they probably wouldn’t be able to withstand his sword “Years”.

These biotics, no matter how strong they are, are just primitive fighters relying on instinct.

They are just awakened spiritual roots, spiritual bodies, or special physiques, which give them some abilities of cultivators, but they don’t know how to use them.

“If that’s the case, it seems like I’m almost invincible.”

Chu Yi smiled proudly.

Is the Foundation Establishment stage already invincible in the world?

Come on! You’re weak in this world!

No, there’s another ranking list!

The Town Level ranking list?

Chu Yi was a little confused. What is this? Could it be the existence above SSS-level?

He curiously clicked on it and was surprised to find that there was only one person on this list!

【Rank: 1

Name: Wang Yunlong

Identity: Director-General of the Biotics Management Bureau

Biotics: Power of Light

Biotics Level: Town Level

Record: One year ago, an SSS-level alien beast appeared in the spatial rift of Kunlun Mountain. It was extremely powerful, and even three SSS-level biotics couldn’t defeat it. In the end, Wang Yunlong took action and fought against the alien beast for three days before finally killing it.】

“Town Level? What’s this?” Chu Yi frowned slightly, feeling puzzled.

The system explained: 【It is the level of biotics above SSS-level. China has divided it into several levels, namely: Town Level, National Level, Continent Level, Surface Level…】

【It basically corresponds to the Innate Stage and Golden Elixir Stage of cultivators after the Foundation Establishment stage.】

【But it’s just a division of levels. Currently, the strongest biotics in the world are only at the Town Level, probably equivalent to the mid-Innate Stage.】

“Oh, I see.”

Chu Yi nodded suddenly. He felt that he was not far from being the strongest in the world. Just the mid-Innate Stage, he could reach it in a month at most, right?

But well, the path of cultivation is definitely endless!

It’s fun to become stronger for a while, and it’s even more fun to keep becoming stronger!

At this moment, the system said again: 【Aren’t you curious why there are no biotics above the National Level in the world, but they can still divide biotics levels?】

Chu Yi was stunned, “Why? Is it made up?”

【Of course not!】

【It’s because, besides biotics, there is another group in this world with supernatural abilities! They are… warriors!】

“Warriors?” Chu Yi was confused for a moment, and then suddenly realized, “Oh! I understand! Are they the remnants of cultivators?”

Now it was the system’s turn to be confused: 【Ah? How did you know?】

Chu Yi sneered, “Heh, isn’t that how it’s set in the web novels about the revival of spiritual energy?”

“Is it true that Blue Star used to have cultivators, and then when the spiritual energy dried up, it entered the era of the end, and the warriors are the remnants of those cultivators, surviving to the present by relying on some low-level techniques?”

The system fell silent. It thought that this news would shock Chu Yi, but he reacted like this unexpectedly.

It became unhappy all of a sudden: 【Boring, go play by yourself!】

“It seems like I guessed it right!”

Chu Yi smiled proudly.

Huh! You think you can shock me with your little tricks?

In that case, the levels of biotics are probably divided according to the levels of those warriors, right?

Doesn’t that mean that there are probably Continent Level or even Surface Level warriors on Blue Star?

Who cares!

Chu Yi couldn’t be bothered to think too much. Even if there are powerful warriors, they can’t be that strong. After all, the revival of spiritual energy on Blue Star has only been three years.

At most, they would be at the Golden Elixir stage!

And they are cultivators who cultivate trash techniques!

Anyway, Chu Yi’s plan is to keep surviving until he becomes invincible!

Exit the forum.

Chu Yi glanced at the time. There were still ten minutes left before class ended.

Bored, he started using his Insightful Eyes on the students of Class 20 one by one. It doesn’t consume mana and has no cooldown.

The students’ mentality is not very good.

Compared to their dejected state a week ago, they are now almost lifeless.

Only three weeks left until the college entrance examination.Their physical fitness hadn’t improved in the slightest, still as weak as ever.

Clearly, they had given up hope on their physical education college entrance exam scores.

Chu Yi stroked his chin in thought, wondering if he should help them now?

He had long wanted to help these youngsters improve their physical fitness and earn some rewards. He had just been busy with Chen Hao and the others last week.

Of course, there was another reason.

Chu Yi was worried that if he helped all the members of Class 20 improve their physical fitness, he might accidentally enhance them too much.

Would he inadvertently turn a bunch of weaklings into a group of superhumans with the strength to move mountains and the energy to cover the world?

That would be too shocking!

It would almost certainly attract attention!

Chu Yi was suddenly troubled, how could he help them without being too exaggerated?

Should he give each of them a drop of Body Tempering Spirit Liquid?

That would definitely not work. A single drop could make them surpass the most outstanding physical education students in the entire school. That would be too exaggerated!

Should he teach them a low-level cultivation method? But that would also lead to a rapid improvement. Still too exaggerated!

Chu Yi’s brows furrowed as he looked through the items in his system backpack.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up!

The Turtle Breathing Formula!

This cultivation method was perfect!

It was more than perfect, it was absolutely suitable!

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