Chapter 36 – Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao Awaken Alien Abilities

“Teacher Chu probably doesn’t know that we have also awakened our alien abilities, right?” Yuan Ye whispered, with a hint of amusement.

“Probably not,” Du Yongchao said, watching Chu Yi’s figure in the distance, his eyes filled with a hint of speechlessness.

Yesterday, when Chen Hao lifted a 220-kilogram dumbbell with one hand, it truly shocked them. They couldn’t recover from the shock for the entire day.

At that time, they even thought that Chu Yi had some means to train people into superhumans!

It turns out that it was just Chen Hao who awakened his alien abilities!

And Xu Guanghui and Su Ying, the few of them who spent every day together last week, probably also awakened their alien abilities.

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao also signed a confidentiality agreement last night, so they naturally knew that if their awakened alien abilities reached the C level, they could directly enter the Alien Abilities Management Bureau.

And the four of them, Chu Yi and the others, were still in school, which meant that their awakened alien abilities were not that high.

“That Chu Yi was still showing off in front of us yesterday. He only awakened a low-level alien ability, right? Acting like he’s the only one who hasn’t awakened,” Yuan Ye scoffed.

Du Yongchao agreed, “Yeah, and it was clearly because Chen Hao awakened his alien ability that he had that kind of power. What was Chu Yi pretending for yesterday? If people didn’t know, they would think that Chen Hao was really trained by him.”

“While we didn’t understand before, he was just showing off in front of us,” Yuan Ye said, looking like he saw through everything. “Now that we know the situation, he’s just a clown.”

“Hahaha, guess what level Chu Yi’s awakened alien ability is? D or E?”

“You think, is it possible to be F?”

“Hahaha! Don’t say it! Don’t say it! It’s actually possible!”

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao were full of confidence and excitement. Their noses were almost pointing up to the sky as they walked.

Although their awakened alien abilities were not high, at least they became biotics men with superpowers in movies and novels!

Who wouldn’t be excited about that?

Moreover, when they signed the confidentiality agreement last night, the person in charge also gave them a website, a forum for biotics men called “Home of Alien Abilities.”

Last night, they logged on to learn about the situation and found out that there was a mainstream saying in the biotics men community.

The better the physical fitness of a person, the higher the chance of awakening alien abilities.

And when awakening alien abilities, the better the physical fitness of a person, the better their talent for the growth of alien abilities!

This made Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao feel even more superior and confident.

As students who could be personally trained by Wang Yuan, their physical fitness was among the best in Class 1 of Physical Education!

So naturally, they believed that their talent for the growth of alien abilities was very good.

Although they had just awakened to the D and E levels, they believed that one day they would grow to the C level or higher!

Directly entering the Alien Abilities Management Bureau! A million-dollar salary!

And what about Chu Yi and the other three students? According to this saying, they would probably only be low-level biotics men below the D level for their whole lives!

“Let’s go to the forum tonight to learn how to improve our alien abilities. We must quickly reach the C level!”

Yuan Ye excitedly encouraged himself, “Settle down! Meet at the peak!”

“That’s right! Let’s go!” Du Yongchao was also very excited. Suddenly, he thought of something and became even more excited. “If one day we can become SS-level biotics men, that would be great! It would be so awesome!”

Yuan Ye was taken aback, “Did you also see the video of that SS-level biotics man on the forum?”

Du Yongchao said speechlessly, “Are you kidding me? The homepage of the forum was full of videos of that god last night!”

“Oh, that’s true.”

Yuan Ye suddenly realized, and couldn’t help but feel excited, “Damn, that person is really awesome! Flying with a sword is basic for a god! And then he summoned a hundred-meter-long sword! He killed that S-level alien beast with just one sword! So cool!”

“Yeah, so damn cool! Truly worthy of being SS-level! I feel like it’s not even called alien abilities anymore, it’s more like cultivating immortality!”

“And I saw people on the forum saying that luckily we have this god, otherwise that S-level alien beast would have been unstoppable. Our whole school would have been done for!”

“Damn, so you’re saying that he has saved all of us? So awesome!”

The two of them couldn’t stop talking once they started. The more they talked, the more excited they became, as if that SS-level biotics man was themselves. Their words were filled with admiration and admiration.

The video of the powerful person who killed the S-level alien beast with one sword truly left an indelible impact on their young hearts.

After warming up with the students from Class 20 last night, Chu Yi, as usual, took them to the woods to rest and slack off.

But then Chu Yi suddenly felt that there seemed to be a lot of auras hidden in the woods, at least twenty people!

“Hmm? What’s going on?”Chu Yi was a bit confused. He could sense that most of the people around him were ordinary, with only a few being C-level Biotics Men.

However, none of them seemed to harbor any ill intentions, and their aura was somewhat similar to the members of the combat team he encountered last night.

Could they all be soldiers?

Chu Yi’s first reaction was to suspect that these people were here to monitor him.

Had he aroused suspicion so quickly?

That shouldn’t be the case. He didn’t show his face last night, nor was he caught on surveillance. At most, he didn’t have time to change his clothes…

Suddenly, the system spoke: 【Stop overthinking. The Alien Abilities Management Bureau is worried that the increase in spiritual energy concentration might lead to the birth of spiritual beasts in North Hill High School, posing a threat to the students’ safety. Therefore, they have dispatched some Biotics Men and soldiers to guard here.】

“Oh, I see.”

Chu Yi finally understood, but then he became troubled.

Now the small grove was full of people. Where was he supposed to take his three disciples to practice?

As he was deep in thought, a familiar female voice suddenly rang out: “Mr. Chu Yi, could you please come over?”

Chu Yi looked up and sure enough, it was Mu Lengyu. He immediately felt annoyed and said impatiently:

“Sis, are you ever going to give it a rest? You sought me out yesterday and you’re doing it again today? Three times a week? Do you think I can handle that? Can we tone it down a bit?”

The students from Class 20 were all stunned, their eyes darting back and forth between Mu Lengyu and Chu Yi, their gossip-loving souls burning brightly.

Whoa! Who’s this pretty lady?

Whoa! Three times a week?

Whoa! He can’t handle three times a week? What a loser!


“You…!” Mu Lengyu’s originally cautious and respectful expression instantly froze, anger flaring in her eyes.

She had come this time to confirm whether Chu Yi was the SS-level Biotics Man, so she had been very humble.

Who would have thought that she would be teased by Chu Yi as soon as she arrived? And he sounded so impatient!

What was he trying to imply?

She was a girl and she had been so polite today!

What kind of attitude was he, a grown man, showing?!

And he used such vulgar words to tease her, a girl? Wasn’t that disgusting? It was so low!

The more Mu Lengyu thought about it, the angrier she got. She really wanted to slap Chu Yi’s smug face.

But in the end, she managed to suppress her urge to explode.

Because the more Chu Yi acted out of line and unserious, the more it seemed like he was pretending, and the more he resembled the SS-level Biotics Man from last night.

That powerful individual was obviously not a serious person either, otherwise he wouldn’t have made up the name “Ji Bochang”…

If Chu Yi really was that powerful individual.

Mu Lengyu could completely forgive his disrespect just now.

After all, powerful individuals certainly had their privileges!

If a powerful individual was rude to her, it was just their personality and arrogance! It was completely forgivable!

So, she still needed to confirm Chu Yi’s identity first.

Suppressing her anger, Mu Lengyu took a deep breath and said, “I apologize, Mr. Chu Yi. I was instructed by my superiors to find you. I hope you can cooperate.”

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