Chapter 35 – Gather the tyrants, who understands? When can our great tyrants stand up?

At noon, Chu Yi invited Fan Qingling to have lunch at the cafeteria.

The two of them secretly sat down in a small corner.

Chu Yi cautiously looked around, making sure that no one saw them or that there were no surveillance cameras before taking out a small notebook and handing it to Fan Qingling.

“Here! ‘Blood Charm Mind Technique’! A cultivation technique that perfectly suits your physique! Take a look for yourself. With your talent, you should have no problem understanding it.”

“Wow! Little Yi, you’re amazing!”

Fan Qingling quickly took it over, although she couldn’t understand it at all, she still praised him first.

After all, men liked being praised!

Sure enough, Chu Yi smiled proudly and started bragging, “Of course! I spent the whole night customizing this technique specifically for you!”

System: ?

“Wow, Little Yi is really great!” Fan Qingling flipped through the notebook for a while, her lively eyes turned around, and she asked, “Little Yi, why are you so good to me?”

Chu Yi was stunned, how should he answer this?

He couldn’t possibly say that he treated her as a tool for rewards, right?

Based on his experience, it was best to throw the question back!

Chu Yi directly asked in return, “Since I’m so good to you, how do you plan to repay me?”


Now it was Fan Qingling’s turn to be stunned.

Then she lowered her head slightly, somewhat shyly, and said, “How else can I repay you? I can only offer myself…”

Chu Yi’s expression changed drastically, “What?! You want to freeload?!”

Fan Qingling: “…”

She rolled her eyes and said in a bad mood, “Then what about you taking my first kiss yesterday? Don’t you have to take responsibility?”

Chu Yi couldn’t accept this, “That was clearly you kissing me forcefully! I was desperately trying to break free at the time! I resisted in every way possible, but I couldn’t resist your… your mouth!”

As he spoke, he looked like he had suffered great humiliation:

“It’s terrifying! The malice towards handsome guys in this world is too great! I was deceived by a long-legged girl into a room in the middle of the night and played with! Do you know how much psychological damage that is for a handsome guy like me who is 280 months old?!”

“Who understands? I encountered a shrimp-headed girl last night, and as soon as she entered the room, she hugged and kissed me. Wuwuwu, when can our great handsome guys stand up? It’s so hot that my hands and feet are cold, and I’m trembling all over!”

Fan Qingling: “…”

Do you want to eat a fried dough twist?

Every time she chatted with Chu Yi, it always ended in silence because he would start digressing and going crazy.

Fan Qingling could only helplessly kick him, indicating that he should stop going crazy.

“Hey, what are you doing!! No branches!!”

Chu Yi widened his eyes, “You’re actually seducing me with your jade feet in broad daylight?! Do you think I have a foot fetish? Hmph… I didn’t expect you to see through it!”

“Lower your voice! You’ll get us killed!”

Fan Qingling scolded him in embarrassment.

A few teachers happened to pass by and heard Chu Yi’s words, casting strange glances at the two of them.

Chu Yi glanced at them and said unhappily, “What are you looking at? Haven’t you been seduced by a long-legged girl before?”

The teachers were stunned and left with black faces.

Damn it, are you scolding again?!

Can you do whatever you want just because you’re handsome?!

Fan Qingling covered her forehead, feeling that she had lost all face.

But Chu Yi was quite satisfied. He smoothly diverted the topic with a series of jokes, perfectly covering up what happened last night!

After eating for a while, Chu Yi suddenly asked, “Oh, by the way, Fan Jie, do you need to replenish your essence and blood now?”

Fan Qingling raised an eyebrow and looked at him, “Why? Do you want to take advantage of me again so soon?”

“What are you saying! Slander! I’ll sue you for slander!”

Chu Yi pretended to be wronged, “I’m just worried that when you have class in the afternoon, you might suddenly have a blood craving and turn into what you were yesterday. That would be troublesome! How can you think of me with such dirty thoughts?”

Fan Qingling thought about it and realized he was right, then blushed and said with a bit of anticipation, “Then… then let’s replenish it…”

Could it be that they could kiss again?

“Alright! Sorry, Fan Jie!”

Chu Yi grinned, extended his index finger, bit it until it bled, and swiftly inserted it into Fan Qingling’s cherry-like mouth!

Hmm, it was smooth and warm.


Fan Qingling widened her beautiful eyes.

Hmm? Why was it different from what she imagined?

Wasn’t it supposed to be with the mouth?

Wasn’t this even stranger than using the mouth?!

What an embarrassing posture!

Fan Qingling’s fair and pretty face quickly turned crimson, spreading to her earlobes and neck, it was frighteningly hot.

“Hurry up, hurry up, someone might see us!”

Chu Yi urged with a serious face, but secretly enjoyed the wonderful sensation on his finger.

Seeing his serious appearance, a trace of doubt flashed in Fan Qingling’s eyes.

Could it be that I was overthinking?She could only suppress her embarrassment and began to suck on his finger.

At this moment, the teachers who had just passed by with their bowls of food were once again passing by. Seeing this scene, they were instantly dumbfounded, almost dropping their bowls!


I don’t understand! But I’m greatly shocked!

So being handsome really does allow you to do whatever you want!

After finishing their meal and leaving the cafeteria, the two quickly parted ways.

Chu Yi walked alone towards the gathering place of class 20, looking at his finger and laughing foolishly.

Suddenly, he noticed two familiar figures out of the corner of his eye.

Most importantly, those two had the aura of Biotics Men.

Chu Yi squinted his eyes and turned to look.

It was Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao, the two students who Wang Yuan had brought to the gym last time.

Had these two awakened their Alien Abilities?

Chu Yi immediately used his Insightful Eye on them.

【Name: Yuan Ye】

【Age: 18】

【Strength: Foundation Establishment Third Layer (D-class Biotics Man)】

【Alien Abilities: Earth Control (Mid-grade Earth Spirit Root)】

【Cultivation Talent Value: 89】

【Character Value: 51】

【Current Mood: Yo? Isn’t this Chu Yi? I was almost scared by him last time!】

【Name: Du Yongchao】

【Age: 18】

【Strength: Foundation Establishment Second Layer (E-class Biotics Man)】

【Alien Abilities: Can Lower Temperature (Mid-grade Ice Spirit Root)】

【Cultivation Talent Value: 86】

【Character Value: 61】

【Current Mood: Chu Yi? This guy and Chen Hao’s group, they should also be Biotics Men, right?】

Obviously, they were two of the nine people who had awakened their Alien Abilities in the school last night.

Chu Yi sighed in his heart, having a Spirit Root with attributes was really good, as soon as they awakened, they could have some superpowers.

Unlike Chen Hao and the others, although their Spirit Root levels were all high-grade or even top-grade, they were all attributeless. Even if they awakened their “Alien Abilities”, they would only be so-called power types.

But Chu Yi still preferred the attributeless high-grade Spirit Roots, because they were more malleable, had a higher limit, and could practice any cultivation method at will.

While those with attribute Spirit Roots could only practice one type of cultivation method in their lifetime, they were rigidly boxed in.

Chu Yi only glanced at Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao, then paid no more attention and left straight away.

These two, although they had some talent, their character values were too low.

Chu Yi would absolutely not help them.

He would only take one look!

Because another look

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