Chapter 37 – Miss Mu, you don’t want your leader to know about your matters, do you?

Chu Yi naturally guessed the purpose of her finding him and wanted to get rid of this fairy as soon as possible, so he followed her and left.


Soon, the two arrived in an uninhabited forest.


"What are you doing?" Chu Yi asked knowingly.


"Please let me test your alien ability level again," Mu Lengyu said, taking out the instrument, her tone becoming somewhat excited.


To be honest, her current mood was quite complicated.


She both hoped that Chu Yi was the unknown strong person and didn't hope so.


Because Chu Yi's impression in Mu Lengyu's heart was really terrible. It was fine if he awakened a low-level alien ability, but as a teacher, he always acted inappropriately.


He even repeatedly caused trouble for her with his students! Unnecessarily increasing her workload!


And Chu Yi's students were all low-level alien ability users!


There were really a lot of talented individuals!


If it weren't for the appearance and clothes of that SS-level alien ability user, which were too similar to Chu Yi, Mu Lengyu would never have connected these two unrelated people together!


Of course, if Chu Yi really was that strong person.


Then Mu Lengyu would forget about everything above.


As the saying goes, the strong have privileges!


"Oh." Chu Yi impatiently reached out his hand and silently activated the "Hold Breath Skill".


"Please wait."


With a complicated mood, Mu Lengyu quickly completed an alien ability test for him.


When the test result came out.


Looking at the big "D" on the screen!




Mu Lengyu's face instantly turned black.


It seemed that she had overthought it!


As for whether this instrument could be wrong?


This was an instrument developed by an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences! It had never been wrong so far!


"Miss Mu, is it your brain that's faulty or the brain of the person above you?" Chu Yi looked at her coldly and said without courtesy, "Are you looking for trouble every day when you have nothing to do? Are you secretly in love with me?"


He also had no good impression of this woman.


The first two times he saw her, he was impatient and had a bad attitude because his alien ability level was low.


And just now, when he suspected that he was an SS-level strong person, her attitude suddenly became better, calling him "you".


But now that the instrument detected that he was still a D-level alien ability user, her face instantly changed again!


Damn, you can change colors like a chameleon!


Although it was human nature to admire the strong and attach oneself to the powerful, did you have to show it so obviously? If you had disguised it a little, Chu Yi wouldn't have said anything.


Mu Lengyu almost wrote the words "admire the strong" on her face!


As expected, when she heard Chu Yi's words.


Mu Lengyu's face instantly turned even darker, angrily and unbelievably saying, "You… how dare you curse at me?!"


She felt like her lungs were about to explode!


She, a B-level alien ability user, came all the way here specifically to test his alien ability level for him. If he didn't thank her, it would be fine, but he even cursed at her for being brainless?!


Chu Yi, are you okay?!


Chu Yi sneered, "Are you sure your superior asked you to come find me today? It wasn't your own initiative?"


"I really don't believe that any superior has the time to focus on me, a D-level alien ability user."


Chu Yi asked with a mocking look, "Miss Mu, are you deliberately looking for trouble with me? Are you seeking personal revenge?"


Mu Lengyu's expression changed slightly. She wanted to explain but didn't know how to start.


She did come to find Chu Yi on her own initiative.


After all, only she suspected that Chu Yi was the unknown strong person.


Naturally, Chu Yi also guessed this point and saw that she couldn't speak.


He immediately smirked, his tone full of sarcasm, "Is that so? Is that so? Miss Mu, are you really seeking personal revenge? As an official personnel, this kind of behavior is not advocated, you know!"


With that, Chu Yi's expression became playful, "Miss Mu, you don't want your superior to know about your personal revenge, do you?"


"Personal revenge?"


Mu Lengyu couldn't help but laugh out loud, "Chu Yi, are you childish? Are you using this to threaten me? Do you have any evidence to accuse me of seeking personal revenge? It's ridiculous!"


"Oh? Is that so?" Chu Yi smiled faintly, "If I'm not mistaken, you coming to test an alien ability user without authorization is itself a violation of discipline, right?"


Mu Lengyu's face slightly changed.


Indeed, if this matter was known by her superiors, she would definitely be punished.


But just this alone was not enough to make her bow down to Chu Yi, it was just a minor punishment.


Mu Lengyu sneered, "What's wrong? Are you going to report me? If you have the ability, go ahead, you petty person!"


"I know you're anxious, but don't be in a hurry."Chu Yi shook his head slightly and asked, "Miss Mu, I want to ask, why are you having me, a D-level Biotics Man, test Alien Abilities twice in a week? I have a reasonable suspicion that you are deliberately making things difficult for me!"


Chu Yi said with a smile that was not quite a smile:


"Also, when you came to find me just now, you said it was 'under the instruction of the leader', was that a lie?"


"Isn't it just like you, using official business as an excuse to come over and make things difficult for a low-level Biotics Man, it's a textbook case of 'public revenge'!"


This was a logical crushing.


Mu Lengyu was taken aback, and she did have the intention to make things difficult for Chu Yi, she was guilty.


So she was a little flustered, and denied subconsciously: "When did I say I was instructed by the leader to find you? You are slandering me!!"


Chu Yi laughed: "All sixty students in my class heard it, there is solid evidence!"




Now Mu Lengyu was really flustered.


According to this logic… she really did have the suspicion of public revenge! The kind that can't be explained even with reason!


If Chu Yi really reported this to the leader, and insisted that she was "public revenge", and there was "evidence", then she would be in big trouble!


Not to mention being punished, she might even be charged with abuse of power!


Mu Lengyu's face was instantly filled with panic, she instinctively wanted to warn Chu Yi not to report her, but quickly realized that would only offend him more.


She couldn't take action against him here! There were many colleagues from the Alien Abilities Management Bureau around!


Mu Lengyu didn't know what to do for a moment, she was frozen in place, feeling both panicked and frustrated.


Chu Yi really wanted to laugh, she was flustered just by his few words?


Did this woman's brain drain out?


He teased again: "Miss Mu, you don't want your leader to know about your public revenge, do you?"


Mu Lengyu shivered all over, came back to her senses, glared at him with gritted teeth, and said with both shame and anger: "What on earth do you want?!"

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