Chapter 34 – Breakthrough to the 7th level of Foundation Building! S-class!

【Congratulations to the host for helping Fan Qingling successfully! Feedback rewards have been issued: “Blood Charm Mind Technique”, ten years of cultivation, several Brass Level pills… Unfold.】

【Blood Charm Mind Technique: Created by a powerful individual with the Blood Charm physique, it is a Mid-grade Earth Level technique. Characteristics: Can absorb the essence and vitality of others to enhance one’s own cultivation, can perform charm or illusion techniques, can use illusion techniques to hide aura and strength.】

Chu Yi returned to his room, lay back on the bed, and checked the system prompts that had appeared in his mind earlier.

When Fan Qingling wanted essence and blood just now, Chu Yi gave it to her, naturally helping her.

Chu Yi could only say that he could use more help like this!

“Blood Charm Mind Technique? Isn’t this what I gave to Sister Fan? Well, I can also get some more rewards, not bad.”

Chu Yi quickly scanned through the technique and became excited about the ten years of cultivation.

A whole week! He didn’t know how many times he helped Chen Hao and those three little bastards! He still didn’t gain any cultivation!

It would be better to take a bite from Sister Fan!

A little essence and blood in exchange for ten years of cultivation, this is too profitable!

“Hurry, receive the ten years of cultivation!”

【Please choose the technique or martial skill you want to pair with.】

【1. “Orient Loong Body Refining Technique”, High-grade Iron Level. Nine layers in total, currently cultivated to the third layer, doubling physical strength with each layer…】

【2. “Great Fiery Demon Technique”, Peak-grade Iron Level. Currently cultivated to the second layer “Gathering Flames”, with a total of seven layers: Initial, Gathering Flames, Blazing…】

【3. “Nine Swords of Time”, Heaven Level. Nine layers in total, currently cultivated to the second layer.】

After thinking for a moment, Chu Yi decided to first enhance the “Orient Loong Body Refining Technique”.

After all, his strongest move right now was the “Nine Swords of Time”, which had the attributes of wood and time.

And the “Orient Loong Body Refining Technique” was at least a wood attribute technique.

As for why he didn’t directly choose to enhance the “Nine Swords of Time”… He almost got drained by a sword at the second layer, if he enhanced it further, he might end up getting drained to death?

He still needed to increase the level of the technique first, to increase the quantity and quality of his true element!

【”Orient Loong Body Refining Technique” has been selected, ten years of cultivation has been granted!】

【Congratulations to the host for advancing to the Foundation Establishment Seventh Layer! (Equivalent to the level of an S-rank Biotics Man)】

【”Orient Loong Body Refining Technique” has been cultivated to the fifth layer!】

Chu Yi grinned, feeling refreshed by this wave of progress.

After three years of spiritual recovery, there were only a little over a hundred S-rank Biotics Men in the whole country.

And what about him? In just one week, he transformed from an ordinary person to a cultivator at the level of an S-rank Biotics Man!

Moreover, at the fifth layer of Foundation Establishment, he could already slay an SSS-rank Alien Beast.

Now that he’s at the seventh layer of Foundation Establishment, he could easily crush the waist of an SSS-rank Alien Beast with one punch, right?

Chu Yi happily opened his information panel and took a look.

【Host: Chu Yi】

【Cultivation: Foundation Establishment Seventh Layer】

【Techniques: “Orient Loong Body Refining Technique”, High-grade Iron Level – Fifth Layer.

“Great Fiery Demon Technique”, Peak-grade Iron Level – Second Layer “Gathering Flames”.

“Nine Swords of Time”, Heaven Level – Second Layer.

“Hold Breath Skill”, Secret Technique – Perfected.】

【Inventory: “Blood Charm Mind Technique”, 83 bottles of Body Tempering Liquid, 171 Spirit Element Pills, 125 Lifespan Extension Pills, “Jade Clear Heart Technique”, 7 Fire Relief Plasters…】


Chu Yi was very satisfied with his gains from this week.

Then he glanced at the big gray mouse, after eating five kilograms of rat food and a box of mealworms, it crawled back into its nest and fell into a deep sleep.

It seemed like it needed to digest these energies.

He wondered how much it needed to eat to level up.

The next day.

There didn’t seem to be much change in the school.

Students and teachers were still attending classes and having meals as usual.

Although many people were still discussing the outrageous events from yesterday, most people didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Because the morning news had already explained the huge commotion in the deep forest last night: it was a gas pipeline explosion.

The area had been sealed off and was being repaired with full effort.

This explanation was somewhat forced. Why would a gas explosion cause thunder and green light?

The students continued to speculate, with various conspiracy theories flying around, but it was just a topic to pass the time when they were slacking off. After all… even if Ultraman was born last night, it wouldn’t affect my English exam in the afternoon, and I haven’t even reviewed yet!

Only the students who awakened their abilities last night, as well as the witnesses who signed confidentiality agreements, were still in a state of confusion and shock.

A total of nine awakened individuals were found in North Hill High School last night, seven of them were E-rank, and the other two were D-rank, none of them met the recruitment threshold of the Biotics Man Management Bureau.

This made Lin Zhiwu and the others feel depressed. They worked hard all night but didn’t even absorb a drop of fresh blood.

But it didn’t matter, these newly awakened low-level Biotics Men were considered reserves for the Biotics Man Management Bureau.

Although the country hadn’t fully figured out how Biotics Men upgraded and became stronger, after three years of research, they had somewhat grasped some methods.

In order to cultivate more powerful Biotics Men, various related educational systems were already under construction.

There were even plans to reform some universities into “Biotics Men Academies” in the future.

Including physical education in the college entrance examination was just the first step.At present, the majority of those who have awakened their alien abilities are still those with good physical fitness.

For instance, of the nine biotics men who awakened at North Hill High School last night, seven were athletes!

The current plan of the state is to select a group of young people with extremely strong physical fitness through sports college entrance examinations, assist them in awakening their alien abilities, and then train them to become powerful.

Although there are still many uncertainties on this path.

For example, no one can be sure whether there is a relationship between awakening alien abilities and physical fitness.

Moreover, the methods to assist others in awakening alien abilities and training biotics men are just beginning to be explored by the state.

But the state can’t think of a better way at the moment, and urgently needs to cultivate more biotics men, so it can only proceed in this way.

As the crisis of the alien beasts becomes increasingly severe, and conventional weapons are useless, powerful biotics men have become the foundation and dignity of each country.

The importance of training biotics men at this time is no different from the creation of nuclear weapons in the past.

As for Chu Yi, it’s as if he’s secretly building hydrogen bombs, water droplets, two-way foils…

What kind of biotics men?

These are clearly a group of cultivators with extremely high cultivation talents! Why not just teach them to cultivate?

Are SSS-level alien beasts strong? Isn’t it just a ninth-level Foundation Establishment?

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