Chapter 33 – Special Constitution, Blood Charm Body

Fan Qingling greedily sucked, her pretty face filled with happiness and joy.


The blood of her beloved…tastes so good…


Chu Yi was a bit confused. He could feel his essence being sucked away bit by bit by Fan Qingling.


But it was only a small amount.


"The Orient Loong Body Refining Technique is the Foundation Establishment stage of the Heaven Level technique, and it cultivates both the wood element and the physical body. The wood element is known for its strong vitality.


If the blood in the body of an ordinary Foundation Establishment stage cultivator is like a small stream, then the blood in Chu Yi's body is like a surging Yangtze River.


Fan Qingling has just awakened the Blood Charm technique, even if she sucked all night, she wouldn't be able to take much.


So, Chu Yi simply didn't resist, sighed, and lay down on the bed with her in his arms.


Closing his eyes, he silently endured her touching him all over and her lips kissing him.


Definitely not enjoying it!


After some time, Fan Qingling finally let go.


"Hmm? Is it over…ah no, it's finally over."


Chu Yi opened his eyes, feeling unsatisfied.


He saw Fan Qingling looking down at him seductively, sticking out her little tongue and licking the bloodstains on her lips, adding a touch of charm.


The black and red patterns on her skin were slowly fading at a visible speed.


"Fan , are you still uncomfortable?" Chu Yi asked tentatively.


"No…I'm not uncomfortable anymore."


When Fan Qingling's skin returned to its usual smooth and fair state, the charm in her expression disappeared.


Gradually regaining her senses, she realized that she was sitting on Chu Yi and froze on the spot, looking dumbfounded.


What…did I do?


Did I press Little Yi down on the bed and kiss him? 


"Ah! I…I didn't mean to!"


Fan Qingling's pretty face turned red in an instant.


She hurriedly tidied up her messy clothes, got off Chu Yi in a fluster, and buried her face in the bed, not daring to look up at him.


Full of shame, Fan Qingling's whole body trembled slightly.


So embarrassing!!


How could I do such a thing?


mommy… I want to live on another planet!


"It's okay, it's just your physique affecting you. I won't blame you." Chu Yi was very generous, thinking that another round wouldn't hurt.




Fan Qingling had too many questions in her mind and couldn't care about her embarrassment for a while, so she quickly asked, "Xiao Yi, do you know what happened to me?"


"Well, it's like this…"


Chu Yi explained to her about the recovery of spiritual energy, cultivators, and the Blood Charm technique.


Fan Qingling sat on the bed in a daze, staring blankly at the wall in front of her, seemingly reorganizing her shattered worldview.


Chu Yi wasn't in a hurry and used his Insightful Eyes on her.


[Name: Fan Qingling]


[Cultivation: Foundation Establishment Stage Five (Growing rapidly)]


[Special Physique: Blood Charm (Awakened)]


[Special Requirement: Needs to consume a certain amount of essence blood daily, otherwise will feel extremely itchy and uncomfortable.]


[Current State of Mind: Spiritual energy recovery…so the physical education exam was because of this…Blood Charm…ah ah ah, my mind is in chaos! Xiao Yi, don't touch my leg! It's affecting my thinking! Angry!]


Chu Yi's expression stiffened, and he nervously let go of the hand that had been secretly placed on Fan Qingling's thigh.


Then he carefully looked at her information again.


She awakened at the Foundation Establishment Stage Five, equivalent to a B-level biotics man, and even marked as "growing rapidly."


Is this special physique so excellent?


It's a pity that Chen Hao and the other three brats don't have a special physique.


But they all have spiritual roots, and their levels are very high. They just don't have special attributes, so even if they "awakened biotics," they would only be power-type biotics.


In the end, Chu Yi's attention was drawn to the "Special Requirement" section.


Do I need to consume essence blood like I just did every day?


Do we have to do that every day?




That's so embarrassing!




"Xiao Yi, what should I do now?"


Fan Qingling suddenly turned her head to look at him, her eyes filled with confusion.


Chu Yi shrugged and said, "Let's take it step by step. Since the situation is irreversible, we just need to protect ourselves and strive to become stronger. Why think so much about other things?"


"Hmph, all you know is to be lazy." Fan Qingling rolled her eyes and smirked, "Luckily, I also like being lazy."


Chu Yi smiled and said, "So, you'll follow me in cultivating then?"


"Okay~" Fan Qingling obediently nodded and curiously asked, "Xiao Yi, how did you learn cultivation?"


"That's my secret, I can't tell you." Chu Yi shook his head.


"Oh, okay."


Fan Qingling felt a little disappointed, but she didn't ask further, showing her maturity.


She clearly needed more time to accept all of this.


Chu Yi stayed with her for two hours, made sure she wouldn't have any problems, and earnestly reminded her not to tell others about cultivation before leaving with peace of mind.


Fan Qingling stared blankly at the door, suddenly remembering the passionate scene just now, and her pretty face turned red.


So my first kiss is gone just like that…


Xiao Yi said I need to consume essence blood every day?


Does that mean we have to do what we just did every day?


Oh my~


So excited…ah no! So shy!






That night, besides the big gray mouse and Fan Qingling, several other teachers and students at North Hill High School experienced abnormal situations in their bodies.


Without exception, it was because the concentration of spiritual energy had increased, activating their spiritual roots, spiritual bodies, or special physiques, which were known as awakened biotics.In the senior high school dormitory building.


A student's agonizing howl pierced the night sky. When his roommates shone a flashlight on him, they were horrified to find that half of his body had turned into sand, as if it had melted.


In another dormitory.


A student's head had pierced through the ceiling!


The terrified roommates quickly called the dormitory supervisor, who had never seen such a scene before! All they could do was call the police and an ambulance.


But the people who arrived were not police or doctors, but individuals dressed in black combat suits.


They were from the Shuzhou City branch of the Alien Abilities Management Bureau.


"As soon as the spatial rift appeared, the concentration of spiritual energy here increased at least tenfold. As expected, someone has awakened their alien abilities. Not only in the school, but also in the nearby residential areas…"


"Find out the number of people who have awakened, determine the number of witnesses, and have them all sign confidentiality agreements. The work must be completed before dawn!" Lin Zhiwu commanded seriously.


This time, he personally led the team for the confidentiality work, and half of the grassroots work group was dispatched, showing the difficulty of the task.


The other half of the grassroots work group was responsible for finding the mysterious SS-level Biotics Man.


The Shuzhou City branch had already reported this matter to the headquarters of the Alien Abilities Management Bureau, which had attracted high-level attention and issued a death order.


They were required to identify the identity of this mysterious powerhouse within half a month!


"This is an impossible task. If an SS-level powerhouse wants to hide, how can we possibly find him?"


Lin Zhiwu felt bitter in his heart.


He did want to find this powerhouse, to thank him in person for saving the 3rd combat team, for saving all the teachers and students of North Hill High School…


But the person didn't even show his face when he appeared, clearly not wanting to reveal his identity, let alone whether they could find him or not.


Is it really okay to investigate him like this?


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