Chapter 22 – Where do you think I put the fire-removing plaster?

"Hmph! Ah ah ah ah ah!"


Chen Hao's stinky roar echoed through the gym.


At this moment, he was carrying a 500-kilogram barbell and doing his 200th squat, with an extremely ferocious expression.


A green mist surrounded his body, unconsciously operating the "Orient Loong Body Refining Technique". Under tremendous pressure, the wood-based spiritual energy continuously tempered his physical body, making it even stronger.


He was just a step away from breaking through the second level of Foundation Establishment.


Meanwhile, Xu Guanghui and Su Ying, who had been training for two hours, were sitting on the ground resting.


"Here, junior sister, have a fried chicken leg." Xu Guanghui handed her a box of fried chicken.


"Oh, thank you, Second Senior Brother!" Su Ying quickly took it.


Second Senior Brother?!


Xu Guanghui immediately became unhappy, "Can you drop the 'second'?"


Master and disciples, along with Second Senior Brother…


That didn't sound like a good term at all!


"Oh, okay, Senior Brother, I didn't mean it!" Su Ying quickly apologized.


Chen Hao couldn't help but laugh, "Oh oh oh! Isn't this Zhu Bajie? Haven't seen you in a few days, and you've become like this?"


"Damn it!"  Xu Guanghui's face turned black, "Fuck! Useless! Is it that difficult to squat 500 kilograms?"


"I've already done 230 squats! If you dare, come and try!"


"Only 230? I can do over a thousand with my hands!"


"Come on! If you can't do a thousand, I'm your father!"


Seeing that the two were about to start arguing again, Su Ying felt a little scared. She moved her buttocks closer to Chu Yi while nibbling on the chicken leg.


Chu Yi glanced at her and comforted, "It's okay, they're just bickering. Maybe they can't even beat you."


Su Ying quickly shook her head, "I can't fight…"


Chu Yi muttered, "You can't not know how to fight as a cultivator."


Su Ying was taken aback and anxiously said, "But I really don't know how. I just want… to improve my physical education scores and get a high score in the college entrance examination…"


After saying that, she regretted it. She became nervous, afraid that Chu Yi would suddenly not want to continue teaching her.


She quickly added, "But, Master, I can learn!"


"It's okay, not knowing how to fight is not a problem. I just said it casually." Chu Yi waved his hand.


He only taught students to earn rewards. It didn't matter if they could fight or not.


However, Su Ying thought that Chu Yi was dissatisfied with her. She anxiously wanted to say something, but she was afraid that he would find her annoying.


She hesitated for a while and didn't say much. She just secretly decided that she must find an opportunity to show off in front of her master in the future.


Do I have to learn how to fight…


Who should I fight with?


While Su Ying was thinking, her gaze was suddenly drawn to a small snail.


The snail must have crawled in from outside the window and was slowly crawling on a pile of weight plates. If it accidentally slipped, it would be crushed by these huge iron blocks.


Seeing this, Su Ying quickly walked over, picked up the snail, and placed it on a tree outside the window. She then breathed a sigh of relief, and a happy smile appeared on her pretty face.


Chu Yi witnessed this scene and couldn't help but shake his head.


Is this kind-hearted nature suitable for cultivation?


If she grows up to be a saint, that wouldn't be good.


Chu Yi didn't bother thinking too much about it. He was just an emotionless reward machine.


As long as the people he helped had good character and wouldn't betray him, it was fine.


From this perspective, Su Ying was quite suitable.


After thinking for a moment, Chu Yi had an idea. He took out three "Fire-Repelling Patches" from his system backpack and said to the three of them:


"Come here, each take one!"


The three of them stopped what they were doing and hurried over to take one of the patch-like things, looking at them curiously and doubtfully.


Chu Yi explained, "This is called a Fire-Repelling Patch. Stick it on a part of your body, and after activating your cultivation technique to refine the medicinal power, the strength of that part will be enhanced."


"Look at which part of your body is weaker and stick it there."


Chen Hao exclaimed, "Fuck! This thing is great! I was just worried that my leg strength wasn't enough!"


Saying that, he directly stuck the Fire-Repelling Patch on his thigh.


Su Ying silently stuck it on her fair arm.


Xu Guanghui asked, "Master, if I stick it on, can it make that part bigger?"


Chu Yi replied without hesitation, "Yes, as a cultivator, you can to some extent control and shape your body's appearance. For example, if you stick it on your arm, you can choose to only enhance the strength without changing the appearance, or you can choose to increase the muscle size of your arm…"


Xu Guanghui's eyes lit up, and he couldn't help but lower his head to look at his crotch, a wicked smile appearing on his face.


"Master, I'm going to the restroom!" He excitedly walked quickly towards the restroom.


Chu Yi expressionlessly glanced at his back and then turned to Chen Hao and Su Ying, saying:


"By the way, I forgot to mention, two minutes after sticking on the Fire-Repelling Patch, you will feel a very intense burning sensation, about ten times stronger than that of medicated oil. Be careful not to stick it on sensitive areas!"


"Oh, understood!"


Chen Hao made an OK gesture and turned around excitedly to train his thighs alone.


Su Ying quickly finished eating a portion of fried chicken and then picked up a 100-kilogram dumbbell to start exercising her arms.


It wasn't that she was greedy.


As cultivators at the Foundation Establishment first level, their physical fitness far surpassed ordinary people, and they needed to consume a lot of energy.


Talking about high-calorie foods making you fat was just a joke.


They now needed to consume ten times the calories of an ordinary person every day.That's why Chu Yi would buy so many high-calorie foods, to help them replenish their energy.


At this moment, Xu Guanghui returned from the restroom, his face glowing with vitality.


Knowing full well, Chu Yi asked, "Where did you put the Fire-Resisting Plaster?"


"Uh, I… I put it on my chest!" Xu Guanghui said, a little guilty.


"Oh!"  Chu Yi didn't expose him, just looked at him with interest.


Xu Guanghui breathed a sigh of relief, then ran excitedly to the bench press and started pretending to work out his chest muscles.


Two minutes later.




"Ah! It hurts! It hurts so much!!"


A terribly miserable scream echoed through the gym.


Xu Guanghui was now curled up on the ground like a little shrimp, clutching a certain place, his body shaking violently, screaming continuously.


Seeing this, Chen Hao and Su Ying quickly put down what they were doing and rushed over.


"Son? What's wrong with you?"


"Second senior brother, are you okay?"


They asked worriedly, thinking that the Fire-Resisting Plaster couldn't be that painful, could it?


Hearing their voices, Xu Guanghui quickly shook his head, "I'm fine… I'm fine, just a little chest pain, it's not a big deal!"


Chen Hao looked suspicious, "Then why are you clutching your crotch?"


"No! Nothing!"  Xu Guanghui quickly moved his hand to his chest, enduring the severe pain and argued, "You must have seen it wrong!"


Chen Hao glanced at Chu Yi and understood when he saw the teasing expression on his face. He looked at Xu Guanghui with pity, "Son, is it possible that thing isn't a muscle?"


Xu Guanghui was stunned, his face turned pale, "Ah?!"


Su Ying also understood, her face turned red instantly, she left a word "pervert" and turned to leave.


"No! Junior sister! Let me explain! It's not what you think!" Xu Guanghui wailed, suddenly understanding the meaning of social death.

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