Chapter 21 – I’m just a sports teacher who likes to be lazy

“Um, why are you all looking at me? It’s embarrassing…”

Chen Hao felt a bit awkward and pointed at the dumbfounded strong man on the bench press, saying, “I was just saving someone, you know?”

The strong man forgot about the intense pain in his broken arm and stared at Chen Hao, asking, “How did you do it?”

If it weren’t for his broken arm, he would even suspect that the 220-kilogram dumbbell plates were made of foam!

Chen Hao thought for a moment and said, “Read more books, read more newspapers, eat less snacks, sleep more, and shoot a few shots when you have nothing to do. Then you can be like me! Skr… Oh no, well, that’s the situation, you have to see the specific situation…”

While Chen Hao was babbling, he looked at Chu Yi for help with his eyes: Master! What should we do? We’ve been exposed!!

The strong man was already questioning his life.

He had been working out for ten years, and his strength couldn’t even compare to a skinny guy?

Among the onlookers, someone couldn’t help but ask, “Young man, how did you train like this?”

“Didn’t I just say it earlier? Well… working out hard in the gym doesn’t work! Traditional kung fu is about harnessing strength. With four ounces, you can move a thousand pounds. Even the 200-plus-kilogram strongman from the Eagle Country…”

Chen Hao continued to babble while secretly squeezing out of the crowd and quickly running towards Chu Yi.

Xu Guanghui was a little panicked. Could our secret be exposed so quickly?

Su Ying looked at her senior brother and then at her master, quickly taking a few bites to calm herself down.

Chu Yi sighed helplessly.

Ah, what a mess!

If only they had come to the gym after everyone had left!

Feeling the suspicious and uncertain gazes of Wang Yuan and the others, Chu Yi felt that he had to say something to explain!

“I’m deaf. I didn’t see anything just now! Did something happen?”

Wang Yuan and the others: “…”

What? Even such a reasonable explanation can’t convince you?

Chu Yi felt a little worried. What should he do now?

Wang Yuan forced himself to calm down a bit and pointed at Chen Hao, tentatively asking Chu Yi, “Master Chu, is this the result of your training for a week?”

“Ah…” Chu Yi was stunned and said, “Well! This is called professionalism!”

Wang Yuan pondered for two seconds and hesitated, “Your professionalism… is it cultivation?”


Chu Yi’s face changed drastically. “How can you tarnish my innocence like this? This is called working out! Can working out be called cultivation?”

Then came a series of incomprehensible words, like “strengthening the body” and “physical fitness,” which left everyone confused. The gym was filled with a speechless atmosphere.

Wang Yuan remained silent for a long time and asked, “Do you know what it means to lift 220 kilograms with one hand?”

Chu Yi looked at Chen Hao and pondered for two seconds before saying, “It means… he often uses this hand to reward himself?”

Chen Hao’s expression changed. “How can you tarnish my innocence like this? Can rewarding oneself be called rewarding?”

Then came a series of incomprehensible words, like “strengthening the body” and “physical fitness,” which left everyone confused. The gym was filled with a speechless atmosphere.

“I was talking about hand-brewed coffee. What were you talking about?”

“Ah… I was also talking about coffee!” Chen Hao said seriously.

Su Ying blushed. What are they talking about? Why can’t I understand?

Wang Yuan said helplessly, “Can you stop changing the subject?”

“Ah…” Chu Yi snapped back to reality, his expression gradually becoming serious. He sighed and said, “Forget it, since it’s already like this, go ahead and ask whatever you want. But I won’t answer.”

Wang Yuan: “…”

He really didn’t want to talk to Chu Yi anymore.

Every time they talked, there would be ten moments of silence.

Damn, are you Sun Bin from the Chinese server?!

But Wang Yuan was really eager to figure out what happened with Chen Hao just now.

He directly asked all the questions, “Master Chu, how did you do it? Did you really teach him all this in a week? It’s impossible! Even the world weightlifting champion couldn’t do it! Catching a free-falling 220-kilogram barbell, can the human skeleton withstand that?”

“Um, um, um, good question.” Chu Yi nodded approvingly.

Wang Yuan anxiously said, “Then please answer!”

Chu Yi looked confused. “What? I’m blind, I can’t hear.”

Wang Yuan: “…”

Fine, it seems that I can’t get any answers.

Wang Yuan felt that all his athlete certificates and coaching certificates were obtained in vain, and his knowledge of sports science and human anatomy was useless.

He seriously doubted whether Chu Yi had turned Chen Hao into a half-robot in just one week.

“Master Chu! I… I want to learn!”

“Master Chu… Can I study with you?”

At this moment, Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao, who were stunned for a long time, spoke up with thick-skinned faces.

Chu Yi was taken aback and directly used his Insightful Eyes to see their information panels.

Their talents were okay, but their character was a bit poor.

He shook his head and said, “Sorry, you are athletes. You need to settle down first.”

“What?” Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao looked confused.

They still had a lot of questions to ask Wang Yuan and the others.

But at this time, the staff of the gym walked in and informed them that they had to leave. The gym was booked in the afternoon.

“Wang Teacher, you can leave now, right?” Chu Yi smiled.

“Okay, fine…”

Wang Yuan could only get up. He was also powerless to question whether Chu Yi could train them or not.

Not professional?

Maybe sports really wasn’t his specialty.

He should be a specialist in metaphysics…

Wang Yuan and the others left with a heart full of shock and confusion.

After staring at Chen Hao for a while with various expressions, the other people in the gym finally dared to leave.

Many people muttered, “Damn! This young man! Damn…”

Chen Hao’s move had truly shattered their worldview.

With a seemingly frail body, he was able to catch a falling 220-kilogram barbell with just one hand, without any support. This could only be described as inhuman!The burly man with a broken bone came over specifically to thank Chen Hao for saving his life, “Young man! You have natural strength! Are you interested in participating in the city strength competition next year? You’re sure to win the championship!”

Chen Hao was a bit embarrassed, “I’m not that amazing… I owe it all to my master’s good teaching!”

“Master?” The burly man looked at Chu Yi in confusion, shocked, “You… You can’t be even more amazing than him, can you?”

Chu Yi smiled slightly, very modestly saying, “Keep it low-key, I’m just about ten times better than him, lifting a ton is still a bit of a struggle.”

The burly man was shocked again, “May I ask what kind of work you do, brother? Could it be that you are a descendant of ancient martial arts?!”

“No, no, just a sports teacher who likes to be lazy.”

The burly man suddenly realized, “Fuck! So the teachers have been lying to me all along during school! What happened to the sports teachers being weak and sickly? They were just making excuses to monopolize the PE classes! It made me so skinny now! That’s too much!”

Chu Yi glanced at the burly man’s arm, which was thicker than a person’s thigh, and nodded, “Hmm, you’re right, but… I forgot the rest.”

Then, the burly man excitedly asked some more irrelevant questions before reluctantly leaving.

Finally, the world quieted down.

“Ah, I’m exhausted…”

Chu Yi finally breathed a sigh of relief, collapsing into a chair.

Chen Hao worriedly said, “Master, our identities won’t be exposed, will they? I was just trying to save someone…”

Chu Yi weakly waved his hand, “It should be fine, just deny it, there’s no evidence.”

Xu Guanghui reminded, “Master, I saw someone filming just now. They were filming that man doing bench presses, they probably caught Chen Hao on camera.”

“It’s fine, he still has the cover of being a Biotics Man, someone will handle it. Saving people, it’s an unavoidable exposure, it’s not intentional.”

Chu Yi said unconcernedly, he had already told Su Ying and Xu Guanghui about the revival of spiritual energy.

Hearing this, the three of them finally relaxed.

“Alright, let’s start training!”

Chu Yi stood up, went to find the staff first, watched them turn off the surveillance, and locked the door of the strength area, then he confidently started training with the three of them.

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