Chapter 23 – Mu Lengyu, depressed and speechless

It is said that someone did capture the scene of Chen Hao lifting the barbell with one hand just now.

The video was also posted online.

Title: [Shocking! Supernatural Boy Appears in a Gym in Dongchuan District, Shuzhou City! Easily Lifts a 440-pound Barbell with One Hand!]

With such an eye-catching title, it attracted many curious netizens.


“What the fuck?!”


“Is this a human? The guy who bench pressed earlier was so big and got his bones fractured by 220 kilograms, but this person can lift it with one hand?”

“How long has he been single? His arm strength is so terrifying?”

“He can easily lift 220 kilograms with one hand. If he goes all out, he can probably lift two tons?”

“Awesome, so awesome! I, a humble person, bow down to his greatness!”

“Doesn’t anyone suspect that this video is fake? What if the weight plates are made of foam?”

“If it was half a year ago, I would have doubted it, but now… I think this video is probably real.”

“How long do you think this video will be taken down?”

“Not more than ten minutes!”

Just as many netizens speculated, Chen Hao’s video was taken down in less than five minutes.

Less than 200 people watched it, and it didn’t cause much of a stir on the vast internet.

Of course, some quick-minded people saved the video and spread it in various social media platforms on a small scale.

In the past six months, many people who surf the internet regularly have noticed that various platforms often have some unbelievable videos.

For example, someone captured a figure floating in mid-air during a thunderstorm, bathed in lightning.

Someone recorded themselves biting a gas cylinder in a video, without any harm.

Someone live-streamed themselves being put through a meat grinder, remaining unharmed.

Someone stuffed a detonator into…

Compared to these, Chen Hao’s actions seemed a bit ordinary.

But these “superhuman” videos all had one thing in common: they were taken down in less than ten minutes.

Even some related discussions would be deleted quickly.

Such obvious attempts to cover up the truth had long aroused suspicions among many netizens.

Coupled with the sudden inclusion of sports in the college entrance examination…

All of this hinted at something strange happening in this world.

In the gym.

Chen Hao and the others were earnestly training their bodies.

Chu Yi lay on the bench press, feeling drowsy.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes, a glint of light flashing in them as he frowned and looked towards the entrance of the gym.

So soon?

Chu Yi glanced at Chen Hao and the others, his face showing contemplation, then lazily lay back down.

Two minutes later, a graceful figure pushed open the door to the strength training area of the gym and appeared in front of the four of them.

Who else could it be if not Mu Lengyu?

She calmly surveyed the four people in the room, her gaze pausing for a moment on Xu Guanghui and Su Ying, with a hint of doubt.

Startled by the sudden appearance of someone, Chen Hao and the others stopped their movements immediately and turned around vigilantly to look.

“Huh? You’re that… sister?” Chen Hao exclaimed in surprise.

Mu Lengyu ignored him and looked at Chu Yi, asking, “You’re Chu Yi, right? Are you their teacher?”

“Yes! That’s right!” Chu Yi slowly got up.

Xu Guanghui and Su Ying were confused. They had never seen Mu Lengyu before and didn’t understand what was going on.

Mu Lengyu glanced at them, her voice cold as she asked, “Chu Yi, please explain why they are here.”

Chu Yi replied indifferently, “They have awakened their abilities, so I brought them along to have some fun. The confidentiality agreement doesn’t say that we can’t reveal the revival of spiritual energy to biotics men, right?”

“They have awakened too?!”

Mu Lengyu looked at Xu Guanghui and Su Ying in astonishment, finding it somewhat unbelievable.

Four biotics men awakened in a school so far away from the spatial rift in just one week?

It seems that the spiritual energy on Blue Star is indeed becoming more abundant.

In the past six months, the number of awakened biotics men nationwide has indeed increased significantly, even more than in the past two and a half years.

Therefore, Mu Lengyu didn’t have any doubts. On the contrary, she was somewhat excited. She quickly took out the testing device she carried with her and walked up to Xu Guanghui and Su Ying, saying, “Please extend your hands.”

The two of them were still wary and looked at Chu Yi for permission before extending their hands.

Mu Lengyu eagerly tested their biotic levels.

This time, there must be at least one C-level, right?

She would receive a bonus for recruiting a biotics man!

But the test results made Mu Lengyu twitch at the corner of her eye.

Both of them were F-level?!

On the same level as Chen Hao?

What the fuck?!

Mu Lengyu was speechless and frustrated.

Is this school toxic or what?

Four biotics men awakened, and three of them are F-level, with only Chu Yi being slightly better, but still only D-level.

Not one of them reached the threshold for recruitment by the Biotics Administration!

Is this what they call birds of a feather flock together?

A pile of trash, huh?!

Mu Lengyu had the urge to turn around and leave, but she couldn’t neglect her work. She could only take out two confidentiality documents and hand them to Xu Guanghui and Su Ying, saying impatiently, “Read them and sign.”

The two took the documents and looked at Chu Yi for confirmation before signing.

“Sign them.” Chu Yi nodded at them and then looked at Mu Lengyu, asking, “Miss Mu, is there anything else?”

Mu Lengyu glanced at him coldly and said, “Chu Teacher, a video about Chen Hao appeared online just now. Hmph, lifting 220 kilograms with one hand? Quite impressive!”

There was a hint of questioning in her tone.

Chen Hao smirked, “No, no! It’s just average!”

Mu Lengyu’s eye twitched, “Am I praising you?”

She said with a hint of anger, “What does the confidentiality agreement say? Why are you revealing your abilities in front of ordinary people?!”

Chu Yi frowned, “Miss Mu, aren’t you being a bit unreasonable? We came to the gym as usual, even rented the whole place and turned off the surveillance for confidentiality. What happened just now was clearly an accident. Chen Hao revealed his abilities because he had to save someone.”

“The confidentiality agreement clearly states that when someone’s life is in danger, a Biotics Man can reveal his abilities to save them, without any blame!”

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow, with a smirk on his face, “Miss Mu, as an official, how come you don’t know the confidentiality agreement as well as I do? Do you need me to help you review it?”

Mu Lengyu’s face darkened, left speechless by his words.

Of course, she remembered what was written in the confidentiality agreement. She just wanted to vent her frustration at Chu Yi and his friends.

She didn’t expect Chu Yi to know the agreement so well that he even used it against her.

Mu Lengyu’s eyelid twitched, clearly suppressing her anger.

She thought Chu Yi was going too far!

As a girl, why couldn’t he just let it slide? Did he have to retort like this? Where was she supposed to put her face?

Did he have to show off his male superiority?!

What a jerk!

After Xu Guanghui and Su Ying signed the agreement.

Mu Lengyu immediately snatched it and turned to leave.

She never wanted to see Chu Yi and his friends again in her life!

They were weak and caused so much trouble! Such jerks!

Did her time as a B-level Biotics Man mean so little?

Why did her superiors always make her deal with these low-level Biotics Men?

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