Chapter 20 – Horrifying gym accident

Wang Yuan really didn’t know where Chu Yi got the courage to bring students to such a highly professional gym for training.

In school, it didn’t matter to train students casually.

But here, there were heavy weight equipment everywhere. If there was no professional guidance, one could easily get injured!

Chu Yi pondered for a moment and asked in return, “Am I not professional?”

Wang Yuan’s face turned black. How dare you ask such a question?

He suppressed his anger and asked, “Do you have a physical education coaching certificate?”

Chu Yi shook his head, “No!”

Wang Yuan asked again, “Do you have a fitness coaching certificate?”


“Do you have a national athlete certificate?”


Wang Yuan: “…”

If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. What’s with that proud tone of yours?

Wang Yuan impatiently said, “So, are you saying you’re professional?”

Chu Yi didn’t hesitate, “Professional!”

Wang Yuan: “…”

Damn it!

Are you here to do stand-up comedy with me?!

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao almost couldn’t hold back their internal injuries.

Wang Yuan couldn’t take it anymore and firmly said, “Chu Teacher, I disagree with you training students here!”

Chu Yi sat down on a chair nearby and said to himself, “Why do I need your permission?”

“I am the director of physical education! I am your superior!”

Chu Yi calmly said, “Today is a rest day, and this is not a school. Everyone is equal.”

His face clearly said: I won’t listen to you!

Wang Yuan was about to explode with anger. He resisted the urge to punch him, took a deep breath, and reluctantly regained his composure. After observing Chen Hao and the others for a while, he came up with a compromise:

“How about this, let me train them. What do you think?”

Chu Yi raised an eyebrow and looked at Chen Hao and the others, asking, “Who do you want to train with?”

The three of them didn’t hesitate, “Teacher Chu!”

Wang Yuan couldn’t believe his eyes, “Why?!”

Am I not a thousand times more professional than Chu Yi?!

I voluntarily work overtime to train you, and you still don’t want it?!

Xu Guanghui didn’t hesitate, “Because Teacher Chu is more professional!”

Although Chen Hao and Su Ying thought this guy had a low emotional intelligence, they didn’t refute him.

Wang Yuan was dumbfounded and started to doubt his life.

“Chu Teacher, did you brainwash them?!”

Chu Yi was a little impatient. He glanced at the time and said, “There’s half an hour left. I’ve booked this place. Wang Teacher, please leave quickly.”

Wang Yuan was shocked, “You’re the one who booked it?!”

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao also looked at him in surprise.

They thought it was some big shot who booked the place for training, but it turned out to be Chu Yi.

Is it necessary for you… to book the place?

Chu Yi couldn’t be bothered with them. He looked around the gym with interest and finally focused his gaze on the bench press area. “Oh, pushing such heavy weights?”

On the bench press, there was a muscular man who looked like the Hulk. His elbows were already wrapped in protective gear.

The barbell in front of him was almost full of weight plates, weighing 220 kilograms!

There were also two people standing on both sides of the barbell, protecting him.

Judging from the extremely serious expression on the muscular man’s face, he was probably pushing his limit in bench press.

Many people in the gym were attracted to it and excitedly gathered to watch the bench press of the master.

Wang Yuan glanced over there and casually said, “Oh, that person was the runner-up in the powerlifting competition in Shuzhou City last year.”

In his heart, he was thinking about how to persuade Chu Yi to give up the idea of teaching students here.

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao’s gaze was also drawn to the terrifying weight of the bench press. Their eyes were filled with shock and admiration.

Wang Yuan’s maximum squat weight was 220 kilograms.

This person was bench pressing 220 kilograms!

What kind of concept was this?

Using only the muscles of the arms and chest to push up a weight of 440 pounds!

Literally twisting the arms more than the legs!

This was too amazing!

“Is this weight heavy?” Chen Hao expressed his confusion. He felt like he could lift it with one hand.

Yuan Ye frowned and couldn’t help but say, “440 pounds! Do you think it’s heavy?”

“It’s just so-so!” Chen Hao shrugged.

Yuan Ye was speechless. Was this newbie to fitness so clueless about weight?

Du Yongchao furrowed his brows as he looked at Chen Hao’s thin and weak figure. He couldn’t figure out how he dared to say such a thing.

Could it be that training with Chu Yi had made him lose his mind?

At this moment, the muscular man began his bench press.

He took a deep breath, grabbed the barbell with both hands, and actually lifted the 220-kilogram barbell off the rack!

Then, the barbell slowly descended to his chest.


The muscular man roared, exerting all his strength to slowly lift the barbell. It was about to be successfully pushed up!

Wang Yuan, Yuan Ye, Du Yongchao, and the onlookers couldn’t help but become nervous. They held their breaths, focused their attention, and stared intently.

It was as if they were witnessing a miracle.

However, at this moment, something unexpected happened!

There was a crisp sound of a fracture!


The muscular man let out a scream of pain. His arm was broken!

The 220-kilogram barbell directly smashed onto his chest!

The two people responsible for protecting him quickly tried to grab the barbell, but the weight was too heavy. They couldn’t hold it at all!

The onlookers nearby stared in horror, completely unable to react, and could only watch the barbell fall!

One of the most terrifying fitness accidents had occurred!

A weight of 220 kilograms, smashing onto the chest. The consequences were unimaginable!

The sternum would almost instantly fracture, piercing through the lungs and even the heart!”It’s over!”

Wang Yuan and the others let out a simultaneous cry of alarm.

They had never expected to witness such a horrifying gym accident!

Even a god couldn’t save the situation now!

The barbell was about to smash into the muscular man’s chest.

Everyone’s hearts were in their throats!

Just then!

A figure moved at a speed too fast for the naked eye to follow, almost like a flash, and rushed to the side of the bench press!

Under the shocked and incredulous gazes of everyone, the figure grabbed the barbell with one hand and lightly placed it back on the rack.

It was as if he was holding a wooden stick instead of a 220-kilogram barbell!

In that moment, it seemed as if the air itself had frozen.

The entire gym fell into a deathly silence.

Everyone was staring, speechless, at the figure, scrutinizing his skinny frame. Their brains were almost smoking, unable to comprehend how he had done it.

This was a 220-kilogram barbell!!

You lifted it with one hand?!

Are you Peter Parker?!

Wang Yuan stared blankly at the slender figure, barely managing to squeeze out two words through gritted teeth: “Chen…Chen Hao?!”

Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao turned to look at each other stiffly, both seeing the shock and disbelief in each other’s eyes.

What had they just seen?

Chen Hao, a skinny guy, had effortlessly lifted a weight they couldn’t even squat?!

That was a fifth of a ton!

Are you a human jack?

Is this something a human can do?!

We must be dreaming… right?

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