Chapter 19 – Wang Yuan meets at the gym

Shuzhou City, Dongchuan District.


A bustling commercial street, the 15th floor of a building.


Dawn Fitness Center.


This is a gym with a focus on weightlifting. Although the decoration is minimalist, the equipment is very heavy, and the trainers are very professional.


It is usually the choice of fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes.


At noon, there are still more than twenty people working out in the gym, almost all of them are muscular fitness enthusiasts, and some are girls with exaggerated curves.


Squat rack.


Wang Yuan is squatting with two muscular students.


"Keep your back straight! Knees! Don't let your knees extend forward!"


"The premise of lifting heavy weights is to ensure proper form, otherwise you can easily get injured! Understand?"


Wang Yuan is giving serious instructions.


One student is attempting to squat with a weight of 180kg, his face is grimacing, and he lets out beast-like roars from his throat, with veins popping on his calves.




But in the end, he fails.


Wang Yuan and another student help him put the 180kg barbell back on the squat rack.


The person instantly collapses like a deflated balloon, lying on the ground with a face full of pain, gasping for breath.


"Squatting with 180kg and being able to stand up halfway, at your age, is already very strong."


Wang Yuan smiles with satisfaction, then waves his hand. "Yuan Ye, get up! Let's do another set of frog jumps!"


Yuan Ye, lying on the ground, changes his expression drastically and waves his hands repeatedly. "No more! I can't do it anymore, Teacher Wang! I'm already exhausted!"


Another student, Du Yongchao, mocks him. "Can't do it anymore? You little trash!"


Yuan Ye retorts, "If you dare, try squatting with 180kg! 360 pounds! You can't even lift the bar!"


Du Yongchao sneers, "Ha! Is that all? I can do bicep curls with 200kg!"


"You're a loser!"




"What if I call you that?!"


"What if I do?!"




Wang Yuan watches the two arguing with speechlessness and impatience. "Alright, alright! Take a break. We've been working out for almost an hour."


He sits down on the bench press and takes a sip of water.


Curiously, Yuan Ye asks, "Teacher Wang, what's your maximum squat weight?"


Wang Yuan casually answers, "220kg."


"Damn, that's impressive!"


Du Yongchao and Yuan Ye exclaim in unison, their faces filled with astonishment.


After all, the maximum squat weight for China's weightlifting champion is only 280kg!


Of course, it's not just about comparing weights. After reaching a certain weight, every additional pound becomes extremely difficult.


But a squat weight of 240kg is enough to crush 99% of people. It's definitely top-tier!


Facing the admiring gazes of the two students, Wang Yuan can't help but feel proud. "Don't forget, I used to be a weightlifting coach for the provincial team next door. I've regressed now, but I used to be able to squat 260kg."


Du Yongchao and Yuan Ye exclaim again, "Impressive! Amazing!"




Wang Yuan waves his hand. "Alright, stop flattering me. Let's continue for another half an hour. We won't be able to come in the afternoon. There's a private event here."


"What?" Yuan Ye immediately becomes unhappy. "Who? They're renting out the gym?"


Du Yongchao also says, "Yeah, we all have annual memberships. They can't stop us from working out, can they?"


"Do you think you have a say? If they have money, can't they do it?" Wang Yuan says irritably. "The gym owner said everyone's annual membership will be extended by one day, so it won't affect us."


"Oh, okay! No problem!"


"Cheers! It's like we got a free day!"


The three of them continue chatting, and the conversation eventually turns to Chu Yi.


Yuan Ye lowers his voice, looking like he's gossiping. "Teacher Wang, I heard that Chu from Class 20 has been taking a few students to the small woods this week."


Speaking of this, Du Yongchao is no longer tired. "Yeah, yeah! And I heard it's two boys and a girl! What do you think Chu is doing? He's so energetic!"


Yuan Ye smirks. "Hehehe…"


"What the fuck are you guys talking about?"


Wang Yuan furrows his brows instantly and scolds, "Do you understand the meaning of respect? No matter what, Chu is still a teacher! What nonsense are you talking about?!"


Yuan Ye shrinks his neck and quickly says, "Sorry, sorry… We're just curious…"


Du Yongchao awkwardly adds, "Uh, yeah, what Chu is doing really makes us wonder…"


"Can you young people not have such dirty thoughts?" Wang Yuan furrows his brows and explains, "Chu is probably taking the three of them to train individually in the woods…"


Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao exchange a glance with a look that says, "Do you believe that explanation?"


Wang Yuan falls silent, his brows furrowing even tighter.


He hadn't really thought about this matter before.


Now, influenced by the two students, when he starts to think about it, he can't help but feel extremely worried!


Chu Yi takes those three students to secluded places without surveillance every day. What exactly is he doing?


Is he really just giving them private physical education lessons?


That's bullshit!


Just as Wang Yuan is lost in thought, he seems to catch a familiar figure in his peripheral vision. He instinctively looks over and is immediately stunned.


On the other side, Chu Yi, who has just entered the gym, also looks at him in surprise.


Du Yongchao mutters, "What a coincidence?"


"Chu Yi… Teacher? What are you doing here?" Wang Yuan walks over, looking puzzled as he sizes up Chen Hao and the other two behind Chu Yi.


Yuan Ye and Du Yongchao exchange astonished glances, then follow with interest.


They could never have imagined that they would encounter the teacher and students from Class 20, who are known for being weak and sickly, in a place like this.


What are they here for?


"Uh…" Chu Yi hesitates for a moment, then honestly says, "I brought them here to train."


"You brought them to train?"


Wang Yuan and the others look at Chen Hao and the others with skeptical eyes.


Chen Hao's face turns pale, and his legs are trembling from the roller coaster ride he just took.Xu Guanghui was carrying five or six bags of stuff, all filled with barbecue, milk tea, snacks, hamburgers…


Su Ying was holding a large one, originally enjoying her food, but after seeing the look in Wang Yuan's eyes, she hesitated for a moment and carefully hid it behind her.


Wang Yuan's eye twitched.


What kind of combination was this?!


Were they sure they came to the gym to train?!


Du Yongchao was trying hard to hold back his laughter.




Yuan Ye couldn't hold it in any longer and burst out laughing.


Chu Yi looked at him in confusion: "Did you also run 11.74?"


Yuan Ye: "Huh?"


Wang Yuan rubbed his forehead, feeling a slight headache. He was completely speechless at Chu Yi's offbeat behavior.


However, it seemed like Chu Yi was really tutoring these three students in physical education.


He wasn't as irresponsible as he had thought.


This relieved Wang Yuan a bit, but he immediately looked at Chu Yi seriously and warned:


"Teacher Chu, please don't mess around. Fitness training is a very professional matter. If there are mistakes in the training, students can easily get injured, especially here."

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