Chapter 18 – Zero calories!

But obviously, no one believed it.

The other physical education teachers couldn’t hold it anymore.

You still give private tutoring?

You still train students in sports individually?

You still improve students’ sports level?

Teacher Chu, your excuse is too ridiculous, okay?

You have a bit of a sense of humor.

Even Fan Qingling gave him a speechless look, feeling helpless in her heart: Sister, I’m doing my best to cover for you, but you’re just fooling around here…


Suddenly, someone couldn’t help but laugh out loud, then their expression changed and they quickly stopped laughing, sitting up straight.

Chu Yi looked at the person in confusion, “What are you laughing at?”

The person said seriously, “I, I remembered something happy.”

Chu Yi pondered for two seconds and said, “Your… your wife gave birth?”

“Yes, yes, yes… oh no!” The person nodded, then quickly shook his head, “Uh, yes, one of my students ran 100 meters in 11.74 seconds in the exam, reaching the national second-level athlete standard!”


Another person couldn’t hold it and laughed out loud.

Chu Yi looked at the person again, “What are you laughing at?”

The person forced a smile and said, “I… I also had a student who ran 11.74 seconds.”

Chu Yi couldn’t help but ask, “Can you cheat in a physical education exam?”

“Hahaha… cough cough!” Fan Qingling couldn’t hold it either, but immediately stopped and pretended nothing happened.

“That’s enough!” Wang Yuan’s face had turned even darker than an iron pot, and he laughed in anger, “Teacher Chu, do you believe in the excuse you came up with?”

“I’m just telling the truth, whether you believe it or not is up to you.” Chu Yi shrugged and continued.

“You!” Wang Yuan’s eyes almost spewed fire, gritting his teeth, he said, “Teacher Chu! Are you being responsible? Are you worthy of the students? Are you worthy of the trust the school leaders have in you?!”

Chu Yi didn’t care and said, “You’re talking as if the school leaders have trusted me.”

Wang Yuan’s eye twitched, looking at his indifferent appearance, he really had nothing to say.

He could only suppress his anger. Although he wanted to curse Chu Yi out loud, he didn’t dare to say anything too excessive. He felt extremely aggrieved.

He had heard that Chu Yi’s relationship seemed to have reached the level of the principal.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to slack off like this and not be expelled from the school.

Seeing this scene, the teachers’ eyes towards Chu Yi became more envious.

Having connections really made one fearless.

In this strange atmosphere, Wang Yuan quickly ended the meeting and left, obviously very angry.

“Alright! Let’s go eat!”

Chu Yi cheered and got up, rushing out of the meeting room towards the cafeteria.

“Hey! Wait for me!”

Fan Qingling quickly packed up the documents and hurriedly followed.

Seeing this, the teachers’ eyes became even more envious.

Not only could they be lazy all day, but they also had a beautiful girl sticking to them every day…

Ah, the gap between people is greater than the gap between people and dogs!

Early the next morning.

At the entrance of North Hill High School, the four of them gathered.

Chen Hao was puzzled, “Master, didn’t you say we booked the gym in the afternoon today? Why did you call us out so early?”

Xu Guanghui and Su Ying also looked at him with confusion.

“Yes, we’ll go to the gym for training in the afternoon.” Chu Yi smirked, “In the morning, of course, we’re going to have fun!”

The three of them were a bit confused.

Have you ever seen a teacher taking students out to play when the college entrance examination is approaching?

“What’s with that look? Rest days are meant for playing, aren’t they?” Chu Yi said naturally.

“Well, that’s true. Where do we go to play then?” Xu Guanghui asked.

Several inappropriate places immediately came to Chu Yi’s mind, but those places were definitely not suitable for bringing students, so he had to ask back, “Do you have any places you want to go? Amusement park?”

Chen Hao was speechless, “Master, do you think we’re elementary school students?”

Chu Yi said irritably, “What’s wrong with the amusement park? It may be a bit childish for elementary school students, but for me, it’s just right!”

Chen Hao had nothing to say.

Xu Guanghui didn’t mind, “Then let’s go.”

Su Ying hesitated and asked weakly, “Master, isn’t that place expensive?”

Xu Guanghui looked at her in surprise and blurted out, “You haven’t even been to an amusement park?”

“What the damn are you talking about?” Chu Yi glared at him and scolded.

Xu Guanghui was stunned and looked at Su Ying, who was lowering her head in self-doubt, and immediately panicked, “Ah, I didn’t mean that!”

“Alright, it’s not expensive, I’ll treat you guys.” Chu Yi patted Su Ying’s shoulder, then glared at Xu Guanghui again, and turned around and waved, “Let’s go.”

Su Ying followed with her head down.

Xu Guanghui scratched his head and approached Chen Hao, asking, “Mouse, did I say something wrong?”

Chen Hao rolled his eyes, “You’re talking like you’re smearing honey.”

Xu Guanghui: “…”

Chen Hao lifted his leg and followed, glancing at him, “Also, how many times have I told you, call me Senior Brother, got it?”

Xu Guanghui immediately sneered, “Just you? Just you think you’re worthy! I’m faster in cultivation speed than you!”

“Don’t talk nonsense! I became Master’s first disciple 9 hours earlier than you, so I’m the Senior Brother!”

Chen Hao proudly beckoned to Xu Guanghui, “Come on, little junior brother, follow your senior brother quickly, I’ll buy you candy later.”

“Fuck you!”

Feeling insulted, Xu Guanghui suddenly became furious and punched Chen Hao in the back.”Damn! A sneak attack? Young man, you have no martial ethics!”

Chen Hao turned around and threw a punch: “Take my left jab!”

Xu Guanghui lifted his leg for a kick: “Take my right roundhouse kick!”

“Damn! Lightning Five Whip Combo!”

“Catch! Transform! Release!”

Su Ying silently watched the two men acting crazy, feeling out of place with her normal self.

Chu Yi was also speechless, looking at Su Ying who was quietly following him, he couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction.

His female disciple was indeed well-behaved!

They headed towards the foot of the North Mountain. Surprisingly, some kebab shops and burger milk tea shops on the roadside were already open early in the morning, probably because it was Sunday.

Chu Yi hadn’t left the school for several months and couldn’t help but crave some food. He simply bought some burgers, fried chicken, milk tea, and kebabs, and then shared them with his three disciples.

“Master is treating you, don’t be shy!” Chu Yi bit off half of a burger.

Holding a burger, Chen Hao hesitated: “It’s so high in calories, won’t I gain weight?”

Chu Yi glanced at him: “Look at the ingredient list on the burger packaging, see how many calories it has?”

Chen Hao looked at the burger back and forth several times: “There’s none! There’s no ingredient list printed on it!”

Chu Yi said: “None? Then it’s zero calories! No calories, eat without worry!”

Chen Hao looked at the burger and fell into thought: “Makes sense!”

Holding an ice cream, Xu Guanghui asked: “Master, what about mine? There’s an ingredient list on it, I checked, it’s quite high in calories.”

Chu Yi said impatiently: “Is your ice cream cold?”

“Of course it’s cold!”

“Where does the heat come from in something cold? It’s also zero calories! Eat without worry!”

“Oh… but why is it so sweet?”



Su Ying held back her laughter, silently took a bite of her burger, but her eyes couldn’t help but moisten a bit.

It’s so delicious…

Is this what a burger tastes like?

Seeing Chen Hao and the others acting as if it was normal, Su Ying didn’t dare to admit she had never eaten one before, she could only silently remember this touching moment.

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