Chapter 17 – What’s the deal with you taking students into the small forest every day?

The next day, Chu Yi gave the handwritten copies of “Great Red Flame Demon Technique” and “Jade Clear Heart Technique” to Xu Guanghui and Su Ying respectively. Both of them officially mastered the techniques in less than half an hour.

Chu Yi received two feedback rewards again, but his luck was a bit poor. He obtained two Brass Level techniques and a book called “Cultivation Scriptures and Dao Teaching Manual”. It was not the cultivation he wanted the most!

“System Brother, did you secretly adjust the feedback drop rate?” Chu Yi reasonably suspected.

【The feedback rewards from this system are absolutely fair and just!】

【I checked the host’s luck today, and it is relatively poor! It is reasonable to receive such rewards!】

Chu Yi sighed, feeling helpless as a non-mainstream player!

He looked at Chen Hao and the other two sitting cross-legged in front of him, their bodies surrounded by different lights, and there was some worry in his eyes.

What they wanted now was naturally to improve their cultivation.

In other words, Chu Yi had to help them improve their cultivation in order to receive feedback rewards.

It wasn’t difficult, considering their talents.

But, this meant that Chu Yi really had to teach them every day!

Chu Yi focused his attention on the “Cultivation Scriptures and Dao Teaching Manual” in the system backpack and suddenly understood the purpose of the system giving him this thing.

Forcing me to work, huh?

I just want to be lazy…

Chu Yi sighed in his heart and helplessly started reading this manual.

In the following days, Chu Yi brought Chen Hao and the other two into a small forest every day to cultivate, and their cultivation level continued to increase.

The other students in Class 20 began to look at them strangely.

Why does Teacher Chu bring a girl and two boys into the small forest every day? What are they doing?

Chu Yi couldn’t be bothered to explain. If a student was curious and came to sneak a peek, he would be able to sense it with his keen senses, and he wasn’t afraid of being discovered.

Soon, it was Saturday, and tomorrow would be a rest day.

Chen Hao and the other two seemed to have made an agreement. Their cultivation levels were all stuck at the bottleneck of breaking through the second level of Foundation Establishment. They were just a little bit away from a breakthrough.

According to what was written in the manual, they needed to undergo intense physical training.

Foundation Establishment, as the name suggests, is about laying the foundation.

At this stage, refining the physical body to the extreme is necessary to create a perfect vessel and lay a solid foundation for carrying stronger True Elements in the future.

“Doesn’t this require high-intensity strength training?” Chu Yi rubbed his chin and fell into deep thought.

In many novels, cultivators at this stage would use heavy objects for training, such as squatting and running while carrying a huge rock, in order to refine their bodies.

The school doesn’t seem to have this condition!

He couldn’t possibly let Chen Hao and the others carry the podium and run on the playground, right?

After thinking for a while, Chu Yi quickly thought of a very suitable place.

The gym!

“Do you all go home on Sundays?” Chu Yi immediately asked the three of them.

They all shook their heads.

Chen Hao said, “Usually, we stay at the school on weekends. We are in our third year of high school, and time is tight. Our parents also want us to stay at school and study a bit more.”

Xu Guanghui added, “Yes, especially in the current situation, my parents want me to do physical exercises at school every day until I die!”

Su Ying remained silent, listening to the two of them, her expression somewhat dim.

She came from a rural area, and she also attended middle school there.

North Hill High School, the worst school in the city, was seen by others as a school for underachievers. But Su Ying managed to enter the school solely based on her own efforts.

She cherished the opportunity to study in the city and buried herself in studying every day during her three years of high school.

Originally, with her grades, it would have been no problem for her to get into a top-tier university. But then the new college entrance examination policy came out…

Su Ying didn’t dare to mention this to her parents, afraid that they wouldn’t be able to accept it.

She had truly despaired before. To enter a top-tier university, she needed a score of 90 in physical education, which was like a death sentence for her.

But now…

Feeling the immense power within her body, she had no doubt that she could punch a cow to death.

She was extremely grateful to Chu Yi.

Although this cultivation thing was really absurd, she still had a dream-like feeling of unreality.

But the supernatural changes in her body couldn’t be faked.

At this moment, Chu Yi’s image in her heart was no longer just a teacher or a master, but a benefactor who had saved her life.

Chu Yi nodded, “Alright, tomorrow I will take you all out to have some fun and help you break through your realms.”

After the physical education class in the afternoon, it was time for the regular meeting.

As soon as Chu Yi sat down in the meeting room, he instinctively started to doze off, even though he had already reached the fifth level of Foundation Establishment and had enough energy to stay awake for ten days and nights.

But he couldn’t resist the “getting sleepy during meetings” rule!

Wang Yuan was speaking on the stage, Chu Yi was dozing off below, and Fan Qingling was covering for him on the side.

As soon as Wang Yuan saw Chu Yi with an unhappy look, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He suddenly slammed the table and angrily shouted at Chu Yi, “Teacher Chu! Please don’t go too far!”

Chu Yi woke up abruptly, looking confused. “Ah? Is the meeting over?”

Fan Qingling:…

Wang Yuan’s face turned black, and his hand trembled with anger.

The other teachers were holding back their laughter and had already imagined the most heartbreaking thing in their lives.

Seeing that Wang Yuan was about to explode, Fan Qingling quickly intervened, “Director Wang, don’t be angry. Teacher Chu is probably just tired today…”

As she spoke, she herself felt a bit lacking in confidence.Wang Yuan was so angry that he laughed, “He’s too tired? Where is he tired? Is he tired from hiding in the woods with his students every day, doing nothing? Tired from only having one class to manage, and not even taking responsibility for it?”

Chu Yi helplessly said, “Director Wang, let’s be honest, what else can my students do right now besides slacking off? Training? The key point is that they could faint from just a bit of sun exposure.”

“They are inherently unsuitable for physical training. I let them slack off for their own safety.”

“But at least you should show some attitude as a teacher, right?! What does it look like, being so lazy every day?!”

Wang Yuan clearly had a long-standing grudge against Chu Yi, and he couldn’t hold back this time:

“Fine, I won’t talk about the past. Teacher Chu, can you explain to me why your students have reported to me multiple times this week that you hide in the woods with three students every day and ignore the rest? What’s going on?!”

Chu Yi’s eye twitched.

Damn, there’s a mole!

How was he supposed to explain this? Say he took the students to cultivate immortality?

That was obviously not going to work.

Chu Yi pondered for a moment, then said, “I saw some hope in those three students, so I took them for some extra tutoring, gave them some individual training. And you know what, their physical fitness has improved quite a bit this week.”

In a sense, this was also the truth.

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