Chapter 16 – Oh! Uh! Let’s claim some rewards!

In the end, Xu Guanghui was defeated.


Firstly, because he was a mortal, he couldn't compare to Chen Hao's stubbornness.


Secondly, the body-refining liquid gradually took effect, causing a sharp pain in his abdomen and a strong desire to vomit.


"Damn!" Xu Guanghui straightened his body, his eyes widened, and he got up and sprinted towards the toilet a hundred meters away!


Su Ying's face also turned slightly red as she ran holding her stomach.


"Damn! I won!!"




Suddenly, Chen Hao burst into wild laughter.


He was seen holding his bloody head, staggering to his feet, pointing in the direction Xu Guanghui had left, and proudly saying, "Hahaha! You dare to compare yourself to me? I became a disciple yesterday! You guys are at most outer disciples! I am a core disciple…"


As he spoke, Chen Hao's voice gradually weakened, his eyebrows furrowed, and he held his head in confusion, "Master, why do I feel a little dizzy?"


Chu Yi said softly, "Take a deep breath, dizziness is normal. You knocked your head two hundred times."


"Oh!" Chen Hao suddenly realized, then his eyes rolled back, and he fainted with a slap.


Chu Yi looked at him kindly and couldn't help but sigh, "Youth is good, just fall asleep when you want to."


It's not a big deal.


With Chen Hao's current physique, he would wake up in a while, and the wound on his head would heal in less than two and a half hours.


At this time, the wound on his fist had also healed almost completely.


Chu Yi turned and walked a few steps towards the depths of the forest, taking a glance at the several trees that Chen Hao had broken.


Although they were only as thick as a person's head, the power to break the tough tree trunks was not to be underestimated.


Could a Foundation Establishment cultivator without any cultivation technique have such strong physical strength?


Chu Yi had a clearer understanding of the strength of cultivators.


He didn't know how strong he was himself.


There was no place to test it.


When Chu Yi returned to where they were before, Chen Hao had already woken up and was sitting there, smiling foolishly.


"Here, take this." Chu Yi took out a small notebook from his body and handed it to him.


"What is this, Master?" Chen Hao took it with confusion.


"The cultivation technique 'Orient Loong Body Refining Technique', it's a handwritten copy by me." Chu Yi said lightly, actually, he copied it last night according to the cultivation technique in the system's backpack.


"Cultivation technique?! Fuck! Thank you, Master!!"


Chen Hao suddenly became ecstatic, and it seemed like he was about to kneel and kowtow again.


"Alright, alright!" Chu Yi quickly stopped him, "Your brain is not very good, don't knock your head anymore."




Chen Hao chuckled foolishly and excitedly flipped through the cultivation technique in his hand.


Chu Yi didn't say anything and silently waited for the prompt sound from the system.


[Host has successfully helped Xu Guanghui! Feedback reward issued: 'Blood Red Evil Fire Skill'.]


[Blood Red Evil Fire Skill: Iron-level top-grade fire attribute cultivation technique, consisting of seven layers: Initial, Gather Flame, Blaze, Fiery Blaze, Inferno, Skyfire, and Sun. After cultivating all seven layers to perfection, one can boil the sea and walk on the surface of the sun.]


[Host has successfully helped Su Ying! Feedback reward issued: Ten years of cultivation, 'Jade Clear Heart Technique'!]


[Jade Clear Heart Technique: Iron-level top-grade cultivation technique. This technique originates from the purest spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Only those with a pure heart and extremely high talent can cultivate it. Practitioners of this technique have excellent healing abilities.]


"Okay, these rewards are barely acceptable." Chu Yi glanced at the reward list with satisfaction, then directly received and used the ten years of cultivation.


[Please select the cultivation technique or martial skill you want to match!]


"I have already cultivated the 'Orient Loong Body Refining Technique', can I still cultivate other techniques?" Chu Yi asked.


[Of course! This system is awesome like that! However, you can only match one technique at a time, and other techniques will not be enhanced!]


"Will there be any conflicts? What if I go astray?"


[Absolutely not! The true elements of various attributes will coexist peacefully in the host's body!]


"That's great!" Chu Yi's eyes lit up, "Then let me match the 'Jade Clear Heart Technique'!"


[Sorry! Please respect the attributes of each technique. The 'Jade Clear Heart Technique' requires the cultivator to have a pure heart, which you cannot cultivate!]


"What the damn! My heart is impure? Tell me! Where am I impure? I am clearly a righteous gentleman, right?!"


[You peek at Fan Qingling's thighs every day.]


"I choose to match the 'Blood Red Evil Fire Skill'."


[Okay! Ten years of cultivation has been issued!]


[Congratulations to the host for advancing to the fifth level of Foundation Establishment (equivalent to a B-level biotics man)!]


['Blood Red Evil Fire Skill' has reached the second layer, 'Gather Flame', and can condense flames with a single thought!]


"That's good." Chu Yi felt the scorching power in his body and was very satisfied.


Having reached the fifth level of Foundation Establishment by cultivating two techniques, he wondered how strong his combat power was.


At this time, the system's voice sounded again: [Congratulations to the host for helping Chen Hao successfully! Feedback reward issued: 10 Spirit Element Pills, 10 Life Extension Pills.]


[Spirit Element Pill: After taking it, a large amount of true element can be restored.]


[Life Extension Pill: After taking it, lifespan increases by 10 years.]


Chu Yi was stunned and turned his head abruptly to look at Chen Hao.


He saw Chen Hao sitting cross-legged, his brows furrowed, and a faint green light swirling around him, even his skin seemed to exude a dripping greenness.


Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that the green light surrounding Chen Hao was actually strands of mist, derived from the wood elemental spiritual energy contained in the surrounding plants.


The attribute of the Orient Loong was wood, so naturally, the 'Orient Loong Body Refining Technique' was also a wood attribute cultivation technique.


"He succeeded so quickly?"Chu Yi's face showed shock. Was this what a cultivation talent of over 90 points looked like?


He had just given him the cultivation method less than twenty minutes ago, and he had already grasped the basics?




"Well, it's all thanks to my excellent teaching!" Chu Yi nodded with a sense of pride.


At this moment, Xu Guanghui and Su Ying returned. When they saw Chen Hao sitting cross-legged on the ground, his body enveloped in a green mist, they were once again shocked.


"Is he… cultivating?"


Xu Guanghui guessed, his injury from kowtowing had already healed, and his overall spirit had greatly improved.


Su Ying was also glowing, staring blankly at Chen Hao.


Chu Yi used his Insightful Eye on them and found that their cultivation levels had already reached the first level of Foundation Establishment.


"That's right, he's cultivating." Chu Yi said, "Do you want to cultivate too?"




The two of them spoke in unison. Having already felt the effects of the body refining spirit liquid, they no longer doubted Chu Yi's identity as a cultivator.


Chu Yi's mouth curled up, "Chen Hao has already acknowledged me as his master yesterday, what about you two?"


Xu Guanghui and Su Ying exchanged a glance, and without any agreement, they both knelt down on both knees and kowtowed to acknowledge him as their master.


"Good! Tomorrow I will give you the cultivation method. Now, let me tell you about my sect rules…"


"Master, do we only have one sect rule?"


"Don't ask! If you ask, it means I haven't thought it through yet!"

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