Chapter 075 – Martial Saint Revival

If he hadn’t come, today’s massacre in the courtyard would have been a blood sacrifice to the Martial Saint, forcing the wandering players from the Simulation Field to take sides.

But since he happened to come today, Mr. Zhao changed his plan accordingly.

The ambush in the courtyard became targeted at him and Feng Zhong.

Those people successfully killed themselves, the top three players in the Simulation Field were eliminated, and Mr. Zhao, who was fourth, was promoted to first place. The remaining resources were used to target the candidates who hadn’t arrived yet and to plan the revival of the Martial Saint.

If he killed all the sacrifices in the courtyard, Mr. Zhao would join forces with him to eliminate the revived Martial Saint, end the Simulation Field, eliminate the others, and maintain the current rankings…

No matter which step he took, he wouldn’t lose.

Of course, there might be more to come.

For example, during the process of killing the Martial Saint, or at the end, he could attack him and Feng Zhong, kill himself, inherit his attributes, and still be able to defeat the Martial Saint and become the first.

No matter what the result was, everything he did would become his wedding dress, and he wouldn’t lose…

Indeed, a well-planned scheme!

Du Ge looked at Mr. Zhao upstairs and instantly understood everything. He couldn’t help but admire his intelligence. Within a month, he had joined the Qiao Family, borrowed the Qiao Family’s power to help the Peacekeeping, and set up such a big trap. Such a talent deserved to be his opponent!

At this moment, Du Ge had almost figured out the rules of the Simulation Field. The main mission was over, the assessment was closed, and those who were trying to stabilize and develop themselves would be eliminated due to their rankings.

The main mission was the real forced shrinking.

To achieve a good ranking in the Simulation Field, players had to strengthen themselves step by step while approaching the main mission.

In the end, all the strong would compete for rankings in the final round.

This way, it would prevent anyone from endlessly dragging out battles in the Simulation Field for the sake of development.

Having understood everything, Du Ge looked at the two old coins upstairs and nodded.

Although this plan was more advantageous to Mr. Zhao, it didn’t harm him either.

By ending the Simulation Field in advance, his first place position would be secure. There was no reason for him to fear being fourth or fifth. With one punch, he could break through all obstacles. No matter what conspiracy or plan, it would ultimately come down to strength.

“Brother Qi is indeed decisive.” Mr. Zhao seemed to have expected Du Ge’s agreement early on. He clasped his fists and smiled, “After leaving the Simulation Field, let’s be friends.”

Du Ge pointed to the silent girl beside him.

Mr. Zhao snapped his fingers.

In the next moment, Du Ge regained his ability to speak. He looked at the people upstairs and asked, “When will the Martial Saint revive?”

Wang San behind him reached out and gently tugged at Du Ge’s clothes. When Du Ge turned around, he opened his mouth to indicate that he still couldn’t speak.

“Mr. Zhao, what do you mean by this? Honesty is the premise of cooperation.” Du Ge frowned and said discontentedly, “Wang San is my assistant. If you don’t let him go, I will be at a disadvantage when dealing with the Martial Saint, and my hands will be tied.”

“Brother Qi, Wang San’s mouth is too dangerous. We have to be cautious. After all, Brother Qi has fallen into the trap I designed step by step. With Brother Qi’s pride, there must be some resentment in his heart.” Mr. Zhao said, “I watched the battle just now. Brother Qi’s combat power alone is enough to suppress the entire field. If we let Wang San go, I’m afraid you can kill the three of us on the spot and then go one-on-one with the Martial Saint. We are already at the end of the Simulation Field, and I don’t want to fail at the last moment. This is human nature, Brother Qi should understand, right!”

“So you’re saying that when fighting the Martial Saint, you don’t plan to participate?” Du Ge sneered.

“My keyword is strategy, and Little Xue’s keyword is silence. Neither of us is good at fighting. If we go down to fight the Martial Saint with Brother Qi, it would be difficult for Brother Qi to handle.” Mr. Zhao clasped his fists again and bowed to Du Ge, “Brother Qi, I was being petty just now. How about this, after leaving the Simulation Field, I will host a banquet at home specifically to apologize to Brother Qi. Brother Qi is the first in the Simulation Field, and as a grown-up, you surely won’t be so petty!”

“Mr. Zhao, you should know that I have always been good to my own people. Moreover, my keyword is maintenance. The more people I have to maintain around me, the stronger I become.” Du Ge smiled, “Since we have already formed a team, what else do you have to worry about? Can I still assassinate you and weaken my own attributes during the battle?”

“There is only one person in the world who can use maintenance so powerfully, and that is Brother Qi.” Mr. Zhao shook his head and smiled, “How about this, Brother Qi, you go and kill the Martial Saint first. If the Martial Saint is really powerful, I will have Little Xue release Wang San’s silence at any time, and all of us will join the battle.

If we can’t achieve this, I believe that with Brother Qi’s abilities, it would be easy for you to lure the Martial Saint to kill me. This time, Brother Qi can rest assured! I have planned so much, I won’t be a pawn for others.”

“Alright.” Du Ge looked at Mr. Zhao upstairs, too lazy to continue arguing with him. He nodded and looked at Qiao Pingjiang, asking, “When will the Martial Saint revive?”

“When there is enough blood, he will naturally revive.” Qiao Pingjiang said, “The Qiao Family only knows the specific steps of execution, but we don’t know how Qiao He was revived in the end. But the Simulation Field needs an ultimate boss, so he will definitely revive.”

Both sides tacitly didn’t dwell on the keywords. They had reached the final level, and what their keywords were didn’t matter as much anymore.

And besides.

Everyone present had their own ulterior motives, so the keywords they said were also fake. It was meaningless to ask or not ask.

Feng Zhong glared at Mr. Zhao upstairs, a hint of hostility flashing in his eyes, as if he wanted to remember his appearance. He was also suppressed by silence and couldn’t regain his ability to speak.

Du Ge no longer paid attention to the people on the tower, but looked towards the direction of the courtyard.

The courtyard had just witnessed a bloodbath, with rivers of blood flowing and the destruction caused by Sang Yan, shattering the bodies into pieces and splattering blood everywhere. But at this moment, whether it was the walls or the blood on the ground, it was slowly seeping into the ground.During their conversation, the courtyard had almost lost all its red hue.


Du Ge’s ears picked up a faint heartbeat emanating from about ten meters underground.

As time passed, the heartbeat grew faster and stronger.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

It was like someone was drumming beneath the ground.

Eventually, the entire ground began to tremble with the heartbeat. The loose tiles on the roof were shaken off, falling to the ground and making a crisp sound.

Through the eyes at the back of his head, Du Ge clearly saw the tension among the people on the tower.

Mr. Zhao pursed his lips: “It’s coming.”

Du Ge looked at Feng Zhong and Wang San, instructing, “You two stay here and don’t move.”

“Brother Qi, I’ll go with you…” Wang San tried to speak, but no sound came out. He was so anxious that he kept gesturing with his hands.

“I’ll go too.” Feng Zhong said silently.

“No, you two wait here, don’t worry about me, just keep an eye on the guy upstairs.” Du Ge smiled, not avoiding Mr. Zhao, and said directly, “We’ve worked hard to get the results we have now, don’t let someone else take advantage of us at the last minute.”

Feng Zhong was stunned, then nodded heavily, saying silently, “I will.”

Wang San also nodded in agreement.

“Brother Qi, you’re too cautious. At this juncture, you’re the main combat force. How could I possibly harm you?” Mr. Zhao shook his head helplessly, “I would need to have that ability!”

Before he could finish his sentence.

A loud boom echoed.

Dirt flew up in the courtyard, rising more than five meters high, and the wooden window lattices shattered with a crash.

A figure shot up into the sky, accompanied by a wild laugh: “Hahaha, I fucking knew this would work, I’m the number one in the Simulation Field, everyone else will die…”

Upon hearing this.

Everyone present changed their expressions.

Qiao Pingjiang, who had prepared to say “ancestor”, swallowed his words back into his throat, replacing them with: “Holy shit, someone actually possessed that mummy?”

(End of Chapter)

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