Chapter 076 – Feng Qi’s Battle Talent

Is this what they call being born at someone else’s finish line?

Du Ge looked at Qiao He in the air and was speechless.

This damn simulation field is really taking unfairness to the extreme!

Qiao He’s hair was white, and his clothes had already been torn apart due to the passage of time and the vibrations when he emerged from the ground.

Perhaps because he had drunk so much blood, he didn’t show any signs of aging. His muscles were sleek and shiny, like a sculpture carved by an artist, with just the right amount of excess and deficiency.

At this moment.

Qiao He landed lightly on the courtyard wall, completely exposed.

He looked at Du Ge and the others arrogantly, “Didn’t expect this, did you? You calculated and schemed, but in the end, you made a wedding dress for me. I always thought that I would have to stay underground for half a year before giving you a surprise.

Who would have known that you actually released me ahead of time. With over a hundred years of accumulated power and unparalleled martial arts, what does it matter if I’m only in the top ten of the simulation field? Let me tell you directly, my keyword is slaughter, and I am currently ranked last in the simulation field.”

He pursed his lips and swept his gaze over Du Ge and the others, “But don’t worry, soon that won’t be the case. I will let you witness what it means to be unrivaled in the world, what it means to be the genius of this world!”


He turned his gaze towards Du Ge, “Let’s start with you, the first in this simulation field!”

As he spoke.

His figure flickered and a residual image flashed by.

In the next instant, he was already standing in front of Du Ge, his speed not much slower than when Du Ge sprinted at full speed.

Du Ge, the number one in attributes in the world.

While others only saw Qiao He as a blur, Du Ge could clearly capture Qiao He’s movements.

The moment Qiao He arrived in front of him, Du Ge’s Golden Glow Sword had already been raised and stabbed towards Qiao He.

Qiao He flicked the Golden Glow Sword away with his fingers and then struck Du Ge’s chest with a sudden palm strike.


A tremendous force came, and Du Ge was sent flying four or five meters away, feeling a piercing pain in his chest.

Feng Zhong and Wang San were also sent flying to the sides.

Qiao He was somewhat surprised that he didn’t kill Du Ge with that strike, “Damn, it’s only been a little over a month, how did your attributes increase so much?”

Du Ge looked at him without saying a word, urgently thinking of a countermeasure.

Qiao He’s speed was similar to his own, and with the boost of internal energy, his strength seemed to be slightly higher.

But Qiao He’s understanding of martial arts had reached a profound level, while Du Ge had hardly had any time to practice martial arts. The speed he relied on before was almost useless in the face of martial arts.

So, the only way he could win might be to launch a sudden attack from behind, focusing on this skill.

“Your reaction is good, and your ability to withstand attacks is strong, but unfortunately, every move and action you make is full of flaws.” Qiao He looked at Du Ge, grinned, and said, “Once I kill you, your attributes will be mine, and there will be no one in this simulation field who can match me.”

He reached out his hand.

The long sword that had fallen in the courtyard earlier flew into his palm in an instant, “Can you withstand my palm strike? Can you block my sword?”

Qiao Pingjiang and the others on the tower seemed to be dead, looking at Qiao He below without any reaction, and there was no sign of them releasing Wang San from his language restriction. It seemed like they were waiting for Feng Qi and Qiao He to fight each other to the death.

“You idiot.” Du Ge looked at him and suddenly cursed, “There are several people in the top ten of the simulation field here, but you chose me, the strongest and hardest to kill. You should have killed them first, taken their attributes, and then come to kill me. Wouldn’t that have been more certain? Who knows, you might even awaken an advanced skill or something…”

As soon as these words were spoken.

The expressions of the people on the tower changed drastically.

Mr. Zhao cursed loudly, “Feng Qi, you bastard.”

“You have a point.” Qiao He paused for a moment, then suddenly stabbed towards Wang San with his sword, “I’ve been annoyed by you, the guy covered in skeletons.”

With a clang, his sword was blocked by Du Ge, who had suddenly rushed over.

Qiao He stabbed again.

Du Ge blocked again.

Ding ding dang dang, the clash of their swords sounded like iron striking.

Du Ge’s sternum had just been shattered by Qiao He.

But in the process of protecting Wang San, his shattered sternum quickly healed.

Qiao He’s swordsmanship was exquisite, occasionally there were sword strikes that he couldn’t block, but as long as he maintained his defense, his injuries would quickly heal.

Relying on his super recovery ability and full protection of vital areas, Du Ge fought against Qiao He’s exquisite martial arts. They exchanged more than ten moves, with Du Ge blocking while provoking, “You can kill those on the upper floor, but not my companions.”

“Is your keyword really protection?” Qiao He attacked for a long time and started to feel impatient.

“If you don’t take action against them, those guys will escape.” Du Ge said.

Upon hearing this.

Mr. Zhao anxiously said, “Qiao He, don’t be fooled by Feng Qi. Without us suppressing Wang San, you are no match for Feng Qi.”

“It’s that little girl who is suppressing Wang San. Just leave her behind!” Du Ge incited, hitting the opponent’s weak spot.

The little girl next to Mr. Zhao’s eyebrows twitched involuntarily at his words.”Feng Qi, you damn dog.” Mr. Zhao was once again caught off guard.

“Why should I risk my life while you reap the benefits?” Du Ge retorted.

“Interesting, very interesting. As expected of the top player in the Simulation Field, you’re quite clever. Fine, I’ll kill those two upstairs first.” Qiao He, hearing their argument, suddenly sheathed his long sword and turned to leap upstairs.

Qiao He was the top martial artist of his time, proficient in hundreds of martial arts styles. The height of a few floors was naturally no obstacle to him.

But the moment he turned around, Du Ge had already thrust his sword forward.


A sudden backstab, coupled with attribute bonuses and Qiao He’s complete lack of defense.

Du Ge’s sword easily slid into his buttocks.

With a scream of agony.

Qiao He slapped backwards with his palm, sending Du Ge flying.

Du Ge spat out blood, regretting that Qiao He had flown too fast. Otherwise, his sword would have pierced his heart.

Even so, Qiao He was seriously injured, with a hole in his left buttock gushing blood. If Du Ge’s sword had been a little more accurate, it would have pierced his anus.

The intense pain made Qiao He’s face twitch. He pressed a few points on his body to stop the bleeding, then turned back in fury and pounced on Du Ge again: “Feng Qi, I want you dead.”

After backstabbing the top martial artist and the biggest boss, Du Ge quickly recovered, his attributes further enhanced. He stood with his sword against Qiao He, fighting while saying, “Qiao He, don’t be angry. It was my fault. The moment you turned around, your movement was so graceful that I couldn’t help but stab you. It was a reflex. Can you go kill those guys upstairs again? This time, I promise I won’t stab you.”

“I don’t believe you.” The furious Qiao He would not believe Du Ge’s words. His sword danced so fast that it was impenetrable. In the blink of an eye, Du Ge’s arms and legs were covered in wounds.


Mr. Zhao and Qiao Pingjiang suddenly fell silent.

Having had a close brush with death, they looked at Du Ge with complex expressions, especially Mr. Zhao. He hadn’t expected Du Ge’s provocation of Qiao He to be a calculated move.

Thinking about it, if Qiao He really killed them, his attributes would skyrocket, and Feng Qi would be no match for him.

Both emotionally and logically, Feng Qi couldn’t let Qiao He succeed.

“Mr. Zhao, why don’t we let Xiao Xue release Wang San?” Qiao Pingjiang hesitated for a moment, then said, “If Qiao He wasn’t a candidate, it would be fine. But under the current circumstances, if Du Ge is killed by him and he inherits the top attributes of the Simulation Field, with double bonuses, we’re done.”

“Let’s wait a bit longer.” Mr. Zhao showed a hesitant expression.

“Qiao He, you can face me and kill them! You can even fly diagonally! My frontal attack isn’t fast. If you kill them, the wound on your buttocks will heal. It hurts so much to fight like this!” Du Ge heard their conversation and continued to provoke Qiao He, forcing Mr. Zhao to lift the ban on Wang San.

“…” Qiao He.

“…” Mr. Zhao.

Qiao He was tempted.

He was the last in the Simulation Field.

And his attribute was indeed slaughter, but since he entered the Simulation Field, he had been hiding underground and hadn’t even killed a chicken.

He had no derived skills or keyword attributes, and his fight with Du Ge relied entirely on his martial arts and internal energy.

But Qiao He was a mortal, and no matter how high his martial arts were, it still hurt to be stabbed!

If he could kill someone, not only would his injuries heal, but he could also inherit their attributes. It sounded tempting…

Before Qiao He could act, Du Ge shouted again: “Brother Zhao, Qiao He already knows how to get upstairs. Aren’t you coming down yet? I can’t protect you upstairs. If you don’t come down, when they kill you, we’ll run away. After Qiao He kills everyone else, we’ll still be in the top ten of the Simulation Field.”

One sentence.

Mr. Zhao almost bit his teeth to pieces. This Feng Qi, why was he such a bastard!

Some people were dead, but not completely dead…

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