Chapter 074 – Inception


Du Ge, with sharp ears and eyes, locked onto Mr. Zhao’s position the moment he spoke.

Seeing Mr. Zhao’s location, Du Ge frowned.

That guy must have carefully studied his skills and knew that most of his sudden attacks came from behind, and he couldn’t use lightness skill. So he chose the complex terrain of the high tower as his hiding place.

This way, even if he could break through the encirclement and rush up the high tower, he could still escape calmly.

If he set up a few traps in the high tower, maybe he could bury him. Just like how Bai Yutang in “Three Heroes and Five Gallants” was ambushed and killed by traps when he attacked the Night Talk Tower, pierced by ten thousand swords!

Indeed, there are drawbacks to being too fast.

If he had focused on practicing martial arts for three to five months, this wouldn’t be a difficult problem.

Of course, if he had truly focused on martial arts, he wouldn’t have achieved what he has now. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

There are indeed experts in the simulation field.


Since there is a high tower.

Why would they let these people besiege him in the courtyard?

From Mr. Zhao’s position, he could clearly see his actions of hanging corpses, but he still let people attack the courtyard, clearly sending those people to their deaths.

Just like the guy who tried to assassinate Wang San in secret, if the terrain had been different, he might have succeeded.

Moreover, killing these people would also increase his attributes…

There must be something wrong here.

He wouldn’t do this without benefits. Is his keyword really strategy?

Du Ge’s mind was spinning quickly, but it didn’t hinder him from killing.

His attribute values were too high. Even if Sang Yan destroyed the corpses he used for teleportation, those people still couldn’t stop him. At most, they caused some trouble. With a slight turn, he could find an opportunity to strike.

Lu Jingping, Sang Yan, and the others didn’t have time to grow. They relied entirely on advanced skills to support their attacks. The main force of the attack was actually the martial arts experts from various sects. With the support of the Mourning Soldiers Must Win skill, their martial arts were on par with Zong Gui.

More than ten days ago, perhaps they could have caused him some trouble if they had joined forces.

But now, they weren’t his opponents even in a direct confrontation.

Especially after he threw two flying knives, killing Lu Jingping and breaking their Mourning Soldiers Must Win skill, the speed and morale of these heroes suddenly dropped by a large margin. They were even less of a match for him.

With a few more moves in the courtyard, Du Ge could take away a life.

At this moment, Du Ge was more like Lin Pingzhi, who had practiced the “Evil-Dispelling Sword Manual,” relying solely on the word “fast” to dominate the world.

Of course, he was much faster than Lin Pingzhi.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t speak.

Otherwise, with such a huge advantage, with his eloquence, there was a high probability that he could persuade these people to join his side.

Even so, after three to five minutes, there were not many people left standing in the courtyard.

At the same time.

At the Kunlun Sect’s residence, where the Qiao Family was located, the usually calm and old-fashioned Senior Brother suddenly shouted “not good” and rushed out of the tent.

But soon, he returned and entered the tent of the Kunlun Sect Leader in a hurry, saying, “Master, something has happened to the Qiao Family. We need to hurry over, or it will be too late.”

“Ying Long, you have always emphasized cleanliness and rules. Why are you so flustered now?” The Kunlun Sect Leader, Huo Yiqi, looked at his senior disciple with confusion. “And how did you know that something happened to the Qiao Family?”

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and stood up abruptly, frowning as he looked at Ying Long. “A month ago, you went out to gain experience, and when you returned, your demands for the sect’s rules became even stricter. Could it be that you have been possessed by the Heavenly Demon?”

“Yes, Master, I have possessed Ying Long. At that time, he was fighting with an enemy and accidentally fell off a cliff. If it weren’t for me possessing him, he would have died long ago.” Ying Long said anxiously.


Huo Yiqi drew his long sword and pointed it at Ying Long’s throat.

“Master, although I have possessed Senior Brother, I have never done anything harmful to the Kunlun Sect. On the contrary, under my guidance, the disciples’ skills have been improving day by day. You have witnessed all of this!” Ying Long ignored the sword at his throat and said, “Now, the Kunlun Sect is facing the crisis of being wiped out. If you kill me, the Kunlun Sect will be no more.”

“What do you mean?” Huo Yiqi asked.

“At this moment, Feng Qi and the Qiao Family’s Heavenly Demon have already started fighting. Regardless of which side wins, their strength will definitely increase. With the Heavenly Demon’s nature, they will surely sweep through the entire martial world. If we don’t hurry over, we won’t even have a chance to get a share of the pie.” Ying Long said quickly.

“You were the one who said we should sit back and watch the tigers fight, and now you’re urging me to go to the Qiao Family.” Huo Yiqi frowned. “Which one should I believe? Besides, how do you know that Feng Qi and the Qiao Family are fighting?”

“The Heavenly Demons can sense each other.” Ying Long said, “At this moment, the number of Heavenly Demons in this world is rapidly decreasing. Master, why do you think Feng Qi wants to exterminate all the Heavenly Demons in the world? The Heavenly Demons can devour each other and eventually give birth to an unparalleled Demon Head.””Therefore, I must participate in this struggle. Master, the Kunlun Sect is my foundation, I will protect it, but Feng Qi and the people of the Qiao Family will not. Master, we must get there before dawn, otherwise, it will be too late.”

Huo Yi glanced at Ying Long, silently sheathed his long sword, and said, “We can’t make it in time. Even if we ride fast, it will take more than a day to reach the Qiao Family, let alone it’s night now, the horses can’t run fast, we can’t get there before dawn.”

“We have to go even if we can’t make it, what if we make it in time?” Upon hearing this news, Ying Long was almost in tears. He looked at the night sky, “Master, we can’t just sit and wait for death, please, just the two of us, can you lead the way? If I can secure a position in the Heavenly Demon battle, I swear, I will protect the Kunlun Sect for generations to come…”


Huo Yi glanced at Ying Long, shook his head and sighed, “You go prepare the horses, I will change my clothes and go with you.”

The same scene was also happening among the Blood Blade Sect, Xueshan Sect, and other sects that were still on the road.

One by one, fast horses set off from the inns and camps, heading straight for the Qiao Family.

At this moment.

Du Ge had already killed all the Heavenly Demons in the courtyard and looked up towards the direction of the tower.

Feng Zhong and Wang San, both injured, stood by Du Ge’s side, followed his gaze, and also saw the people on the tower.

Feng Zhong pointed at the tower, then pointed behind him, and mouthed, “Brother Qi, it’s about time, we should go!”

Du Ge opened his personal information and took a look.

Inside the Simulation Field.

At this moment, the number of surviving contestants was less than forty.

The female contestant with the keyword was hiding in the corner, her eyes full of shock and admiration as she looked at Du Ge.

Du Ge shook his head at Feng Zhong, stepped out of the courtyard, and walked straight towards Mr. Zhao.

Having killed so many people, he felt his attributes had improved a lot. He decided to try the tower. If he didn’t take this opportunity to get rid of Mr. Zhao and the female contestant with the “Silence” keyword, he always felt a little uneasy. His Lightness Skill should be able to rush up from the outside of the tower.

Feng Zhong and Wang San exchanged glances and followed behind Du Ge.

The strategies and silence were too much for them. If Feng Qi died, they wouldn’t survive either.

The three of them had just stepped out of the courtyard.

Mr. Zhao on the tower suddenly spoke, “Brother Qi is indeed capable, killing Heavenly Demons as if cutting melons and vegetables…”

Du Ge glanced at him, holding his blood-dripping Golden Sun Sword, and continued to walk forward.

Mr. Zhao changed his tone, “There are no eternal enemies, only eternal interests, Brother Qi, let’s cooperate!”

Du Ge stopped, looking puzzledly at the tower.

Mr. Zhao smiled and continued, “Brother Qi, you may not know, the courtyard where you just killed people is the arena where the Qiao Family has held martial arts contests over the years. Under the arena lies Martial Saint Qiao He, who has been dormant for a hundred years. He needs to absorb the fresh blood of young people with high quality and vitality to revive. The Qiao Family’s martial arts contests over the past hundred years have been planned for this purpose. Now, dozens of Heavenly Demons, as well as young heroes from the Beggar’s Sect, Tianshan Sect, and other sects, have been killed by you in the courtyard. Qiao He has absorbed so much vital blood, he should be reviving soon.”

Du Ge clearly saw Feng Zhong and Wang San simultaneously mouthing “Holy shit”.

“With Brother Qi’s intelligence, you must understand. Qiao He is the end point of this Simulation Field assessment. As long as we kill the revived Qiao He, the Simulation Field will end immediately.”

Mr. Zhao looked smug, “The three of you must be in the top three of the Simulation Field rankings, right? I am currently ranked fourth in the Simulation Field. The lady next to me with the ‘Silence’ keyword is ranked ninth in the Simulation Field. We have no intention of competing with Brother Qi for the first place.

Next, as long as we join forces to kill Qiao He, those who are watching the fight and want to take advantage of the situation won’t have time to interfere. Brother Qi will be the first, we will be in the top ten, everyone gets what they need, and everyone is happy. Brother Qi, what do you think of my plan?”

Clap! Clap!

Two claps.

Qiao Pingjiang suddenly spoke, “Brilliant, brilliant, Mr. Zhao, indeed a good strategy, using my Qiao Family as a stepping stone!”

Mr. Zhao’s face changed, and he instinctively shielded the silent lady behind him, “You’re not poisoned?”

“I, Qiao Pingjiang, am ranked fifth in the Simulation Field. Since I know what you’re going to do, how could I be poisoned?” Qiao Pingjiang winked at him and laughed.

“Damn!” Mr. Zhao was stunned, cursed, and his tense expression relaxed, he smiled bitterly, “You’re the one with good acting skills, even I was fooled by you. What’s your keyword?”

Qiao Pingjiang ignored him and looked at Du Ge, smiling, “Mr. Qi, add me in, let’s join forces!”

(End of Chapter)

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