Chapter 065 – Ding Huashan

Is this still my Huashan Sect?

Looking at the chaotic scene in front of him, Zong Gui, holding the Jin Xia Sword, looked lost and seemed to have aged more than ten years. If this continues, the Huashan Sect will be expelled from the martial world!

Why is it like this?

What did I do wrong? Why is the heavens punishing me like this?

Du Ge was very fast. In a moment, he assassinated more than ten people and even had time to return and rescue Feng Zhong.

After all,

The Huashan Formation has completely fallen into chaos, and he can always find someone with their back to him.

With his mind’s eye scanning the entire battlefield, once he observed Feng Zhong in danger, he would randomly find someone to strike and protect Feng Zhong from disaster.

Du Ge was like a black lightning, flashing through the crowd, every time he stopped, someone would fall.

“The awake disciples of the Huashan Sect, what are you dazed for? Save people! Quickly carry the injured to the side, or else they will be trampled to death! This battle is not something you can participate in. Leave and do something more meaningful with your lives.” Taking a moment to catch his breath, Du Ge stopped and loudly ordered the confused Huashan disciples, not forgetting to promote himself, “The Peacekeeping Alliance is a righteous alliance. No matter when, we always prioritize life.”

With these words, the difference between right and wrong became clear.

Regardless of Feng Qi’s true intentions, he had always been passively dealing with the conflicts provoked by the Huashan Sect…

That’s right.

The war was initiated by the Huashan Sect.

Feng Qi and the other two came up the mountain to discuss joining the Peacekeeping Alliance with the Huashan Sect. Moreover, he saw through the Huashan Sect’s plot against him and was already prepared to leave the mountain. He even pointed out that the Heavenly Demon was hiding within the Huashan Sect, giving the Sect Leader a chance to reflect and reform…

It was their own Sect Leader.

It was him who recklessly provoked him, resulting in this tragic situation.

Feng Qi didn’t provoke you at all. He wanted to eliminate the Heavenly Demon in the martial world and maintain peace for the people. Why did you have to get rid of him?

Moreover, Du Ge called for the rescue of his own enemies, while the Sect Leader was there slaying demons…

In comparison,

Those clear-minded disciples of the Huashan Sect couldn’t help but start to reflect.

After going through one incident after another in their minds, many people began to put down their weapons and silently carried their injured fellow disciples to a safe place.

With someone taking the lead, the rest of the people were even less willing to fight.

Even if they didn’t save anyone, they retreated to the side and coldly observed the situation in the field.

In no time, the crowded Huashan Square became empty.

Only two groups of people remained, centered around Wang San, running around the square, crying, laughing, shouting…

Zong Gui mechanically wielded his long sword to confront Du Ge. He saw the situation on the field and wanted to let his disciples return to the battle, but he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

Not to mention whether the disciples of the Huashan Sect would listen to him, he didn’t even know who to let them fight against.

Feng Qi?

Although most people were injured by Feng Qi, he only injured and didn’t kill. He even called for the rescue of the people from Huashan. To be an enemy to this extent, he was already righteous enough. There probably weren’t many people willing to take action against him!

Gao Hongqiao?

Gao Hongqiao was still a disciple of the Huashan Sect on the surface, helping him in the fight against Feng Qi!

This is ridiculous!

Zong Gui felt extremely frustrated. He couldn’t understand how things had developed into this mess!

This is nothing like the martial world.

If he had known it would turn out like this, he would have joined the Peacekeeping Alliance straightforwardly…

Seeing more and more people putting down their weapons, Du Ge glanced at Zong Gui and made a promise, “Don’t panic, the Huashan Sect cannot accommodate you. Join the Peacekeeping Alliance. The Peacekeeping Alliance will always be your shield.”

There weren’t many people who were influenced by Gao Hongqiao. Du Ge’s sudden strikes were fierce and fast, and in no time, there were only a few people chasing after him.

Tan Hongsheng caught a glimpse of the situation beside him and was afraid that he would be stabbed in the back by Du Ge for no reason. He made up his mind, “Everyone, who has practiced swordsmanship as well as I have? Watch me perform the Phoenix Dance…”

At the moment when the “Inward Collapse Expert” skill was activated, everyone around him was forced to stop and instinctively picked up their swords, practicing the Huashan Sword Technique with precision.

Du Ge, Wang San, Feng Zhong, Zong Gui, and everyone else were forced to interrupt their current actions and join in, following the movements with precision.

The disciples who were injured on the ground struggled to get up and practice swordsmanship, unwilling to fall behind.

From motion to stillness, the style suddenly changed.

Du Ge’s face turned dark.

Damn it.

Is this the “Inward Collapse Expert”?

You practice martial arts, and others have to practice martial arts too. Are they really all going to follow you and get involved in this mess?

If you want to eat shit, do others have to fight you for it?

This skill is even more unreasonable than Glutton!

Well, these guys’ skills are all pretty unreasonable. Compared to them, my self-sacrificing righteousness is too gentle.

If it weren’t for the fact that I started early and developed rapidly, I definitely wouldn’t be their opponent…

This person cannot be spared.

“Sect Leader Zong, after the sword practice is over, kill Feng Qi. The disciples of the Huashan Sect can join the Peacekeeping Alliance. Can you do it?” Tan Hongsheng also fell into the fear of being overwhelmed by the unreasonable skill. After withdrawing from the skill that had ruined everything, he didn’t even dare to look at Wang San and trembled as he tried to influence Zong Gui.

Do you still have the face to say that to me?

You fraud!

Zong Gui glared at Tan Hongsheng. If his sword couldn’t be swung out, Tan Hongsheng would have been stabbed to death by him long ago.What was this now? The dignified Sect Leader of Huashan, practicing basic Huashan swordsmanship with a group of people after a formal fight with Feng Qi?

Du Ge spoke before Zong Gui could: “Why can’t I go? The Peacekeeping Gang hasn’t suffered any losses, only the Huashan Sect has. My goal is to eradicate you Heavenly Demons. If I can accept disciples from the Huashan Sect, I can accept Sect Leader Zong.”

“Sect Leader, if you go to the Peacekeeping Gang, there will be no Huashan Sect left!” Tan Hongsheng protested unwillingly.

“It’s just a joint defense, not merging the Huashan Sect into the Peacekeeping Gang. What nonsense are you talking about?” Feng Zhong said, “Sect Leader Zong, this Heavenly Demon you trust is not well-intentioned. He clearly wants to push you, to push Huashan to a dead end. Think about it, haven’t they been misleading you all along?”

As soon as the tongue of right and wrong spoke, Zong Gui immediately cast a doubtful look at Tan Hongsheng, feeling more and more uneasy.


Seeing Zong Gui’s gaze, Tan Hongsheng’s heart thumped. He knew that all his plans had fallen through. The cooperation between Du Ge and his two companions was too tacit, and they couldn’t exploit any loopholes.

He took a deep breath: “Feng Qi, do I have a chance to join the Peacekeeping Gang? My keyword is competition. I can mobilize all the disobedient people in the Peacekeeping Gang. Aren’t you trying to maintain world peace? Let me lead, no one will not do their best…”

I’m afraid you’ll mobilize them to assassinate me. The bait of the top ten in the Simulation Field is too tempting, tempting enough to make anyone take risks.

The rivers and lakes are in chaos, and there’s no time to train you little calamari anymore!

Compared to you, the natives are so much easier to control, so naive and simple…

“Playing both sides, you’ve harmed the Huashan Sect enough, and now you want to harm my Peacekeeping Gang?” Du Ge glared at him and scolded, “Sect Leader Zong, you now see the harm of the Heavenly Demon. Two Heavenly Demons, one confuses the mind, the other confuses behavior, they can’t be controlled at all. Let’s join forces to kill the Heavenly Demon and end the war. The Huashan Sect can’t afford more casualties.”

Feng Qi kept blaming the Heavenly Demon, giving him a way out. How could Zong Gui not understand? He pondered for a moment, looked around at the numb faces of his disciples, sighed, and said, “Gang Leader Feng, I was misled by the Heavenly Demon before and made such a stupid mistake. The Huashan Sect is willing to join the Peacekeeping Alliance and follow the Gang Leader to kill the Heavenly Demon.”

With the last glimmer of hope stripped away, Tan Hongsheng’s face changed and he couldn’t help but curse: “Zong Gui, who misled you? It’s clear that you wanted to deal with Feng Qi yourself. You fool, you have no idea what you’re up against. Remember Tong Shihong? If you cooperate with Feng Qi, I’m afraid you’ll be swallowed up without even your bones left.”

He turned to Gao Hongqiao, “Hongqiao, I have no chance to escape. I’ll create an opportunity for you. You rush out and jump down from the back cliff. If you survive, go and contact others. Spread the skills of Feng Qi and the other two. I won’t let them get away with it even if I die…”

“Okay!” Gao Hongqiao was closest to Wang San. Without the boost of Fearless Bravery, he was terrified and didn’t dare to open his eyes. He just wanted to escape as soon as possible. Upon hearing this, he agreed readily, “I will kill Feng Qi and avenge you.”

The fact proved.

Their thoughts were too idealistic. Without winning over Zong Gui, their fate was already sealed.

As the swordsmanship routine ended, Tan Hongsheng didn’t even have time to create a second competition project before he was stabbed in the throat by Du Ge and in the heart by Zong Gui, exiting the Simulation Field with a face full of unwillingness.

With Tan Hongsheng’s death, Gao Hongqiao had no way out.

His attributes were too low. Even with the tenfold attribute boost from Fearless Bravery, he couldn’t match Du Ge’s speed.

After all, the backstabbing bonus was proportional to the attributes.

Du Ge originally had high attributes. In Huashan, he was both maintaining peace and backstabbing, fighting more and more bravely, and his attributes never stopped growing, breaking through the sky early.

Even with the “Fearless Bravery”, Gao Hongqiao only managed to run seven or eight meters before he was caught up by Du Ge and stabbed in the heart, following in Tan Hongsheng’s footsteps.

Du Ge’s attributes increased again.

This time, he finally confirmed that the increase from killing players was calculated separately from the keywords. Killing players did indeed give an extra attribute bonus.

Excellent competition mechanism!

(End of Chapter)

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