Chapter 066 – Martial World Lord

“Huashan Sect is finished.”

“If I remember correctly, it was you who said that the Peacekeeping Gang is finished, right?”

“I didn’t know Feng Qi was so powerful. If I had known, I would have helped him earlier. Maybe I could have gained some favor. Now I can say that not only is Huashan Sect finished, but the Three Gates and Five Sects are also finished. Do you believe it?”

“Is this the way to fight? Unless Martial Saint Qiao is reborn, no one can control Feng Qi anymore. It’s truly a chaotic world with the Heavenly Demon…”

“That person who followed the Heavenly Demon in practicing swordsmanship, it’s interesting. If I had trained with him, I might have become a top expert. It’s a pity that such a talented Heavenly Demon was killed by Feng Qi. What a waste of talent.”

“Talent? Didn’t you see that even the severely injured stood up when they practiced together? Do you think he can train you to death? It’s fortunate that Feng Qi’s obsession is to protect. If he were to kill, the whole world would be finished.”

“Everything has its own fate. When the Heavenly Demon appears, there will inevitably be someone like Feng Qi to clean up the mess.”

The wanderers whispered among themselves.

On the side of Huashan Sect, there was silence.

Healthy people came and went to help the injured, while those who were terrified of the Heavenly Demon, like Wang San, kept their distance and dared not approach. Even the injured dared not groan loudly.

Wherever their gaze fell, it was desolate.

Zong Gui felt bitter in his heart as he looked at Feng Qi and the others in front of him. Finally, he clasped his fists and said, “Thank you, Gang Leader Feng, for showing mercy.”

This battle completely destroyed his pride as the Sect Leader.

“What a disaster!” Du Ge sighed, his saintly compassion for the world and people fully displayed. “Without getting rid of the Heavenly Demon, the martial world will not be at peace. I hope other sects will take this as a warning. I can’t bear to see such tragedies happen again.”

If it weren’t for you, how could such a tragedy happen?

You are the biggest Heavenly Demon!

Zong Gui wanted to respond, but he felt awkward no matter how he answered, so he changed the topic. “What will Gang Leader Feng do next? Huashan Sect will fully cooperate.”

“My Divine Fist Sect will also fully support.” Tong Shihong came to their side, trembling.

When the battle was halfway through, his injuries stabilized and he could almost move. He had originally wanted to escape during the chaos, but after seeing what happened to Huashan Sect, he forcibly suppressed the thought of escape and came over to show his support as soon as the battle ended.

Huashan Sect made him realize the danger of the Heavenly Demon. Not every Heavenly Demon was as righteous as Gang Leader Feng. With their interference, the martial world would truly have no peace. Without Gang Leader Feng, the martial world would be in danger…

If you had this attitude in the letter, Huashan Sect wouldn’t have suffered such a disaster…

You bastard!

Zong Gui glanced at Tong Shihong dissatisfiedly and clasped his fists. “Master Tong is seriously injured and cannot be relied upon. Gang Leader Feng, please give me instructions.”

“Master Zong, you are mistaken. Although I am seriously injured, the Divine Fist Sect has many talented individuals. Your Huashan Sect, on the other hand, has suffered injuries and deaths. How many people can still be of use?” Tong Shihong retorted, seemingly remembering something. “Besides, you, this guy, said behind my back that my fist technique is a woman’s fighting style. Your character is rotten. I haven’t even held you accountable yet.”

“Who said your fist technique is a woman’s fighting style?” Zong Gui asked in surprise. “Where did you hear such rumors?”

“… ” Feng Zhong’s face twitched involuntarily and he looked away.

Tong Shihong was stunned, his embarrassed face turning red. This was clearly Feng Zhong’s joke, but why did I ask about it?

“Both Sect Leaders, please stop arguing. We are all one family now and we need to work together. Currently, the Heavenly Demon is spreading throughout the world, hiding in the shadows. Even if our three sects join forces, it is too slow to search for them. With Huashan Sect and the Divine Fist Sect joining the Peacekeeping Alliance, we will have some influence in the martial world. Why not let the two Sect Leaders take the lead and explain the danger of the Heavenly Demon to other sects, so that they can self-examine and find the Heavenly Demon within their own sects, and then kill them while they are weak?” Du Ge nodded and suggested.

Zong Gui and Tong Shihong glanced at each other and ignored each other.

After a moment, Zong Gui said, “Gang Leader Feng’s words are reasonable, but I believe that even with the lessons of Huashan Sect, other sects will not take Gang Leader Feng’s words seriously…”

He paused for a moment, “Gang Leader Feng may not be familiar with other sects. They are like Huashan Sect, unwilling to be restrained by the Peacekeeping Alliance. Even if they know there is a Heavenly Demon within their sect, they will think about controlling or using the Heavenly Demon first before dealing with Gang Leader Feng.”

“A group of foolish people, disregarding the harm caused by the Heavenly Demon for their own benefit.” Du Ge frowned. “If the martial world is controlled by such people, it will be destroyed sooner or later!”

Even they are cursing them!

Zong Gui and Tong Shihong felt a bit embarrassed.Zong Gui shook his head, “Gang Leader Feng, human nature is greedy. The righteousness and justice that your Peacekeeping Gang upholds are exactly what the martial world lacks now. The Three Gates and Five Sects have been used to bullying and exploiting others, and it’s inevitable that they harbor filth and corruption within their ranks. They don’t want to eliminate the Heavenly Demon, but they are more afraid that one day, if your Peacekeeping Gang grows too powerful, the butcher’s knife will fall on them. Only by getting rid of you, can they feel at ease! In their hearts, your Peacekeeping Gang is the greatest threat…”

Tong Shihong looked at Zong Gui in astonishment, his eyes clearly expressing, ‘You’ve got some nerve!’

Why should they be spared when the Huashan Sect suffered so much?

Zong Gui ignored Tong Shihong and continued, “Gang Leader Feng, your previous attitude was too mild. Only by making them fear, making them hurt, making them realize that opposing the Peacekeeping Gang will result in the extermination of their sect, will they listen to you, and only then can the martial world truly be at peace.”

Du Ge glanced at him, signaling him to continue.

Zong Gui thought for a moment, as if making up his mind, he looked at Du Ge and said seriously, “Gang Leader Feng, the martial world has been in chaos for a long time, it’s time for a Martial Arts Alliance Leader to manage it. Your skills are unparalleled, comparable to the Martial Saint a hundred years ago, and you have the ambition to protect the world. I believe that the Martial Arts Alliance Leader should be none other than you. Master Tong, what do you think?”

What are your intentions?

Are you trying to put Feng Qi on the spot, or are you trying to drag the other sects into this?

Tong Shihong’s brow twitched a few times, recalling his own experiences, he nodded affirmatively, “I also believe that Gang Leader Feng is qualified to take the position of Martial Arts Alliance Leader. Now, under the leadership of the Gang Leader, there are already the Huashan and Divine Fist Sects. If we can incorporate Taishan and Emei, we will control half of the martial world’s sects. Even if he is not the Alliance Leader, he is already the Alliance Leader. At that time, who would dare not follow his orders?”

Martial Arts Alliance Leader!

What a prestigious title…

Being able to mix up the title of Martial Arts Alliance Leader, upholding the justice of the martial world is a matter of course, and it’s even more justified!

Although Zong Gui seemed to have ulterior motives, Du Ge was still tempted. He smiled and said, “The two Sect Leaders are right, I was thinking too shallowly before. I only thought about solving the threat of the Heavenly Demon in a way that everyone could accept. Now it seems that I should act decisively to maintain world peace, and I should use iron-blooded methods!”

“Yes, we should use iron-blooded methods.” Zong Gui agreed.

“Alright, let’s settle it then. In order to eradicate the Heavenly Demon as soon as possible and restore peace to the martial world, I will take the position of Martial Arts Alliance Leader.” Du Ge quickly adapted to his new role, “Master Zong, you will immediately send people to notify the Emei, Taishan, Beggar’s Sect and other sects, asking them to thoroughly investigate the number of Heavenly Demons within their sects and the towns they control within seven days, and to kill them. If they can’t find any Heavenly Demons, it means they are intentionally harboring them, and for the sake of world peace, I will join forces with the Huashan and Divine Fist Sects to punish them. Don’t hesitate to be tough.”

“Yes.” Zong Gui responded.

Du Ge turned to Feng Zhong and said, “Feng Zhong, you write a letter to all the major sects, telling them that in twenty days, the Peacekeeping Gang will hold a Martial Arts Tournament at the top of Huashan to elect the Martial Arts Alliance Leader and discuss the matter of eradicating the Heavenly Demon. If they don’t come, they will be considered as accomplices of the Heavenly Demon, and the Peacekeeping Alliance will launch a crusade against them.”

Feng Zhong was stunned for a moment and asked, “Brother Seven, isn’t twenty days too long? Giving them so much time, there should be quite a few people growing up. If a group of Heavenly Demons come to participate in the Martial Arts Tournament, we three may not be able to cope…”


Wang San coughed, looking at Feng Zhong with a strange look in his eyes.

Feng Zhong was taken aback, and then realized where he had gone wrong.

Twenty days later, it would only be a month. In the previous Simulation Field, everyone only left the novice village after a month, but now, they were busy integrating the major sects.

And not all keywords are suitable for open combat…

Their side, ranking in the top three groups, had people and territory, what could those guys compare with them?

Indeed, he was overthinking.

“We won’t just wait here.” Du Ge, unaware of the inside story, thought Feng Zhong’s worry made sense. He turned to look at him and explained, “As soon as the messenger leaves, we will leave too, and first incorporate the nearby sects into the Peacekeeping Alliance. As long as our territory is large enough and we have enough people to use, others should weigh the pros and cons of continuing to oppose us.”

(End of Chapter)

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