Chapter 064 – Skill fight

Tan Hongsheng and Gao Hongqiao, who were acting as surprise soldiers among the third-generation disciples, looked at Du Ge and the other three who were killing everyone, and both of them were dumbfounded.

Gao Hongqiao swallowed his saliva and said, “Old Tan, these three guys are too powerful!”

Tan Hongsheng’s face turned ugly. “You made such a big commotion in just over ten days. You’re also so powerful. You don’t leave any room for others…”

Gao Hongqiao asked in confusion, “How can these three people be so tacit and trust each other? Clearly, everyone in the simulation field is in a competitive relationship. Are they acquaintances?”

Tan Hongsheng said, “The possibility of them being acquaintances is very low. At first, they might have some concerns, but if all three of them enter the top ten in the simulation field, then before eliminating others, they will have an absolutely reliable alliance.”

Gao Hongqiao was stunned. “Should we still make a move? Zong Gui obviously can’t hold on. This guy even sent several elders out…”

Tan Hongsheng said, “Do you think in the current situation, Zong Gui’s defeat, we have a chance to escape?”

Gao Hongqiao looked at Du Ge’s ghostly speed, and his face changed. “Old Tan, what if the two of us surrender? Is there a possibility that Feng Qi will take us in?”

Tan Hongsheng asked, “What is your keyword?”

Gao Hongqiao blinked. “Bravery, didn’t we already discuss this?”

Tan Hongsheng sneered and shook his head. “At a critical moment like this, is it interesting to pretend? Let’s reveal our keywords and see if there is any hope for a comeback. My keyword is competition, and my advanced skill is ‘Expert in Internal Competition.’ As long as I initiate a competition, others will involuntarily follow. The higher the attribute, the greater the influence. This keyword must rely on the sect, otherwise it is useless. This skill has too many side effects, and Feng Qi won’t use mine.”

Gao Hongqiao forced a smile. “If you don’t use it, then I definitely won’t be able to use it. My keyword is recklessness, and I have two advanced skills: Fearless Recklessness and Just Recklessness. You already know about Fearless Recklessness. When I act recklessly, all my attributes increase tenfold. Just Recklessness means that when I act recklessly, there is a certain chance that people around me will act recklessly with me. Purely negative keywords…”

“Fearless Recklessness?” Tan Hongsheng’s eyes lit up. “We still have a chance.”

“What chance?” Gao Hongqiao asked.

“Feng Qi didn’t make a move on me. Obviously, he wants to subdue the Huashan Sect. If we continue, the disciples of the Huashan Sect will either be persuaded by him or lose their morale due to his attacks.” Gao Hongqiao said, “Your skill can quickly make people chaotic. Feng Qi will never be able to truly subdue Huashan. If we come a few more times, increase our attributes, and then use Fearless Recklessness to kill one person, once we inherit his attribute value, we will be invincible.”

“Gao Hongqiao won’t give me a chance, right!” Gao Hongqiao said.

“Isn’t there still me?” Tan Hongsheng said, “As long as Feng Qi dares to make a move against you, I will use Expert in Internal Competition to make him compete with himself. Don’t forget, we are not fighting alone. Zong Gui and the disciples of the Huashan Sect are on our side! Don’t hesitate, Feng Qi will definitely not let us go. Take a risk. Maybe we will be in the top ten of the simulation field. Just don’t kill everyone. Leave one for me. As long as we survive Feng Qi’s challenge, the two of us can still dominate.”

“Okay.” Gao Hongqiao agreed readily.

The King of Internal Competition and Just Recklessness?

Gao Hongqiao and Tan Hongsheng spoke in low voices.

But their words were too secretive. Amidst the screams, Du Ge couldn’t pay attention to them.

The two of them hid behind the crowd. Du Ge could locate their positions, but he couldn’t break through the human wall in front of him and quickly deal with them…

When Feng Jiu transformed into the Glutton, he caught Du Ge off guard. Now that these two guys had exposed their abilities, Du Ge naturally wouldn’t suffer a loss again. He immediately shouted, “San’er, north, two Heavenly Demons, one is Competition, the other is Recklessness. Advanced skills: Expert in Internal Competition and Just Recklessness. When they show up later, kill them first.”

Competition and Recklessness?

Role model and bravery?

Zong Gui’s mind was in a daze, and for a moment, he didn’t think of the two Heavenly Demons. When he heard Feng Qi’s report, his nose almost went crooked. These two bastards, in such a critical situation, they still played tricks. It seemed that the Heavenly Demons had no good intentions…

“Damn, have my senses reached their peak!” Their whereabouts were exposed, and Gao Hongqiao and Tan Hongsheng exclaimed at the same time.

“Old Gao, let’s go all out.” Tan Hongsheng shouted.

“Feng Qi, with me here, if you want to take Huashan, you’ll have to step over my dead body.” Gao Hongqiao raised his sword and shouted, “No matter how powerful Feng Qi is, there are only two of them. Even if each of us stabs them like a hornet’s nest, it will be over with Just Recklessness. Who needs formations? Brothers, follow me and charge…”



Just now, the disciples of the Huashan Sect were persuaded by Du Ge and slowed down their attacks. But after Gao Hongqiao shouted, a large group of people lost their sanity and rushed into the crowd, even dragging Tan Hongsheng along.

The Huashan disciples who were not affected by “Just Recklessness” were instantly knocked off balance.

The people affected by “Fearful Fear” in the inner circle fled outside, while the Huashan disciples affected by “Just Recklessness” rushed inside.

With the two forces colliding, the originally intact formation of Huashan completely fell apart and could no longer take shape.

“Brothers, follow me and charge.”

“Kill Feng Qi.”

“Kill Feng Qi.”

More and more people were dragged in, seemingly losing their sanity and fearless of death.

“Zong Sect Leader, are they the Heavenly Demons you rely on?” Du Ge sneered and mocked.

Zong Gui saw the scene outside with a chill in his heart. These guys with such an ability to manipulate others, can they really make a name for themselves? Does Huashan Sect still have a place for him?”Darlings, are you really going to fight me?” Wang San stepped forward, using his charm to instill fear.

Gao Hongqiao was the first to charge.

When he met Wang San’s eyes, his heart skipped a beat, as if the man in front of him could rip out his heart at any moment. But under the influence of his reckless courage, his fear turned into motivation. The only thought left in his mind was to kill him, kill him, or he would die…

Immediately, he changed his target: “Kill Wang San, fear no evil, kill gods if they block the way, kill Buddhas if they block the way.”

The Huashan disciples who charged with him were completely swept up in his momentum, unable to control their actions. Even though they were terrified, they couldn’t stop themselves. They trembled and shouted, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me,” while charging forward.

Wang San was taken aback by their reaction. He quickly jumped behind Du Ge and lowered his voice: “Brother Seven, this one’s skill counters mine.”

“Why aren’t you running then? If you can’t beat him, can’t you outrun him?” Du Ge gave him a glance, “Activate your skill and charge in the opposite direction. You have higher attributes, you’re faster than him…”

Wang San understood. He smeared the fresh blood on his hand onto the corner of his mouth, raised his dagger, and charged into the crowd, shouting as he ran: “Don’t be afraid, darlings, your brother is here to accompany you.”

The second-generation disciples were either injured or dead.

The third-generation disciples couldn’t hold their formation against the terrifying Wang San and turned to run.

Wang San followed closely: “Why are you running? Stay and keep me company! If you can’t stay, leave your heads behind. Hang them around my neck, and we can keep each other company day and night…”

“Demon, stay away!”

“Charge, kill Wang San, slay the heart demon.”

Wang San’s escape gave Gao Hongqiao an inexplicable confidence.

With the advantage of having more people behind him, he ran past Feng Qi and chased after Wang San. Of course, he would pick the softer target. Once he killed Wang San and gained ten times his attributes, it wouldn’t be too late to kill Feng Qi.

And so.

On the main square of Huashan.

A rather strange scene unfolded. A group of people were running ahead, screaming and howling, causing chaos among the outsiders who didn’t understand what was happening.

Wang San, with a dagger in hand and blood all over his face, was chasing after them, shouting “Darling, I love you” as he ran;

Behind him was Gao Hongqiao leading a group of people, their eyes red as they shouted “Slay the heart demon”…

The entire Huashan Sect was in chaos.

The onlookers outside were dumbfounded…

“Sect Leader Zong, what am I supposed to say about you! Sigh!” Du Ge looked at Zong Gui, sighed, and suddenly raised his rusty sword, launching a surprise attack from behind on Gao Hongqiao’s team, “You beasts, can’t you see your fellow disciples lying on the ground? How can you step over them without a second thought…”

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