Chapter 063 – Huashan chaos

Du Ge turned around to block the sword for Wang San.

But Wang San didn’t need it anymore. He howled and pounced on the guy he had stabbed to death. With a swift swing of his short blade, he cleanly severed his head, holding the bloody head in his arms with deep affection. “Who hurt you? Why? No, besides me, no one can harm you… Damn it, you can only die by my hands…”

After saying that, he dropped the head from his hand and flew towards another second-generation disciple who was terrified by his madness.

That disciple was already in a state of fear, and when he saw Wang San pouncing towards him, his liver trembled. When he extended his long sword, his mind was already in chaos.

The short blade and the long sword collided.

With a loud sound, the long sword was knocked away.

Immediately, Wang San’s short blade had already pierced into his chest, acting like a maniac. “Give me your heart, let me see your heart, see if there’s me in your heart…”

No one wants to be just a support.

Wang San was no exception. Feng Zhong’s keywords were upgrading too fast, biting at his heels. He didn’t know when Feng Zhong would surpass him, so he had to speed up his own upgrade and maintain his advantage.

Using words alone was too slow. He had to demonstrate his sick love and obsession through actions…

A moment later.

A beating heart fell into Wang San’s palm. He looked at the heart in his hand with an infatuated silly smile. “Darling, your heart is warm, I didn’t guess wrong, you do have me in your heart…”

Wang San’s sudden burst of power frightened all the disciples who were terrified by his madness.


They were enduring their fear and fighting.

After all, Wang San didn’t seem to be good at fighting. Killing him would bring relief.

But now, Wang San not only stood there and spoke, but also took action himself.

And what was he saying?

Heavenly Demon!

He was a genuine Heavenly Demon!

At this moment.

Fear overcame reason, causing them to forget that turning around meant death. They all turned around and rushed out with their swords, wanting to quickly escape from this terrifying battlefield and get away from the madman Wang San.

Du Ge was someone who was good at seizing opportunities.




Anyone who dared to turn around couldn’t escape his sword.

Du Ge was ultimately kind-hearted and didn’t kill everyone. With a single sword strike, he disabled their combat abilities, then turned back to protect Feng Zhong and faced Zong Gui.

Feng Zhong was the weakest among the three. Although his attributes had indeed improved, his skills were not combat-oriented. He relied purely on instinct to fight, at most on par with Feng Family’s Family Master Feng Shiren. Among a group of experts, without Du Ge’s support, he would have been chopped into minced meat long ago.

However, it seemed that he had really advanced a new skill. When his fingers flicked away the opponent’s long sword, the opponent couldn’t help but make strange sounds like “ah” or “hmm”.

Then their faces would turn red, their eyes would become unfocused, and even the most exquisite techniques would become chaotic…

And then, Feng Zhong would kick them down and follow up with a sword strike.



“Heavenly Demon!”

“Don’t come over!”




Strange sounds echoed in the square in front of the main hall of Huashan Sect.

The wandering martial artists on the outskirts were all stunned.

They looked at each other.

From the sound, it didn’t seem like a bloody battle, right?

Just by listening to the sound, they had no idea what was happening inside. Unable to resist their curiosity, the martial artists climbed up trees and onto rooftops, trying to observe Heavenly Demon’s fighting style.

But from a distance, they still couldn’t see clearly.

However, the Huashan formation was in chaos, and they could understand that…

Heavenly Demon was truly wicked. Judging from the situation, it seemed that Huashan Sect couldn’t hold on. Were they about to witness history?

No, they should participate in history.

If Huashan Sect really lost, it would be their turn as temporary workers to step in. They heard that Feng Qi was generous to the people below…

Zong Gui had earplugs in and couldn’t hear the outside sounds, but the chaotic formation and the falling Huashan disciples made his face turn increasingly pale.

What’s going on?

What are they afraid of?

Didn’t I give you earplugs?

I’m fine, why are you running?


Feng Zhong’s martial skills were clearly lacking. When you fought against him, your face turned as red as a caterpillar…

Seeing that if this continued, Feng Qi and the others would break through the Huashan formation, Zong Gui gritted his teeth and used the technique “Peak upon Peak” to force Du Ge back, quickly pulling out his earplugs.

The strange sounds and the situation on the scene quickly matched up?


Zong Gui felt even more abnormal.

The earplugs he provided were useless. There was only one possibility left: Wang San left him alone just to toy with him, to let him watch Huashan Sect’s downfall in a sober state.

What a great humiliation!”Heavenly Demon brat, Heavenly Demon brat.” Zong Gui gritted his teeth, slashing at Du Ge with a sword that seemed to be imbued with a rainbow-like light. The sword’s glow even reflected on his face, turning it golden. “Master Tong was right, you demons shouldn’t exist in this world…”

Despite the relentless attacks, Du Ge’s strength continued to grow. Even if Zong Gui was going mad, he couldn’t touch Du Ge. However, his sword was inferior to Zong Gui’s Golden Dawn Sword, and it was chipped in several places.

Seeing this, Du Ge decided not to clash directly with his sword. He dodged his attacks, slipped away, stabbed a couple of fleeing Huashan disciples, and then returned to fight Zong Gui.

With him holding off Zong Gui, the pressure on Feng Zhong and Wang San would be greatly reduced, and their attributes would also increase.

Seeing Zong Gui take out his earplugs, Du Ge said with a pained expression, “Sect Leader Zong, is this the outcome you wanted? For your selfish desires, you’ve buried the centuries-old legacy of Huashan, and sacrificed the lives of so many good men. They’ve trained hard for over a decade, they could have been heroes praised by all, freely roaming the world, punishing the wicked and promoting the good… But look at them now, they’ve died miserably here, their names won’t even be remembered, their bodies can’t even be preserved intact. All of this is because of you, Sect Leader Zong…”

“Shut up, you Demon Head! If you hadn’t come to Huashan, none of this would have happened. It’s clear that you killed my Huashan disciples. What are you pretending to be a good person for?” Zong Gui was furious.

“Sect Leader Zong, the Peacekeeping Gang came with good intentions, just to invite the Huashan Sect to jointly uphold the righteousness of the martial world, not to annex the Huashan Sect. Where did we go wrong?” Du Ge said, “Wasn’t it Sect Leader Zong who used the pretext of observing the agreement to set up a large formation and attack us?

Young men of the Huashan Sect, Sect Leader Zong’s defeat is certain. He doesn’t value your lives. Why not join my Peacekeeping Gang? I will protect your safety. Although I am a Heavenly Demon, I would never use the lives of my subordinates to fill a pit. Wouldn’t it be better to stay alive and do something more meaningful? Once I defeat Zong Gui, Huashan will belong to my Peacekeeping Gang, and all resources will still be managed by you. We are all born of our parents…”

“Shut up!” Zong Gui was about to go mad, “Huashan disciples should serve Huashan. Following you, this Demon Head, is the path to ruin.”

“Sect Leader Zong, you are blatantly lying. In the Peacekeeping Gang, I, the Gang Leader, always lead the charge, and every ordinary disciple lives well…” Du Ge retorted with a smile, “If you dare, let the ordinary disciples go, and we can have a one-on-one duel!”

Why should I give up the great advantage of Huashan and duel with you?

Seeing that the third-generation disciples were looking at him with strange expressions, Zong Gui felt a lump in his throat. He wanted to refute, but didn’t know how to start. No matter what the real reason was, everything Feng Qi said was damn true!

No matter how he explained, he would be at a disadvantage.

This eloquent Demon brat!

Is the Huashan Sect really going to perish in my hands?

Zong Gui felt a wave of despair. He suddenly regretted sending the elders away. Their martial arts were not weaker than his. If they were here, the situation wouldn’t be so passive!

Unfortunately, Bai Xiaosheng’s letter came too late. If he had found the “Dugu Nine Swords” a few months earlier, he could have killed several Feng Qis!

And that Tong Shihong, Feng Qi is clearly so powerful, why did you portray him as weak? Are you deliberately trying to harm Huashan…

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