Chapter 062 – Heavenly Demon is a group of pitiful people

The thief won’t leave empty-handed.

Since he has come, how could Du Ge just leave after saying a few words?

If he leaves, Tong Shihong would have been stabbed in vain!

Therefore, even if Zong Gui doesn’t provoke him, he still wants to defeat Huashan.

No matter what kind of world it is, the fist is the strongest.

If your fist is not strong, no one will pay attention to your preaching of fairness and righteousness.

“Feng Qi is so clever, but he still can’t resist provocation!”

“He is too impulsive. The Peacekeeping Alliance was in a good momentum, but now it’s all gone.”

“Feng Qi is also too arrogant. He clearly has so many people under his command, but he insists on going alone to the meeting…”

“He never put in effort to manage the Peacekeeping Alliance. Who would be willing to sacrifice for Feng Qi? Why do you think he injured Tong Shihong before the battle? If they really fight, do you think Tong Shihong would help him? To be honest, the fact that the Peacekeeping Alliance did not rebel after Feng Qi left is enough to prove that Feng Qi is highly skilled.”

“You make sense.”

“So, what is Feng Qi trying to achieve by establishing the Peacekeeping Alliance? He risked his life and gained nothing. Is it really for the sake of justice for those commoners?”

“He is the Heavenly Demon. We can’t think of him with human thoughts. Do you know why they are called Heavenly Demons? There is a saying in the theater, ‘If you’re not crazy, you won’t survive.’ Feng Qi said that Heavenly Demons have their own attributes and must act according to their attributes. But I think that demons are actually obsessions. They are trapped in their own obsessions. People who are stubborn can still be awakened by others, but these Demon Heads’ obsessions are instinctive. They can’t free themselves and will only dig themselves deeper. That’s why their behavior seems strange to us. In their own hearts, everything they do is normal…”

“Now that you mention it, I understand. Obsession is killing, it will restrain the desire to kill in one’s heart. Obsession is hatred, it will hate the whole world. Feng Qi is right that the Heavenly Demons will harm the world. He wants to eliminate the other Heavenly Demons, but he completely fails to realize that he himself is deeply trapped in obsession. He is also a pitiful person!”

“He is a pitiful demon!”

There are talented NPCs!

With just a few simple sentences, the theory of Heavenly Demons has been fully explained. It seems to make sense and is in line with the players’ words and actions…

Du Ge looked at the group of amused people behind him, but a pitiful demon?

The prestigious sects control all the resources. It’s not easy to have someone stand up for you, but you don’t come to help and just talk on the side?

Who is really pitiful?

If it weren’t for the benefits outside the simulation field, he wouldn’t even bother with them!

But how can you fully enjoy the spectacle without getting splattered with blood?

Du Ge turned around and looked at the archers behind him, “Everyone, there is no harm in being courteous when there is no trouble. If you are not wicked, you are a thief. Even though I am making things difficult for the Sect Leader, he still insists on inviting me to Huashan. There must be a trap, and I suspect that there are Heavenly Demons lurking in Huashan, deceiving the Sect Leader. If we don’t have a conflict, it’s fine. But if a real fight breaks out, I ask all of you to retreat and not harm yourselves. After I deal with the Heavenly Demons in Huashan, you can temporarily join the Peacekeeping Alliance and assist me and the other two in managing the vast industry of Huashan. The Peacekeeping Alliance is fair and just, and no one will be taken advantage of…”

Move them with emotions, entice them with benefits.

Du Ge must make these people stay in Huashan and witness their rise to power.

Only then can they deter other sects.

As for the other Heavenly Demons in Huashan, Du Ge didn’t even care. The top three teams in the simulation field were the ones to worry about…

If there were no Heavenly Demons?

If Du Ge said there were, then there must be…

Zong Gui naturally heard Feng Qi’s words, but he didn’t care at all. He couldn’t be bothered to argue with a few dead people.

Throughout history, except for Qiao He, no one has ever left the Huashan Formation unscathed.

Managing the industry of Huashan?

What a joke!

Zong Gui looked at Du Ge and the other two approaching step by step, lowered his voice, and said to the dozen or so brothers who had the same level of cultivation as him, “Stick to the plan. If the arrows kill Wang San, then so be it. But if the arrows miss, remember to plug your ears immediately and not underestimate the enemy…”

The dozen or so experts nodded in agreement.

Plug their ears?

Du Ge’s ears twitched slightly. If simply plugging his ears could deal with the fear of arrows, then it couldn’t be called a skill!

200 meters, 150 meters, 100 meters, 80 meters…

As Du Ge and the other two approached within arrow range, Zong Gui suddenly shouted, “Shoot!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Over a hundred archers who had been prepared for a long time shot their arrows almost simultaneously towards Wang San.

Over a hundred arrows covered all the areas where Wang San could dodge…

At the moment they heard the command to shoot.

Du Ge and the other two suddenly accelerated, like sharp arrows, rushing forward.

With their keen ears and eyes, they had heard all of Tong Shihong’s arrangements and strategies along the way, and had already planned countermeasures.Du Ge rushed to the front, with a long sword in each hand. He used his right sword to deflect the arrows in front of him, and his left sword to deflect the arrows that Wang San couldn’t dodge. With his eyes at the back of his head, he could observe the surroundings without any blind spots, easily blocking several arrows for Wang San.

Feng Zhong was in the middle, using both hands and ten fingers to push and deflect. His usual practice came in handy.

The arrows shot near them were easily deflected by him.

Although he often argued with Wang San, neither of them would back down. But he knew that Wang San was the main target of the enemy, so he naturally protected Wang San first.

With the support of the two, not a single arrow out of the hundred or so arrows landed on Wang San.

After a round of simultaneous shooting, the archers no longer had the opportunity to shoot a second round.

This is why martial arts experts in the martial world do not use bows and arrows.

The speed of experts is too fast. Even in a sneak attack, they can only shoot one or two arrows at most before being approached by the opponent.

Once the opponent gets close, bows and arrows become a burden. It is better to spend time practicing martial arts than practicing archery.

Bows and arrows are useless.

Zong Gui quickly picked up two cotton balls and stuffed them into his ears, shouting, “Form a formation.”

People around him followed suit and stuffed their ears.

Only second-generation disciples and above were allowed to stuff their ears. Third-generation disciples did not have this privilege. Martial artists value their hearing and vision, and isolating sound is equivalent to sealing off a part of their skills. Second-generation disciples could still adapt reluctantly.

But third-generation disciples, without their hearing, couldn’t even coordinate with each other, and the formation would be disrupted.

Hundreds of Huashan disciples streamed out from the main hall, facing Du Ge, surrounding them layer by layer, with their swords pointed at the three of them, shining brightly and dazzling.

Just like in movies and TV shows!

In the world of martial arts, if you don’t break through a sect’s gate, it’s as if you’ve come here for nothing.

Indeed, this formation is quite thrilling…

In TV dramas, heroes break into famous sects, surrounded by hundreds of people, sweeping with their swords, piercing with their spears, killing in all directions, and finally breaking out of the encirclement, killing the boss without even getting a scratch. It’s so cool.

But when you are actually in it, surrounded by hundreds of people, with sharp blades everywhere you look, that kind of intimidation is not something ordinary people can bear. If your mental resilience is even slightly lacking, you might wet yourself on the spot.


Du Ge is no ordinary person anymore.

Standing inside the encirclement, he looked at Zong Gui fearlessly and said, “Sect Leader Zong, as I expected, the Peacekeeping Sect is maintaining peace in the world, while the Huashan Sect is going against the tide. It’s only natural that they should face this disaster!”

Wang San and he spoke at the same time, “My dear darlings, I can’t wait to turn your heads into my collection…”

He didn’t have Du Ge’s eyes at the back of his head, so he couldn’t lock onto all the targets present.


He only targeted the second-generation disciples around Zong Gui and the third-generation disciples in front of him, but he spared Zong Gui.

Before his words fell, chaos had already broken out in the Huashan Sect’s encirclement. Whether they had stuffed their ears or not, fear had invaded their hearts.

Even the timid disciples couldn’t hold their swords steady.

Zong Gui didn’t feel targeted by Wang San and didn’t sense anything unusual. He saw Du Ge and Wang San’s mouths moving, but couldn’t hear what they were saying. However, he could sense the abnormality around him and shouted without hesitation, “Attack!”

He then attacked Wang San with his sword.

The person affected by the fear hesitated and didn’t move, but behind Wang San, those unaffected simultaneously thrust their swords at him.

At least five people, five swords, either slashing or stabbing, attacked Wang San’s vital points, sealing off all his evasive directions.

“Do not harm my brother.”

Du Ge’s figure turned, and the two long swords in his hands danced like windmills, blocking all the swords attacking Wang San.

Before coming here, he could already defeat Tong Shihong head-on, and after coming up the mountain, he received a buff. It was no problem for him to block a few swords for Wang San.

Moreover, the martial skills of the other Huashan disciples, except for Zong Gui, were not comparable to Tong Shihong’s.

“My beloved darlings, don’t rush, come one by one. With so many of you, I won’t have enough space to hang your heads…” Wang San turned around and laughed sinisterly, continuing to radiate his fear to more people. With Du Ge’s protection, he even had the leisure to pick up a skull hanging around his neck, put it under his nose, and savor it, saying, “Come, let us be together forever…”


“Evil demon!”

After Wang San’s outrageous behavior, those with poor mental resilience immediately lost their composure. They didn’t care about the ongoing battle and turned to escape.


In the instant he turned around, Du Ge’s long sword had already pierced through his back. With the help of the eyes at the back of his head, he could perfectly seize any opportunity.

At the same time.

Wang San’s eyes turned blood red, and he became excited. When someone he liked was injured, he could unleash ten times his attack power.After only three rounds of combat, our side had already lost a general. Zong Gui’s eyes were filled with rage, and he thrust his sword forward, “Fifth junior brother, Wang San, you deserve to die…”

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